Centuries Of Warnings In Catholic Prophecy Advances As Vatican Defends Pagan Idolatry And Condemns The Saintly Actions Of The Idol Smashers

This morning, Shoebat.com and many other news outlets reported on the destruction of the heathen idols from a Church in Rome by faithful Catholics of good will. In response to his blasphemy, the Vatican released a statement defending the idols and saying that the action was a “theft”.

Dr. Paolo Ruffini, Prefect of the Vatican Dicastery for Communication, responded to a journalist’s question at the Monday press briefing for the Synod, in the Holy See Press Office.

“We have already repeated several times here that those statues represented life, fertility, mother earth. It was a gesture – I believe – that contradicts the spirit of dialogue that should always inspire us. I don’t know what else to say except that it was a theft, and perhaps that speaks for itself.” (source)

Christ promised that His Church, build on Peter, would be that Church of which “gates of hell will not prevail against”.

This does not mean that the gates of hell would not even attempt to occupy the Vatican herself. Catholic history bears this out many times with tremendous evils. The control over the Church by the counts of Tusculum beginning with Theophylact for a century, the infamous Medici family and their embrace of all things perverse and evil, and certainly more than a few evil popes such as the pope who is said to have made a deal with the devil, the pope who loved group sex and bestiality, and even the pope who was having a sodomite relationship with his own nephew while he was pope to name just a few. There have also been very bad synods, with my personal favorite being known as the “Synod Horriblis” or the “Cadaver Synod” in which the dead body of a former pope was dug up, dressed in full papal clothing, put on “trial”, found “gulity”, and then chopped and thrown into the Tiber River is what onlookers described as a horrible and morbid affair.

Many look at this and are not sure what to think, or some will say it is a reason to prove why Sacred Scripture is wrong here and rather their personal ethnic or political church is “real”. I look at these events with amazement and proof of this that not only is God real, but His Church is also real, for there is no Church in the world that could survive the persistent disorder, evil, chaos, and madness that the Church has seen and still function or grow.

Christ came for the human race, and as such, there is no attack or not form of sin that the Church has not seen, and if there is such a form, than such has never happened because it would have already showed up in her. This is the proof from God, not of her righteousness, but of His sustenance of her in spite of her righteousness, just as how it was not the supposed greatness of the Hebrew people- who God consistently expresses His anger against and calls them “Sodom and Egypt” throughout the Old Testament-but their lack of greatness, for if the true savior of the whole world can come through this wretched and evil people, then not only is God’s existence true, but there is truly the hope of salvation for all men regardless of race, place, time, or sin.

The gates of hell are NOT going to prevail over the Church, and just when one thinks they are about to and there is no way out- which prophecy suggests will come a time when such will happen -that is when God Himself will intervene, for He is faithful, He made a promise, and He is going to see that His Church is kept well.

I say all of these things specifically in the context of the realization of Catholic prophecy on the End Times. I am not attempting to make any sort of judgement, but rather to note that as all history works towards the fulfillment of Scripture, we are seeing this happen right now as four centuries of warnings and prophecies about the current times are taking place.

I should hope to delve into these at a later point, for they need much attention. However, what you may be witnessing right now are the realizations of the warnings of the Fatima Prophecy as well as the LaSalette Prophecy.

The LaSalette Prophecy from the 19th century has an explicit warning that in the time before the coming of the end, Rome would lose the Faith and become a seat of the antichrist:

“During the time of the arrival of Antichrist, the Gospel will be preached everywhere, and all Peoples and Nations then recognize the Truth.

“Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist.” (source)

Is the public enthronement of a heathen idol before the entire world not a sign of this and further blasphemies to come?

There is alsot he statement of Cardinal Ciappi, who saw the Third Secret of Fatima, and said that part of it involves the apostasy of Rome:

“In the Third Secret it is foretold, among other things, that the great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top” (source)

When we put the Third Secret in the context of the revelations of Akita, which spoke of fire falling from Heaven and wiping out a large part of humanity, we truly are in amazing times.

As I have said before, now is not a time to lose hope. In fact, it is arguable that now is a time for more hope than ever before because the many ancient prophecies are coming true and verifying the words of scripture.

If Rome apostatizes, is this the “end of the Catholic Church”? Far from the end, it is the birthpains of a new beginning, for just as God swept up Christ at the Virgin’s feet before the dragon devoured him in the Book of Revelations, so will Christ sweep up His Church and defend her, and this will take place by His return, not as a babe with mercy, but as a man and a judge with fire.

While one does not know when the end comes, the end of the world comes for us all at death.

Repent, for the Kingdom of God draws near.


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