“Baby Yoda” Is Trending Higher In The News Than The Democrat Elections

American political news is exceptional when compared with most of the world because Americans have a uniquely strong interest in their elections in spite of their inherent powerlessness to significantly influence said elections.

Therefore, when election time comes around, something as to the American interest in a particular election can be ascertained by the attention paid to it. Again, as noted above, this works only in the US because of the unique cultural circumstances that surround elections here.

I have been saying that the 2020 election is going to be a joke because the plan appears, understanding that the Democrats and Republicans work together, to see a Trump re-election in 2020 so as to secure a Democrat victory for 2024 and beyond. There have been many suggestions as to why this is the case, for while Trump is enmeshed in a pseudoscandal that has only caused his greatly atrophied base to rally around him and raise his popularity, the Democrats, while having a majority of the voting bloc and by extension the ability to get elected, have refused to put forth a single viable candidate for the Presidency this election, and have consumed themselves with petty infighting and meaningless arguments that appear only to divide and anger people.

The effects of this have not gone unnoticed by their constituents as well as the American people, who according to a recent study, have been paying more attention to almost anything than the elections. It is so bad that “baby Yoda”, a spin-off from Star Wars’ fame created by Disney, is trending higher than most public interest than the Democratic nominations.

The diminutive, doe-eyed, big-eared creature with an uncanny resemblance to the Jedi Master has taken the internet by storm since being introduced Nov. 12 in the Star Wars spin-off series on Disney+.

The adorable character’s debut coincided with the entry of two latecomers into the Democratic field, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Both candidates have had a significant number of articles written about them since Nov. 12.

Bloomberg ranks second among the Democratic pack with 7,650, while Patrick is in fourth with 4,044, according to data from NewsWhip provided to Axios.

But with Baby Yoda in the mix with the Democrats, Bloomberg ranks 14th and Patrick 16th in terms of average interactions, including likes, comments and shares, per story about them, according to Axios.

Meanwhile, the diminutive creature has notched an average interaction rate 10 times higher than theirs, the news outlet said.

In terms of raw interactions since Nov. 12, Baby Yoda’s 2.28 million trail only the Democratic frontrunners — Joe Biden (8 million), Bernie Sanders (2.9 million) and Elizabeth Warren (2.53 million).

The rate of interactions is massive, though, considering that Baby Yoda would only rank 10th in terms of the number of articles (1,368) written about it.

“Baby Yoda”, or whatever other temporary marketing gimmick that is being promoted, is not as significant as what is happening here, which is that the public, especially those who would pay attention to the Democratic nominations, finds more interest in this gimmick than they do in the actual elections, in spite of ten times more media being produced about the elections than this “baby Yoda” thing.

This strongly suggests that the average person has no interest or care in this election, and that the Democratic base in particular is demoralized and could care less.

Compare this with both of Obama’s elections. The energy from the Democrats was very high, people were very interested, and the Republicans were demoralized and completely enervated of any strength. It was the reverse, albeit the difference being the overall passions of like and open hatred were more reserved, even though both were growing sharply then and especially as compared with previous elections.

If more people are interested in silly, irrelevant things that will be forgotten in a few months in spite of a minority of attention being given to them as compared with the election, it means that Trump practically has this election won, so long as the current trends are maintained.

But don’t call this a “Republican victory” or even something that is “good” for the country, because all of this really is not about doing good or evil by direct choice. It is rather another degree of evil in the sense of assuming moral neutrality because neither party matters, only the will of those who are driving the country towards war and global conflict. Trump’s “impeachement” is just as a part of this as Obama’s support of Operation Timber Sycamore as was Bush II’s support of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, as was the support of Islamic terrorists under Clinton and even further back.

Presidents are paid actors meant to give people the illusion of choice, and they are manipulated on a stage that is called the White House or election campaigns, when the real owners are the ones who pay money into the system to get what they want, including buying favors and robbing other people or entire nations.

Trump will likely win in 2020. However, do not be surprised when 2024 comes around and the fire of public interest will be kindled for whoever that future candidate will be, and the Republican base will be in a situation just like the Democrats are today.

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