Evil Mexican Drug Cartels Are Now Making Videos Of Them Using Children And Teaching Them To Be Terrorists

Drug trafficking videos that have appeared on Spanish-language social media regularly cause anger and disgust because they show the horrendous result of organized crime. Beheadings, torture, and some of the worst forms of abuse have turned the Central American paradise into the near murder capitol of the world.

Now another social media video has outraged many people after it depicted two children of no more than seven years old telling people that it was their dream in life to be drug traffickers with the Cartel del Golfo.

The minute-long video, which was reported to have been recorded in the Mexican city of Reynosa near the US-Mexican border, showed two little boys, one called “Eric” and the other “Manuel”, answering questions from an unspecified adult as to what they want to be.

The children, who are carrying a pair of toy guns, declare enthusiastically that their dream in life is to become traffickers in drugs and to “table” (assassinate) people as well as policement who do not listen to them. The children were asked if they would rather study in school, and they answered “No, that is for small children.”

-‘What are they going to do to people to grab? ‘,
-We are going to table them. Although we grab the cop. We are also going to table the cops. We are going to throw them into the bush. ‘ (source)

This is the third video of this type in just a few weeks, following another video from August 28th that showed a child of no more than seven years of age carrying a submachine gun in his hands and declaring his alliegance to notorious “El Chapo” affiliated cartel leader Ismael Zambada. Likewise, there was another video that showed another small boy carrying a large gun and declaring his alliegance to “El Mencho”, the leader of the infamous Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) that requires all new members to kill another man and eat parts of his body in order to be fully initiated.

The frequency of these new videos suggests a pattern emerging. While children have been used by cartels for many years, the public use of them is a new phenomenon.

The cartels do not care about anybody, and they do not hesitate to torture and murder small children or babies if it means achieving their goals. One may remember the conviction of Los Zetas cartel boss Millan Vazquez, who kidnapped a six-year-old girl and then tortured her to death in front of her parents by slowly cutting her up piece-by-piece, then cooking the pieces. As she screamed for help and her parents begged him to stop, he laughed at them and told her “This way you will remember me”.

If these children survive their teenage years, it is unlikely they have a future for them because of that which they have been surrounded with for their whole lives.

Shoebat.com has pointed out that evidence strongly suggests a connection between the drug cartels and struggles for geopolitical dominance. Yet is this worth the struggle?

What is patriotic about setting up social conditions whose results are that said people now are making videos of some children talk about how their aspirations in life is to become murderers with people who practice the worst abuses one can imagine?

It is true that the parents or failure of parents is significant here, as well as many others. But one cannot make excuses for evil with evil, because the result is the same.

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