The Yom Kippur Shooter In Germany Raises Far More Questions Than It Answers

On Yom Kippur, and there was a shooter at a synagogue in the city of Halle, Germany. He broadcasted the shooting live on Twitch TV before making his “escape.”

There are lots of stories being written on it. According to a recent report by CNN, the man, named “Stephan B.”, did it because of “anti-semitic views”.

A man has confessed to an attack near a German synagogue in which two people died.
Named as Stephan B, the man appeared before an investigative judge at the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, Germany. Markus Schmitt, press officer of the prosecutor at the court, said: “Stephan B. has admitted to the accusations and specifically to his anti-Semitic as well as right-wing extremist motives.”

I watched the whole video. I have been having trouble uploading it due to its large size and the fact that it is being blocked constantly around the Internet.

I’ve seen a lot of videos with questionable content, such as that shooter in New Zealand with all of the extensive ties to Pakistan, Turkey, and lots of other areas where the US and Israel work together on geopolitical projects, and which this shooter seems to presumably have been attempting to copy this style of.

Now I have a litany of observations and questions to ask. Most of these questions we do not have direct answers to, and further research would be required to confirm them.

The video takes about four minutes to get started, but then at 4:00, the shooter shows his face.

Why does he show his full face? This makes absolutely no sense at all because given all of the technology that searches faces today, let alone that somebody might recognize you from somewhere, why on earth would you put you face immediately on camera? It is completely irrational for a serious person to do this.

Likewise, look at that face.

Now one cannot jump to absolute, rash decisions about anybody without further information to substantiate one’s claims. However, certain types of faces tend to run in certain groups of people- this is a known fact and is easily asserted by scientific models and cultural understandings. If one looks at a person’s face it may tell you where that person is from, or what his lifestyle is, as one wears one’s roots as well as one’s life choices sometimes in one’s body. It is not absolute, but it certainly is common. Speaking for myself, if I saw this person on the street in daily life and knew nothing else except to see his face, look at his body language, and hear the sound of his voice, I would believe there is something very wrong with this person. I would see him as a danger and stay away. There is something clearly off with this man that suggests a danger to himself and others.

Third, why does he speak so much English in the beginning of the video and throughout it? Clearly he has a German accent, and it is known that many Germans speak English, but it seems odd that a man who presumably wants to murder Jews and foreigners in the name of political terrorism would speak so much English. After all, do such Germans (as with people of other cultures) believe they are superior to the “internationalists”? If so, they why speak a foreign language instead of upholding their own culture through their choice of words?

Fourth, why does he open by calling himself “anon”- a clear reference to 4Chan -and then saying that the Holocaust never happened, that feminism is the cause of the world’s problems, and that he hates mass immigration and refugees? It is understood these are all points made by the right wing and many people involved in political terrorism on the right. But to make them in that order, without serious explanation, just declaring them? It seems almost like an act in a play, as though this person was acting in a role preset for him. Even the tone of his voice lacks sobriety about what he is about to do and his relationship between his actions with these beliefs. It just has a feel that it was scripted out in a movie studio on a cheap budget somewhere in Los Angeles or New York rather than a kind of clear, punctual organization that a European, especially a German, would generally tend to give to it.

Fifth, why is he is listening to rap? The song seems to be a rap in the form of the song Power Level by Mr. Bond, but again, why is he listening to an American form of music that came originally from the descendants of African slaves? This is Germany- the home of National Socialism and their own forms of music. Why is he not listening to something European- even the New Zealand shooter listened to the “Remove Kebab” song sung by Serbian terrorists from the 1990s Balkan wars. Could he not listen to classical National Socialist music, German synthwave, German metal, or even German rap? Why English-language silly music sung based on a pattern of a people that clearly would be considered by a true National Socialist to be an inferior group?

Sixth, this guy is incredibly disorganized. Just look at the inside of his car such as at 8:00. There is ammo all over the floor, stuff wrapped in boxes, guns laying down, and he doesn’t seem to know where anything is. There are disorganized people in all cultures, but again, this is Germany, a people known for the incredible and efficient means of organizing and cateorizing things with particular detail. Criticize them for their faults, but one cannot fault Germans at large for organization- it is something that they are generally world class in doing, especially if it is for a specific purpose.

Why would a shooter, who is supposed to have intentions of committing mass murder, be completely organized as to yell and swear and continually misplace things? It also appears that his guns were not well cared for, or that he even knew how to use them well, signaling a lack of preparedness or even care.

Seventh, when he goes up to the synagogue starting at 7:00, why does he keep messing around in front of it? Why doesn’t he shoot the door down or through the glass and just go in and start killing people? This guy wants to kill Jews- why is he getting mad and having an angry emotional outburst- something that Germans are not know for having as they are usually cold and calculating when working at a task aggressively?

Eighth, where are the Jews? Seriously, this is a synagogue in a city. Streets in Europe are tight and cars line them. Even if one says that they were not driving, where are the people? There doesn’t appear to be a single Jew outside, or even walking around at all that one can see. Compare this with the New Zealand shooter, when it was just Friday for regular prayers and there were Muslims everywhere. Even the, with all of the shooting he was doing outside of the synagogue, why was there not so much as even a single Jew who came out at attempted to look? It seems odd.

Ninth, why did he shoot the lady with the purple hair at 9:07, and then take almost a minute to get his weapon ready to shoot the guy behind the coke machine in the kebab shop at around 17:00? These people are not even Jews. He came clearly to “kill Jews,” so what is the point of shooting two random people to death, then after they are dead, wasting bullets by shooting their bodies repeatedly. In the case of the Kebab shop, the shooter goes back into the Kebab shop four minutes later at 21:12 and shoots the body again, and for absolutely no reason. Again, this is completely inefficient and a waste of bullets. Why shoot dead bodies over and over, especially after wasting time?

