‘Europeans Are Aborting Themselves Out Of Existence And Replacing Themselves With Muslims And Migrants’ Catholic Archbishop Warns Europe May Disappear

For years now, Muslims have been allowed by the millions into Europe. As their presence as increased, and in combination with the high abortion rates in Europe, the continent is breaking apart. In a warning from the Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg, he has said that if trends continue as they are, it is entirely possible the Europe will disappear:

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel has called attention to the demographic shift in France saying Muslims are having far more children than native French and slammed the widespread “promotion” of abortion.
The Archbishop of Strasbourg went against the grain of Church leaders in France who have largely remained politically correct on the issue of demographic changes occurring in the country. He said the rising birth rate of Muslims in France was leading to what prolific French writer Renaud Camus has termed “the Great Replacement”, French conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles reports.

“Muslim believers know very well that their birthrate is such that today, they call it … the Great Replacement, they tell you in a very calm, very positive way that, ‘one day all this, it will be ours’,” he said.

The concept of the Great Replacement was coined in 2010 in a speech given by Camus and then later in his 2011 political book, The Great Replacement. Camus defined the Great Replacement as the transition of a society, often through mass migration, in a few generations in which the names of places remain the same but the people and their values totally change.

Camus called the current mass migration policies in Europe the biggest shift in peoples and their values since the barbarian invasions in the third century which led to the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. (source, source)

Make no mistake, the Muslims are doing this because this is what their religion teaches them, and that the actions of Muslims today are not abnormal, but simply a re-manifestation of that which had always existed in Islamic history. They are rising up because by Europe’s withdrawal and rejection of the Church that brought it into existence, it is collapsing from within. Having said this, it is of equal importance to note that this very collapse is being manufactured by the same leaders in finance and industry who through their apparati in government, academia, and other social and cultural outlets are bringing about the destruction of Europe to intentionally cause a nationalistic backlash, and in so doing hope to use it as an excuse to push eugenics and other grave evils onto the public. These Muslims did not just get up and walk from Afghanistan, Nigeria, or anywhere to where they are now in Europe. Neither did they take a plane or a boat that they paid for with their own money. These people were brought to Europe. Take for example a situation last year, where I wrote that as of then and still now, there are tens of thousands of people in refugee camps on the Mexican border in Tijuana from all over Africa.


West Africa is a long ways from Mexico

You cannot walk to Tijuana from Africa or the Middle East. You cannot even swim there. It is not a short ride from the coastline of Africa to either North or South America. Even then, the closest distance  between Africa and the Americas is from Sierra Leone to the city of Natal in northeastern Brazil, which has a large African population.

Just to get to Mexico from Africa means sailing around the entire southeastern United States, through all of the Caribbean Islands, and then landing somewhere on the Mexican Gulf Coast side of Mexico. Assuming they landed as close as they could to the United States, that would place them in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas next to Brownsville, TX.

Tijuana is another story altogether. That means that hundreds of thousands of people had to take mass ground transportation from one coast of Mexico to the other. The other option is these people had to take a boat through the Panama Canal or sail all around the coast of south America before reaching Tijuana.


No matter how they got to Tijuana, there is no getting around one major fact- any trip from West Africa to Tijuana is very expensive. To get a perspective for how expensive this is, consider that the closest trip (using Expedia.com) would be departing from Dakar, Senegal. No matter if you book a flight now or in three months from now, Expedia shows that the price from Dakar to Tijuana is between $1300 an $3000. Keep in mind that a direct flight is likely the cheapest route- a months-long sea trip would be much more expnsive.

The highest average personal income and the only one over $20,000 in the entire continent of Africa is approximately $25,000, and this is the island nation of Seychelles. The next six nations- Equitorial Guniea, Gabon, Botswana, South Africa, and Libya- are all over $10,000 per year. All other African nations are under $10,000 a year. The men in the second video, who say they are from Congo, is the lowest of all the African nations, coming in at $422.

For a little perspective, the federal minimum wage in the United States is $7.50 per hour. At a standard workweek with 52 weeks a year, this equates to just over $15,000 per year gross income. Botswana shows an average income of $16,500 per year, and South Africa $11,000 per year, meaning that the poorest of full-time American workers makes one of the highest average incomes in all of Africa. Even on this wage, he could live like a king in the poorest nations, especially one such as the Congo.

