Two College Women Help Criminals With Armed Robbery, Declare That It Is “Sexy” When The Robbers Pistol Whip An Innocent Man Until His Skull Fractures

The saying that men are from “Mars” and women are from “Venus” is a general observation as to the serious differences between the genders and how they affect one’s approach to life. Men seek beauty, youth, and fertility in women, while women seek status, power, and money in a man. Marriage is in that sense a “trade-off” as it is an exchange of resources, where a transaction guarantees something of either part for the other.

The institution of marriage has been in serious decline for a long time as a combination of the acceptability of progressively more immoral forms of behavior, laws permitting no-fault divorce, laws directly favoring women to the direct economic detriment of men, and a general disrespect for men as a standard and culturally-accepted idea have reduced the state and pool of dating- the “sexual marketplace” if one will call it as such -to a free-for-all that mostly is in the hands of woman given unlimited choices and few to no consequences for their actions. Men on the other side are captive to laws and ever-changing standards as well as the desires of women, and so this has created for many a two-tiered structure. On the top- men who are very attractive or who can emit a personality that women find attractive by projecting the appearance of power, danger, or success, are swimming in access to women, while the majority of men are just shut out of the dating market as the are largely ignored or derided.

The above situation is common for younger women. This changes when many of these women get older (30+), and upon realizing that nobody has married them, they try to peddle their heavily-used (read: a dozen or more at least sexual contacts with men) and increasingly disease-riddled bodies (HPV, HSV-1, or HSV-2) to men they would not have considered before in the hopes of “locking down” a man to provide for her economically as she ages. However, there are many men now who are refusing to date older women because of this reason and given the cultural changes, do not want to risk a possible divorce and having to pay alimony on what was already “used goods”.

In a disturbing story out of Atlanta, two college women have been charged with assisting an armed robbery and assault after driving two robbers to their target location and helping them to get away. During the robbery, one of the victims was pistol-whipped so badly that his skull fractured. The two college women, knowing the details of what was taking place, showed no compassion or care about their actions or the man, and instead said that they found the assault “sexy” and expressed a desire to “reward” the criminals with sex.

“You are as dangerous to the community as the two guys who went into the house because you could have stopped it and didn’t,” Judge Todd Ashley said in court Monday.

Lyndsey Kallish, 19, of Johns Creek, and Lauren Rielly, 20, of Alpharetta, will remain in jail while facing more than a dozen charges in the Nov. 8 incident at an Airbnb on Wylie Street. The two women were arrested Nov. 16, while a third suspect, 23-year-old Maxx Pritchett, was arrested Nov. 22, previously reported.

One of the victims, 23-year-old Vik Gattani, told Channel 2 he was hit several times with the butt of a gun. He suffered a fractured skull and had to go to a hospital. “He hit me on the head and busted my head open,” Gattani, who was working as a DJ during the party, said.

After the incident, Rielly is accused of sending a text message to Kallish that said, “Why was it so sexy that the boys were like beating people up?” She added that she wanted to have sex with one of the robbers, prosecutors said. (source)

The late Mary McLeod Bethune, who was the female Booker T. Washington of her time, said that “A culture can rise no higher than the moral position of its women”. This likely came by her beliefs as a strong Presbytarian Christian as well as working to help former slaves integrate into society, where she noted that it was not the act of a simple social transformation that brought a man from slavery into society, but a religious and moral transformation and specifically one directed at the woman because she is the vehicle through which new life enters into the world, is the first teacher to children in their early years, and sees first to domestic needs. If the man is the head of a people, then the woman is its heart. While it is important to have a strong head, if the heart is rotten or missing then the head will only serve to further evil aims. Conversely, if the heart is good and strong, the head will be able to make good and righteous decisions. The two provide vastly different functions but are equal in their dignity as they need each other to function, and what affects one part inevitably affects the other.

Ms. Bethune’s outlook on the place of the woman in society is applicable to all and for a long time were taught by most cultures throughout human history, and when a culture failed to or stopped teaching them marked the decline and fall of these same cultures and even entire civilizations. The dignity and most importantly, chastity of a woman is one of those issues like honest, non-usurious money- it is one of the very small but critical lynchpins upon which a great deal of social stability rests. If a pin is removed or altered to such a point it is no longer functioning, then a society will feel the strain. If this happens with too many pins, then the society will inevitably collapse. In the case of a woman, the collapse is magnified because of biological reasons- not only could the society simply collapse, but its basic biological makeup could change, and the people that once inhabited it might completely disappear. This has happened many times throughout history, and it very well could happen again as history tends to repeat because men make the same mistakes in different generations.

There has always been tensions between men and women, and differences in what each gender values or how it expresses said value. However, there is a serious moral rot that has overtaken western society. Much of this appears to have been by design for the purpose of extending social control, as a corrupt people requires a strong hand to rule over them. However, the situation today has been to promote tension into male-female relationships by way of such laws that cause the very bonds between the genders to break down, simply building upon the breakdown of marriage and the family.

Should these two women have been driving a “getaway” car for two thugs while laughing at an injured man? Absolutely not, and while such things are not uncommon, the fact that they would call the act “sexy” is but a small insight into the social breakdown happening where the natural inclinations of women (as well as men) have been subverted and controlled in such a way that instead of seeking out the best men in a society, it rewards socially destructive behavior.

There are many men of good will seeking a good woman, and while there are still good women, it is an increasingly difficult task to navigate through a dating pool where only a few are sought, the rest ostracized, and antisocial behavior is allowed to freely masquerade as a facade of success.

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