Old Russian Woman Butchers Three Small Children Because They Were “Noisy”, Cooks Their Flesh Into Treats And Gave Them To Other Children To Eat

Cannibalism is growing as a phenomenon all around the world. While it has been a problem without boundaries, Russia has a historical problem with cannibalism and serial killers.

In the infamous film “Sweeney Todd,” a barber ran a shop where he would slaughter his customers, grind the bodies up into ground meat, and then prepare the meat into pies and sell them to people.

A similar case just took place in Russia where and elderly woman murdered at least three children for being “noisy”, ground up their bodies, cooked them into treats, and served them to other children according to a report:

A GRAN dubbed the “Russian Sweeney Todd” handed out sweets made from human flesh after butchering noisy local kids, it is claimed.

Sofia Zhukova, 80, is accused of slaughtering three people in a series of brutal murders spanning a decade and a half – but is suspected in at least four more killings.

And neighbours have claimed she even turned the flesh of some of her victims into treats which she handed out to neighbourhood kids in the village of Berezovka.

One local identified only by her first name Tatyana said: “We always found it strange that despite being surly and unfriendly, she would often find the time to cook things for the local children.

“They were always meat dishes. Sometimes she gave them to the adults, she bought me and my husband plates with jellied meat.”

She added: “I remember it well because my husband said let’s not eat it, you never know what it was made from, and now it looks like he was right.”

Tatyana said police told her the “serial killer” used the flesh of her victims to make the treats, but cops have not confirmed this.

The claims have drawn comparisons to Sweeney Todd, a British Victorian tale about a killer barber who sells people pies made with human flesh.

Zhukova’s first alleged victim was eight-year-old girl Anastasia Alexeenko who reportedly annoyed the OAP by playing too noisily.

She is said to have been butchered after she cheekily threw ice cream at the pensioner when she told her to be quiet.

The schoolgirl’s severed head was found in 2005 with a severely battered face.

At the time “fresh meat” was seen strewn near Zhukova’s apartment block, which was then eaten by stray dogs, a court heard.

It was only 14 years later that forensic evidence was found in her flat linking her to the girl’s murder, allege prosecutors.

The retired pig slaughterer was arrested after janitor Vasily Shlyakhtich, 52, who had agreed to rent a room in her apartment, vanished in January this year.

His body parts were found in bins around Khabarovsk city, leading cops to search her flat.

Inside, they allegedly found his “bowels and other inner organs” in her fridge, prompting speculation in the Russian press that she was a cannibal.

She is also accused of killing pal Nina Babenko, 83, in April 2013 after she too moved in as a lodger.

The victim had recently sold her apartment and took the money with her when she went to live with the killer.

Nina’s passport was discovered in Zhukova’s flat, but she was never seen again and her body was never found.

Police are checking four further unsolved suspected murders in the area, say reports. (source)

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