Boy Scout Leader Held On $50 Million Dollar Bail After Being Caught With Five Hundred Counts Of Child Abuse Material

Child sexual abuse is a rampant problem around the world. Given the rising power of the sodomite lobby that is actively supporting a reduction in the age of consent, the prevalence of morally perverting material in society that, acting like a drug, causes those who become addicted to it to pursue more extreme forms in order to receive a “high” from it, and the intense forms of perversion that are foisted upon people at a very young age and throughout their lives, not to mention the decline of relationships and the socially promoted isolation and economic degradation of men throughout society, a there is a strong increase in people who sexually abuse children in the United States, and the numbers do not seem to be decreasing.

People frequently will associate Catholic priests with sexual abuse, and while it is true that this exists, over 80% of this abuse is directly connected to sodomite activity, thus meaning that the Catholic Church does not have so much of a “sexual abuse problem” as it does a sodomite issue. The way to fix the sodomite issue is to do what many people do not want to do out of fear of social repercussions and because they themselves support it, which is to get rid of the sodomites from the ecclesiastical echelons of power.

However, many other people in other areas are known for sexually abusing children, and at much higher rates overall than in the Catholic Church. A particularly horrible case of this was revealed after a former Boy Scout leader was arrested and is being held on a $50 million dollar bail following him being charged with five hundred counts of possessing child pornography.

A Louisiana Boy Scout leader has been charged with more than 500 counts of possessing child pornography.

A statement from Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office said 49-year-old Randy D. Miller was arrested Tuesday following an investigation by state and federal authorities. Records obtained by news outlets show he was booked into jail on a $50 million bond. (source)

A critical question for this case remains as to the nature of said content, which is, were the items in his possession depicting normal (male-female) relations, or were they depicting sodomite rape?

This question is the one that likely will not be answered (and if it does come out publicly, would likely be revealed in future court documents), but is the most important because of the continual rise of sodom in society to the detriment of other people and yet with this, the sodomites proving their own perversions to be an accurate reflection of how they view themselves as the abuse rates continue to rise with their ascent to power.

There was a pastor recently in the UK who since has been fired from his job, harassed, doxxed, been threatened with death, and had people try to illegally expropriate his assets, including his home and his car, and sell them without his knowledge because he criticized sodomite activity as a sin and refused to retract his statements when confronted.

The preacher from Ely in Cambridgeshire, who also worked as a caretaker at the Isle of Ely Primary School, said he then experienced a series of harassments and threats, including his wife Joanna being asked by a funeral director what she would like to be done with his body and estate agents contacting them, having been told he was leaving the area ‘in a hurry’.

A local parent from the school he worked in also ranted at him from a car while he was on his bike and the head teacher informed him that he was being investigated for bringing the school ‘into disrepute’ after receiving a handful of complaints.

He was then given a final warning by the head teacher for breaking the code of conduct and he decided to resign.

Pastor Waters is now suing for constructive dismissal, indirect discrimination and breach of public sector equality duty. He also believes that the school has interfered with his rights to freedom of religion, expression and thought and is being supported by Christian Concern. (source)

In the case of this pastor, whose story has also been reported by the UK Sunday Times, these are not just sodomites who are attacking him, but the common people- non-sodomites -in the name of “defending” the sodomites.

The real problem of child sexual abuse, while certainly not limited to, cannot be separate from the sodomite issue, and tackling the latter is clearly an effective way to deal with the former. However, this is not wanted in the West today for political reasons.

It is good that crimes against the most innocent are, at least at some level, still prosecuted. However, one hopes never have to prosecute such crimes because the hope is that they are, if not totally, eliminated to such a point that they are a social rarity. However, this will never be the case as long as there is a strong growth in sodom in the nation, because she identifies herself by her perversions.

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