Even if these men were coming from the “richest” place in Africa- the Seychelles, which they are clearly not- they are still paying on average 5% of their gross income for the cheapest ticket available, and that is just for the ticket and does not include food, room, or anything else. For the average person, 5% of your gross annual income spent on any one purchase is a LOT of money.


Burger flipping, while one of the lowest paying jobs in America, makes you at least a respectable income and in most places an outright rich man for most of Africa.

So let’s put this together. Using the Congo as the example since these men say they came from the Congo, had to pay at the very base minimum more than three years worth of gross annual income just to get to Tijuana. This does not include the fact that it does not include taxes or daily living expenses, assumes an average salary (for which more people are below the average than above as averages take into account rich and poor), and we know they all had to pay a lot more because they came by a months long sea route.

It is materially impossible for a such a man to purchase a one way trip to the other side of the world to end up in a “camp” compound. Perhaps there are one or two legitimately insane people who would attempt such a trip, but not hundreds of thousands of people. No way. So how did this happen?

The answer- these people are not paying anything to come, or if they are, it is very little. These people are being brought over, and they are being brought over on you taxpayer dime. If you need direct proof of this- just look at the background in one of the stills and you will see an advertisement for Tijuana Te Quiero. If you go to their website you see that it is a UN-Backed NGO assisting illegals crossing into the United States and is run by a woman of German extraction named Monica Schroeder who supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential race.


Monica Schroeder, illegal immigrant co-conspiratrix and Hillary Clinton supporter

There is not a lot of information available online about Monica’s biography, but an interview with her reveals an interesting fact:

Q: What is one thing people would surprised to find out about you?

A: My favorite city is Istanbul.

How interesting. 

So here we have hundreds of thousands of illegals from the Middle East and Africa that have been transported halfway across the world clearly on taxpayer dollars to the US border where they are being assisted by a “Non-Governmental Organization” administered by a woman of German extraction who loves Turkey to help them cross illegally into the USA where these same people will just sit to collect welfare checks at the American taxpayer’s expense.

What you are witnessing is an invasion set up by political elites to consolidate power. They do not care at all about you or these people- they just see them as political tools, for as we have seen in Europe, such people will create social instability and the refusal of the government to prosecute them will cause two things. First, it will make the common man very angry and cause him to lash out with tremendous violence (understandably so), and second, it will cause him to ask for a solution, at which time the government will “present” the solution to the very problem it created. It is the Hegelian Dialectic all over again. (source)

As we pointed out here, the European Union wants terrorism. They want disorder. They want the European Union itself to fall apart, and the reason they want this disorder is because from the perspective of power, it is another form of the divide and conquer strategy by creating a rift in society, sowing division, and then stepping in with ‘the answer’ so long as more power is given to them, and one of the answers which we have noted is being presented is National Socialism.

This situation is no more obvious today than with the manufactured ‘refugee’ crisis. As I pointed out before, the majority of these people who are coming to Europe have absolutely no financial, logistical, or even basic intellectual mean to get themselves from their native lands thousands of miles away an into Europe in such large numbers unless they were being guided by an outside source. As such, I did an entire piece exposing how the European Union and the United States were working with major NGOs, charities, and private companies through a series of lucrative contracts to literally round up and transport as many of these people as they could into Europe:

People in the West have known for years that their governments have betrayed their trust. But in a new scandal just uncovered in what is looking like one of the biggest betrayals of trust in Western history. Gefira, a company that specializes in European politicay analysis has outed a huge scandal- there is an active collusion between dozens of major companies, NGOs, and humanitarian organizations doing the European Union’s dirty work by providing direct transportation for the millions of Muslim invaders into Europe and they are all being funded by your tax dollars and charitable organizations.

The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea. (source)

Europe is not being invaded from without. It is being overthrown from within by its own leaders who are using other people to create an illusion of an external invasion, after which these same people then say that to stop the invasion they need to get more power and they are doing so at the very long term expense of their societies and people.

