China Continues To Isolate Herself As She Abuses Her Only Genuine Allies

There are few nations in the world who are genuine allies of China because nobody likes or trusts her. The Turkic peoples of Central Asia and who reside throughout China neither like nor trust her, the southeast Asian nations have consistently fought off Chinese attempts at intrusion into their affairs, Russia’s “friendship” with China is based on maintaining her holdings in Siberia and has no care for her welfare, and Japan cannot wait to put at least parts of China back under her imperial yoke. Pakistan is useless and looking for China to defend her against India (who is also an enemy of China), and Saudi Arabia looks to the Chinese to help her against the Turks in the future, of which the Chinese will likely not be able to, even if the desire was for such there.

The nations of sub-saharan Africa are poor, but many of them genuinely like China. Nigeria is the largest supporter of China outside of China, and most of the former British possessions in eastern Africa support the Chinese.

At the same time, Africans are converting to Christianity in large numbers and many Africans are Christians. Due to the close relationship between many of these nations and China, the Chinese invite Africans in large amounts to China to study. However, the Chinese government is now, in the name of arrogant national pride, cracking down on Africans for practicing Christianity, arresting and throwing them out of school:

The Chinese government has banned African international students from worshiping in Christian churches under the pretext of “preventing foreign infiltration through religion,” a persecution watchdog group has revealed.

A group of over 80 African students who are residing in a city in the northeastern province of Liaoning told Chinese persecution watchdog Bitter Winter that in September, the person in charge of the Three-Self church that they attended received a government order prohibiting foreigners from participating in gatherings at the church.

“We just want to have a place to congregate,” one student told the outlet.

A Chinese believer at the church said that at an “anti-religious infiltration” symposium held by the local government in August, the officials questioned the person in charge of the church about foreign-related activities.

Shortly after the symposium, the international students were driven out of the church.

“In our hearts, we were unwilling to see them leave,” the Chinese believer said.

The government also pressured or threatened other Christian meeting venues. When the African students asked to be allowed to attend gatherings at another Three-Self church, they were turned down.

A similar incident occurred at a university in the central province of Hubei, where a church attended by over 40 African students received repeated threats from government officials who demanded the church’s director drive out the international students.

An administrator at a university in Jiujiang, a prefecture-level city in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, said that the government secretly monitors African students.

“If any people are discovered to be too close to them, both parties will be watched and investigated. But most African students are completely unaware that they’re being monitored,” the administrator explained.

“As soon as African students are discovered attending gatherings at house churches or spreading the Gospel to other students, they will be expelled from the school immediately,” the administrator said. (source)

I have said before that right now we are watching a historically fascinating process as the Chinese are going through the steps that lead up to a revolution. One of these steps is how in China, there is a promotion of “Chineseness” to such an extent that the government and society attacks her own people and isolates herself to where she loses her allies and comes to a state of near civil war, at which point she is invaded and colonized.

Africans love Christianity and are very devout. Many have a true love for Jesus, and their zeal for the Gospel is infectious wherever they go. It is absolutely a fact that in China, there are multiple Africans at any time talking about Christ and the Bible.

The Chinese government hates Christianity, and has made clear they want to destroy it for being a “foreign religion.”

Does one believe that the Africans are just going to apostatize because the government told them to?

Many of these people will continue to believe, but their image of China as a great place will be permanently tarnished. Those who are arrested or expelled for being Christians will feed this anger with China .

Currently, China is attempting to replicate the colonial patterns of the Europeans, all with the knowledge of Europe and the US. But unlike the Europeans, the Chinese are producing not a single thing for the people, and are taking and leaving. The Africans witness and remember this, just as how they remember it is the Europeans who gave them the Gospel, and it is the Chinese who are trying to take it away and for evil reasons. This does not mean that the Europeans are inherently “good”, but that the Africans will likely begin to see them as a better option as opposed to being ruled by the Chinese.

China is doing what she is famous for right now, which is proverbially “shooting herself in the foot” in the name of attempting to become powerful, and as she turns against herself and those who support her in the name of racism and nationalism, she will find herself increasingly isolated and divided from within, at which point she will be vunlerable to internal collapse.

Perhaps this is the reason why the US and other nations are not doing a thing, for while none of these nations genuinely care about the good will of Christians or Christian persecution save to use it as a political tool of manipulation for their own benefit, they are watching, and if it comes to a point where the situation is so bad as to create a gap in which the US or other nations can enter in using this as a point of emphasis, there is a strong possibility they will.

China may talk very tough, but she is very weak inside, and the more despotic her attempts become in order to secure dominance over her people, the more she will likely serve only to bring about her own fall as she has done for thousands of years.

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