Brand New HIV Strain Related To Global HIV Pandemic Discovered

HIV is a global problem that has been getting worse, for there have been signs of new strains in Thailand and the Philippines which are resistant to the current HIV medication and could bring about a global HIV epidemic in the years to come.

Scientists have now added to this concern again as they have discovered a new strain of HIV, this time in Africa, and related to the strains that caused the original worldwide pandemic.

Two samples of the L strain were detected in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1983 and 1990. A third suspected sample was found by an Abbott partner hospital there in 2001. But sequencing technology at the time made it hard for company scientists in Illinois, where the sample was shipped, to read it accurately.

“So this sample just sat in our fridge for years, waiting to be unlocked,” said Mary Rodgers, Abbott’s principal scientist and one of the authors of Wednesday’s report.

It was only in recent years, with the falling cost of DNA sequencing and the emergence of so-called next generation sequencing technology, that Abbott scientists were able to isolate the viruses in the sample and read them.

“What we were able to do is basically take a magnet and pull out the virus part of it,” said Dr. Rodgers. The analysis confirmed the sample matched the unusual strain found in 1983 and 1990.

Abbott doesn’t plan to offer a new diagnostic test based on the discovery, but will make the DNA sequence of the new strain public so researchers can study it. Dr. Foley says the Los Alamos National Laboratory plans to add “L” as a new strain in its database.

The finding is prompting a rethink of guidelines surrounding HIV. When they were established in 1999, Dr. Foley says, decoding an entire genome was rare and the cost of sequencing was high.

“One of the things we’re going to talk about next year is should you need, say, 30 samples instead of three to count as a new strain?” he said. Dr. Foley is part of the committee that sets the rules.

Another challenge for the committee is naming new strains. The 10 Group M strains are denoted by letters, while letters O, N and P denote other HIV groups.

Either way, researchers say they will continue looking.

“There’s a lot out there that we don’t know. This is really the tip of the iceberg,” said Abbott’s Dr. Rodgers. (source)

I have been very clear for years that the world needs to pay close attention to the HIV virus because right now there is an uncomfortable silence and complaisancy about the “controllability” of the virus. While it is good for those who have been unrighteously infected by the virus that medicines to control it exist, the fact is that the absolute supermajority of HIV antiviral medication and pre-HIV treatments are not for children, babies, or rape victims, but for unrepentant sodomites who contracted the virus by their fornication and want medicine so that they can continue to fornicate without limits and that when they inevitably harvest the rotten fruits generated by years of blasphemy and sodomy, they can just take a “magic pill” that solves their problems.

The mutation of disease is a human phenomenon throughout history that can result in mass death. In the case of HIV, which is already a terminal illness, the effect would be to destroy the work of anti-viral medications and thus speed up the inevitable death that the virus brings, and in the case of those who are on medicines such as PreP that “stop” the virus as soon as it enters into a man’s body, to completely stop this and cause those who under average conditions would not be infected to become infected.

HIV is not the only disease we have been following, for HPV and Herpes have also shown recent mutations of a like concern for virologists.

If one spends time among the American sodomite culture, one finds that there is a universal consensus that the current state of license is at the levels of the 1970s, and some would say even more prolific owing to the Internet and how people are connected closer than ever in history. Because sodomites believe that now they have a magic “pill”, they are not using “protection” (not that this gives moral legitimacy to their actions), and it is common for men to “raw dog” (one can figure out what this means) each other during their bouts of sin. This is in addition to now how it has become commonplace (it was common before, but now it is considered a “cool” thing to do, as in if one does not do it, one is out of pace with the current times) for sodomites to each each others feces to the point that, as has pointed out, cholera-related diseases that only can be contracted from the direct consumption of human waste have reemerged among them in health clinics.

Another danger is the explosion of bisexuality, which is just another form of sodomite behavior but has become very popular and is now a serious potential vector in transmitting HIV to women, for while men easily contract it through blood-semen contact, women are even more susceptible to it because of their biological makeup. To demonstrate this, one only needs to look up any number of the minor HIV epidemics in the adult industry, as those epidemics are usually aggressively investigated and quarantined as soon as possible because of the money that comes from porn. The consistent result one will find is that most of the HIV-related issues started among the sodomites with male prostitutes making “films” with men then going to “film” with women and spreading the disease to them, or by male porn whores moonlighting on the side as for-hire prostitutes for sodomites, contracting HIV from a client, and then going back to his “day job” and spreading it to women.

There is a very high likelihood of a major HIV crisis in the future. This is just one sign of things to come.

It is all the reason to promote chastity, and not to fornicate, for the wage of sin brings death.

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