Top Democrat Presidential Contender Calls Person Asking Him Questions “Fat”, Challenges Him To A Pushup Contest

The former Vice President Joe Biden has earned himself a reputation as “Oh No Joe” because of his frequent gaffes and sometimes outright creepy behavior. Biden has been accused of “gross” kissing women and girls, touching children in public in ways that are very inappropriate, making questionable comments to children, and as recent news has demonstrated, has talked about his education roaches and the hairs on his legs standing up while kids rubbed them and how he loves children bouncing on his lap. This does not even include his other statements such as claiming that he will cure cancer if elected president as well as AIDS, and many other comments that have lead people to question, and with good reason, his mental state and sanity, as given the nature of his statements and his advanced age, Biden appears to be suffering from some form of dementia.

In what has become Biden’s latest gaffe after the “hairy legs” and “children jumping” comment, Biden recently had an angry yelling match with a citizen at a town hall event after the person asked about Biden’s sons connectoins to Ukraine. During the angry rant he called the man “fatty” and challenged him to a push-up contest and IQ to prove his physical and mental strength.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden squared off with a voter in Iowa on Thursday, calling the man a “damn liar” after he accused Biden of helping to get his son on the board of a Ukrainian gas company in an attempt to win access with Ukraine’s president.

In the testy exchange at a town hall packed with Biden supporters, the former vice president took umbrage with another accusation from the voter: that Biden is too old to run for president.

Biden, who is 77 years old, responded by challenging the voter to a pushup match, a running competition and an IQ test — offers that were greeted with audience applause. (source)

The clip is very telling.

Currently, Biden is the top candidate for the Democrat Presidential contender against Trump, with the second-highest contender being the sodomite Pete Buttigieg.

Is this truly the best candidate that the Democrats could put out? Indeed there is hardly a person, regardless of political persuasion, who can see that the current people contenting for the seat are at best a bunch of losers or people that nobody has heard of or could win a national election.

Most of these candidates are people that nobody has ever heard of before the Democratic round outside of very local elections, and have little to no national prominence. If they were somebody that was “new” to the political arena, such as Obama, they have received little to no serious press attention to garnish the support needed for the presidency.

Many people spoke of the veritable ‘cult of Obama’ that developed during his election cycle. The famous video about a woman having a ‘crush on Obama’ produced by Amber Lee Ettinger was just one of a highly skilled series of messages that promoted him. One may remember, if one was in high school or older, that the energy surrounding the Obama campaign was similar to that surrounding the Trump campaign. Obama called his slogan “Hope” and “Change,” Trump called it “Make America Great Again,” but both had the same effect of providing an electrical-like charge to the people so that when it was time to vote, they chose Obama.

Even during the second round of elections, while the “lustre”of hope and change had warn off, just how it has with making America great again, the people still voted for both candidates not because there was not a possibility they would have been voted out of office (which was possible for both), but because the options presented by the other party were so miserable.

I remember meeting Mitt Romney in 2008, and I had the opportunity to shake his hand. Observing his personality was as telling as his handshake- cold, clammy, and limp like a dead fish thrown from the ocean and rotting in the sand. Certainly politicians are people and they get tired, but there was a lifeless, energy-less, boring personality that covered him and did not seem to be the simple result of a lack of sleep or wear from being around crowds.

While I never met McCain, McCain was also an impossible choice for 2008. Not only was the nation sick of the wars and gaffes that took place under Bush II, but McCain had his own series of scandals and most significantly, lost the bid for his own presidential run in 2000. It would have been almost impossible to have him elected, and when put against the sheer energy that Obama radiated, the fascination which the country had with him, and the state of the country under a Republican presidency for the last eight years, he was a guaranteed victory.

Trump had a harder fight in 2016, largely due to long-term demographic changes that began decades ago taking form throughout the nation. However, he still won against the scandal-mired, erratic, and seemingly with good cause based on her actions, mental instability of Clinton. While the campaigns were different, the presentation and sentiments of Trump were almost the exact same as Obama, except one was the face of a “young” (for the Presidency) and rising Afro-American political star versus that of an elderly but famous business tycoon known to every household and envied by many for his lavish lifestyle and personal taste.

Once again, the election of 2012 is repeating, but in a Republican context. Here there is Trump, whose shine has worn off, facing off against a series of unknown, poorly known, or questionable candidates, with the strongest of those contenders being a man calling people he doesn’t like “fatty” and challenging them to push-up contests.

Aside from the question of Biden is mentally fit to run for office, the fact is that if he gets the nomination, there is no way he could win. A similar statement could be made about the other candidates.

It is for this reason that the 2020 election will likely not be of much importance. However, what will be interesting to watch is the 2024 election, for that will likely see a repeat of 2008 and 2016, with a strong Democrat candidate coming into power.

While the future is still far away and many things could change, at the current time, one person to seriously watch as a possible contender would be the Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema. I wrote a piece about her that many people responded to, and while one can read it here, the fact is that she is a Democrat senator in a Republican state who is loved by both parties. She is a beautiful, blonde, physically fit sodomite from an ex-Mormon background and the news about her is consistently positive.

I am NOT saying “this is who will be president” or “she will never be president”, or that she will even run. What I am saying is that if it is not her, expect to see a similar pattern in terms of her looks and behaviors be put forward in 2024 as a candidate.

The average lifespan of people in the US today is between 78 and 79 years. This means that in 2024, when it comes to vote, those people who are 78 or 79 will have been born in 1945 or 1946. This represents, demographically, the ending of the of Silent Generation and the formal period of die-off beginning for the Boomers. Many more will die leading up to this election, as these numbers are an average, and because of this and in combination with the changing national demographics that strongly incline towards the Democrat party, a Democrat 2024 victory is almost guaranteed. Likewise, recall that I have predicted based on my research, there is a strong possibility that a recession will happen by 2023 or shortly thereafter or before.

The 2020 election is not so much of a concern. What will be a concern is the years leading up to 2024, where amid increasing economic turmoil, the likelihood of increased nationalism in Europe, and economic problems as well as exhaustion with the current political state of affairs could lead to a major Democrat victory with potentially revolutionary prospects.

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