When Does The Steamy Sex Tape Between Chuck Schumer And Nancy Pelosi Come Out?

Recently, the Republicans went and then “stormed” a “closed door” Democrat meeting about impeaching President Trump:

Republicans’ defense of President Trump grew more frantic and disjointed Wednesday, with House members storming a closed-door meeting, delaying the testimony of an impeachment witness as the GOP grappled with a growing abuse-of-power scandal centered on the president.

A group of Trump’s congressional allies escalated their complaints about the impeachment inquiry by barging into a secure facility on Capitol Hill where a Pentagon official was to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

Their intrusion, which caused the testimony to be delayed for about five hours over security concerns, came a day after the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine testified under oath that the White House had threatened to withhold military aid unless the Ukrainian government announced investigations for Trump’s political benefit.

The testimony undercut Trump’s claims of his “perfect” dealings with Ukraine and appeared to push Republican lawmakers into a more aggressive stance as they sought to defend the president from his greatest legal and political threat yet. (source)

Now the title of this article speaks for itself. I want to make very clear that I have no evidence of this at all, I do not suggest this exists at all, and if it did exist, it is not something I want to see.

I say this because it is an illustration of principle.

In the US, there are different types of scandals, but all tend to follow a similar pattern. First there are “accusations”, then public denials, then Jerry Springeresque type public fighting, followed by scandalous revelations, followed by more fighting, then more revelations, and then some sort of climax leading to a resolution. Meanwhile, the contracts, book deals, movie deals, and press coverage keeps rolling as the American soap opera keeps going on, to parody the famous soap opera, “As American Politics Turns”.

This is not to say that things such as this do not exist in other nations. All countries have their particular means of exhibiting public scandal for the world to see with mouths open, pronouncing onomatopoeias of awe and disgust at the same time while the story makes international news.

The 2020 election, as I have pointed out, has been a complete joke, being something of a mutant hybrid that possesses the passion and lunacy of a Spanish telenovela while being dragged out for months like an Anglo soap opera.

Seriously, does anybody actually believe that the Republican “storming” of the hearings on Trump’s impeachment was something that came about as a result of organic circumstances, and was not just a cheap act in the political circus to keep the masses entertained and to further a Trump 2020 victory?

In 2007, the Democrats had already anointed their next king, Barack Hussein Obama. Yet it is that just 12 years later they are in complete disarray and unable to do anything at all, in spite of the fact that the majority of the country votes Democrat and all trends incline to the Democrat party?

The Democrats are not fools, they are not poor, they do not lack support, and they are quite adept at their job. It has been an ongoing point of mine that the actions of the Democrat Party make no sense unless one considers that they are attempting to lose the election and are doing all they can to see this through. They have no serious candidate that has been promoted, all of those for potential candidates present a public face that is insane, deranged, sickly, or dying.

Likewise, why else is Trump talking so much about how he is not a “racist” and how he is under “attack”? It is not because he cares about these things, but because this is what he wants people to talk about, in order to distract them from real issues about his failure as a president to live up to his campaign promises and his significant advancement of all of the things that he said he was against.

The Republicans and Democrats are friends. They have always worked together, and they continue to work together to advance the same agenda, but with the major difference being emphases in a particular context, all what is socially accepted in the current time. In the particular situation, it is apparent that the Democrats are “supposed” to lose and the Republicans are “supposed” to win. However, given the serious changes taking place within the country, including the mass acceptance of socialism and the general sense of nihilism that has penetrated the general public, more serious and extreme forms of deception are apparently having to be employed in order to realize this end.

What is next for the ongoing Democrat-Republican saga? A sex tape between Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi? The irony of this is that as I was writing this statement, I was delayed due to a series of personal circumstance that came up and had to attend to out of unavoidable necessity. However, as I was still keeping up with the news an attempting to write as I was taking care of these matters, the Katie Hill scandal came up.

The timing is all too perfect.

VICIOUS FIGHTING between parties!


DIRTY LIES from the Left!

RAUNCHY GROUP SEX scandals with the Left!

All of this is a distraction.

If one is paying attention, there are much more serious problems happening right now. Turkey is remilitarizing and moving into Syria as she is reviving the Ottoman Empire with US help, the US economy is in utter shambles, people are getting horrendously poorer and are turning to open socialism as the answer to their problems, and the talk of militarism grows daily stronger.

At this point in the history of this nation, current trends show that they are set and have little serious chance of any change barring a serious or series of catastrophic events that force changes. It is not for the average man to attempt to fight this, but to rather accept the state and prepare himself and help those who he is able to before a serious event happens that starts an unstoppable chain of events.

Leave all of the “political porn” to the addicts, for those of sober minds must focus them on what matters, which after the Four Last Things is getting ready for not to help oneself and others.

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