Likewise, consider that these are the only two people he killed. For a man who wanted to “kill Jews,” the only two people he murdered were that lady who also had Down’s Syndrome, and a random Kebab shop worker.

Tenth, why can’t this guy kill people? A mass murderer goes to a place to commit mass murder. It is clear that is weapons were failing and were supposed to be homemade, but why did he not test them, or ensure they would work? Likewise, he said he was carrying a sword- could he not at least chop somebody up?

I am not trying to say that he “should” have killed more people, or what he did was good. I’m presenting the perspective of a man who, presumably, would want to commit mass murder. This man was more of a chump than a killer, and his disorganization combined with an obvious failure to realize his objectives is highly questionable.

Eleventh, where on Earth were the police? This shooting spree went on for twenty minutes in the middle of a city with all kinds of people around, and it started in the Jewish quarter- an area that all European cities guard carefully for political reasons. Are people deaf and unable to hear gunshots? No- and clearly a lot of people saw him. Does one expect it to be believed that nobody called the police during this whole time?

Look carefully at 8:24. You can see a reflection of this guy as he would have appeared to people walking around the streets. He is in a military camouflage carrying a large gun with a camera. He looks completely insane and is shooting at people in public. Not only that, but after he returns to the Kebab shop at 21:12 to shoot the dead body again, he goes into the middle of the street and just starts firing randomly in the middle of the road.

In the CNN article above, a statement from the synagogue says that they “saw”him on tape” outside doing what he was doing. Why did the police not come sooner?  Police in Germany and Austria are very efficient. It is highly strange as to why, with a guy walking around firing guns openly for an extended period of time, that nothing would happen to him.

Twelfth, why does at 22:49 he show his license plate? If showing his face was bad enough, then since there are license plate readers on many stop lights? Would he not think that at the very least, somebody was going to report the video to the police?

Thirteenth, he released three documents online AFTER he did the shooting. You can read them here, here, and here.

Consider the first document, in which he says that somebody name “Mark” on 8Chan paid him .1 Bitcoins to help kill people.

.1 Bitcoin is about $830 USD right now. Who was this “Mark?” There is no information on this to prove anything. It is rather strange.

Fourteenth, in the second document, he talks about weapons and shows what he has, which involves a series of “Luty” weapons. This refers to a series of homemade weapons developed by a Briton named P.A. Luty, who was arrested on a series of arms charges over the years in the UK. He also shows his “slam-bang” shotgun, a crude type of shotgun device used by nationalist type terror groups around the world. Then he also shows his collection of homemade “bombs.”

Clearly in the video, his weapons were awful, demonstrating that he could not have tested them in any way before using them, or if he did, the tests were weak.

These weapons that he showed appeared to be neatly manufactured. However, this man showed complete disorganization in his car and ability to use them. This suggest that he may not have made these weapons, because people who do things such as this tend to do them neatly.

But the big catch for me was the Luty magazines for the submachine gun.

In Luty’s books, which you can read here, Luty goes into great detail about how to construct a proper magazine from makeshift tools. All of his designs for the magazines are in metal. He never uses plastic at all.

A look at the magazine shows the first two to be made of metal of some type, but one is not sure if it is the particular grade of pipe that Luty recommends. The later magazines he shows in the photos are made of plastic.

How on earth did he “make” those cheap plastic magazines at home? One might say he printed them on a 3D printer, but Luty does not discuss this. It is highly suspect that a man clearly as unstable and disorganized as this “shooter” was would be able to manufacture something of precision to be used for war, especially of his own innovations.

Fifteenth, read his “plan” on page 11. This is not a plan- it is a ranting from a crazy person. It is as disorganized in its though processes as he was when he was swearing in the video and dropping things from his car. It has no clear objectives other than to “kill as many anti-whites as possible” and to “kill jews”, but does not exhibit a structure that would dictate success. Likewise, it is interesting to note on page 11 of the same document that he talked about killing Muslims or “antifa.”

Sixteenth, in the next document, which says “Manifesto” in Japanese (マニフェスト) , his supposed “manifesto” says the following:


A spiritual guide for discontent White Men in the current year +4

Dedomesticate yourself



Mudslimes, christkikes, commies, niggers and traitors too.

This is NOT a manifesto.

This is the ranting of a deranged person. Any idiot can write the above words. This is just rhetoric combining anti-Christian/Muslim/Black/Communist/Jewish sayings with the masculinist/barbarian/pagan rhetoric and allusions to “white supremacy” in not even a full paragraph. If this does show something, it is an extreme laziness in combination with clearly mentally and spiritually ill ways of thinking.


Having noted the above points, what is to be said of this incident?

More research will have to be done, as there is much that we do not know. However, there seem to be only two logical conclusions based on the evidence at hand.

One conclusion is that the person who did this was clearly mentally unstable and is not a “true” National Socialist in that he is acting out of a place of illness and disorder without ordered thought. This is not to say that National Socialism is good, but that this man is not a serious “soldier” or likely part of a serious group, but rather a person who is legitimately ill, socially isolated, objectively dangerous to himself and others, and is indulging a strange fantasy he created based on things he read online.

The other possible conclusion is that this man was clearly mentally unstable and a danger to himself and others, but realizing it or not was part of some false-flag attack. It could have been orchestrated in large part due to the efforts of Israeli, Germany, or American intelligence, or possibly all three working together in order to exacerbate tension between the nationalist factions and the rest of German society. It is difficult to believe that this person acted on his own considering his strange behavior, the strange responses, the disorganization, and the overall execution of his actions.

If anything, this “attack” will serve to intensify the divisions within society, and possibly lead to a greater explosion between differing factions later.

It will be interesting to see what details emerge in the future.

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