Now it would seem in part asinine for Europe to support Islam so strongly, for as we have pointed out, Islam is easily manipulated but always turns on its manipulators and will try to destroy them. So why would Europe take such a risk?

It seems that, among other reasons such as arrogance and the corruption of the mind caused by extreme power or the prospects of having such power, the reason is because, truly speaking, Europe is in a massive state of decline. The European peoples right now are literally dying out because, simply put, they refuse to reproduce.

Many people in Europe express fear that the ‘native Europeans’ are disappearing from their own lands, and the demographic numbers show this to be taking place. But the next question then becomes, whose fault is this? One may criticize and Arab, African, or Indian for certain problems in society and rightly so, but is it their fault that they are having 3+ children and the European peoples have usually at most one? No, it is not their fault- it is the fault of the European people for being lazy and not wanting to do the most basic commandment that God gave to man- be fruitful and multiply. (source)

The good Archbishop’s words are necessary to hear, and the reality is that Europe’s population problem could be fixed rather simply. It’s not an issue of sex or attraction, but it is an issue of meaninglessness and selfishness. The European people are dying out because they are committing suicide, as by abandoning the Faith they have no meaning or purpose to live. It does not matter what political revolution is placed upon the society, because ultimately no political system can compensate for man’s search for meaning. This is only something that religion can do.

Some years ago I wrote a book entitled Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam. I wrote it because I wanted to learn, in part, what things the great men who are models for Christian life and practice in the existential survival against Islam all have in common. These Catholic men and women, mostly from the West, were the ones who converted, resisted again, were martyred by, or went to war against the armies of Islam and many times achieved crushing victories that were nothing short of miraculous. The Spanish Reconquista (and the many, many battles therein), the resistance at Poitiers, the Siege of Jerusalem, the Siege of Belgrade, the Battle of Lepanto, the Battle of Vienna, and many others were either won or lost based upon the state of the Faith held by the people who went to battle. (source)

Overall, I found five common traits:

  • They believe in the Faith
  • They sincerely strive to practice the Faith to its fullest form
  • They will fight for the Faith
  • They will die for the Faith
  • They will kill for the Faith.

As much as I despise Islam, I can say the following about Muslims and their supporters:

  • They sincerely believe Islam is true
  • They sincerely strive to practice Islam to its fullest form
  • They will fight for Islam
  • They will die for Islam
  • They will kill for Islam

Once upon a time, during the Middle Ages, European Christendom was as strong in its Catholic Faith as was the Muslim world in Islam. However, that is no longer so. Instead, the state of not just Christianity, but practically any religion in Europe except Islam is nonexistent. John Lennon captured this in his song Imagine, especially in the following line (starting at 1:30 in the link here):

…Imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. 

We are living in historic times right now. Right now we live in a society that has rejected the Church and any form of Christianity, that is inviting into its own borders a people bent on destruction with the hopes of using them to create a massive war, and that being done ultimately for the purpose of eugenics so to cull the human race like how a farmer culls a herd of animals, with the wealthiest and most powerful men on the planet fighting with each other over who will play the role of farmer.

The evils themselves have not changed, but the concentration, distribution, scale, and intensity of them have increased to levels never before seen in human history. There is nothing to compare this to because even in the worst of ancient times what we consider “normal” today did not exist then as it does now.

We are not living in extraordinary times. We are living in Biblical times. This is the time of great struggle and hardship, of great trial and testing. however, I believe it is also one of the best times to be alive, because these are the times in which great saints are made.

I say all of this not as a discouragement, but as an encouragement, for as the Bible says, the story has already been written and the war is already won. It was won 2000 years ago at the cross and it will be finished with the second coming of Christ. If you are in serious sin, then now is it not only not too late to return to Christ, but it is also possibly the best time in history, for is as sin abounds so does grace, how much greater the grace and mercy of God for those who accept Him, and yet how much more fearful His justice will be to those who reject Him. So take heart, keep your lanterns full of oil and and extra flask or two on hand, for as the darkness of sin and evil encrusts the Earth, many great trials are ahead.

Christ asked that “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the Earth?” I cannot speak for the human race, but at least for yourselves, make sure that you are found faithful to the end no matter what happens.

St. Ignatius of Antioch, martyr