South Africa Puts Forth New Land Confiscation Bill

In South Africa, racial tensions are at an all-time high as the ruling African National Congress (ANC) has proposed a constitutional amendment that would give government authorities a legal right to seize and redistribute farms as well as other properties without any compensation for owners. This bears a semblance to what happened in Zimbabwe during the reign of Mugabe, where non-Hamitic Zimbabweans were robbed of their homes and possessions and sometimes murdered by agents from the government or by common people with the government turning a “blind eye” to it.

The proposed bill triggered heated international debate, a flurry of media reports, allegations of violence against South African white farmers, concerns among international investors for major companies, and in spite of the ANC attempting to reassure that the move will be lawful and will not threaten stability, has brought continued chaos to that land. Nevertheless, the pressure has continued from the ANC to support this law.

Now in a first, the Parliamentary Committed on Land Expropration has published a new draft of said bill, and has opened up the floor for public comment.

The parliamentary committee on land expropriation has published its new draft bill for public comment.

The bill aims to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without providing compensation.

However, the bill itself does not specify the circumstances when no compensation may be given. Instead, it states that a separate piece of national legislation must set out the specific circumstances where a court may determine that the amount of compensation is nil. (source)

As noted before, South Africa has two major European ethnic groups- the Germanic Dutch people, who have a long history of ethnic nationalism and support of the German National Socialists, and the British, who wrested control of South Africa from the Dutch in a centuries long struggle that did not end until around World War I.

A month before the government moved to proceed with land confiscations, fifteen thousand Dutch Boers petitioned to move to Russia. As I pointed out, the area they wanted to move to was a very violent region of Russia yet one with a large, historical German presence and that in both World Wars I and II, the Germans there assisted Germany in her invasions of Russia.

South Africa is currently being fought over between the nations of NATO and the Chinese for access to platinum ore and chrome, both of which South Africa is a major producer and the former of which she is the world’s leading producer. These products are critical to industrial processes for building supercomputers and weapons, and given the moves towards a major war being made by all the world powers, access to them is critical, and the Western world is not going to allow the Chinese to take a predominate hold in what was a historical territory of theirs and still view it as such.

Germany has a historical pattern of attempting to make “territorial expansions” and using crises to justify it. The very violence that is taking place against European people in South Africa is desired because it will give Germany and excuse to march into Africa, first to her former territories, and potentially into more:

Currently, Germany does not have a “reason” to go into South Africa. However, because she has a historical relationship with Namibia that endures to this day, if there was a sufficient bout of violence against German targets and the German Namibian population that lives there, it would be an ideal reason to bring German troops into Namibia in the name of “peace keeping.” Given that South Africa is right on the Namibian border and there were many Boer trekkers who settled in that area, Germany would not need time to find an acceptable “reason” to engage in “peace keeping” and “regional stability operations” in South Africa.

This is why I said earlier that the conflict between the British and the Dutch last century was so important and must be remembered, because it was all based in ideas about racialism and the Germans have not forgotten this, and they are setting up conditions to repeat history once again. (source)

Germany once possessed four territories in Africa- Togo, Cameroon, Tanzania (German East Africa), and Namibia, the last of which was the location of the first genocide of the twentieth century, committed by Germany and from which the lessons learned and research gathered was used by the National Socialists a quarter century later.

The land confiscations are real and terrifying, and the potential for a lot of deaths of these farmers and common people at the hands of Afro-nationalist racists must not be understated and is absolutely wrong. However, one must look also that the larger situation of political movements, seeing that there is a chance this is being allowed to happen in order to advance the nefarious cause of German military expansion and a return to the conditions that will bring about another major war.

At the time that these discussions started taking place, Germany just returned the bones of many South African natives that were studied for anthropological use. Additionally, the neighboring nation of Namibia, which has a strong German investment sector, has declared they want to pursue similar land confiscations, which would target non-Hamitic Namibeans.

The German government and media has been quiet about this bill as of late and the possible implications as well as those taking place in Namibia.

Is there a plot forming here? Will another “Bush War” like that in Zimbabwe happen again? Remember that Mugabe’s ZANU was backed by the Soviet Union, as it was essentially a proxy war in the greater “strategy of tension” operations between NATO and the USSR.

Only time will tell, as events become clearer. However, as I have stated before, South Africa is going to be a place to watch as these events continue to unfold because her location, significant mineral deposits, need for the US and Germany as well as being an easy target for the Russian “maximum-minimum” strategy, there is a strong chance that conflict is going to increase with her.

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