Federal Reserve Bank Signals New Round Of ‘It’s Not Money Printing, It’s Just Money Printing’ For December

If one morning you wake up and there is a large man taking your car away, you know that it has been “repossessed”, which means that you failed to make your payments on time, and so the bank sends the large man with a gun and a wrecker to take your car from you.

But what happens when the bank cannot make its debt agreements? Under normal circumstances they would default, but in the case of the US, and as she controls the printing presses for the world’s monetary supply, they turn to the Federal Reserve Bank. In what are called “fed repo operations”, banks exchange agency, mortgage, and treasury bonds in exchange for cash loans directly from the central bank. These loans allow banks to have enough liquidity- immediate cash on hand -to keep short-term rates relatively steady and prevent market instability that could lead to a crash.

These do not happen with your local bank, but with large banks, also called Primary Dealers, and include banks such as Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo. “Repo operations” were used before the 2007 financial crisis to adjust the supply of bank reserve balances and keep federal funds rates around target levels established by the
Federal Open Market Committee.

It’s sort of like the image of a man with a bucket throwing water out of the boat, but the water levels continue to rise. It doesn’t stop the boat from sinking, but just delays it. In this case, this is about throwing money into a proverbial “money pit” to keep it from emptying, although no matter how much is put in, it continues to empty.

According to the Federal Reserve, they have announced a record number of repo payments totaling a minimum of $150 billion.

Overnight repo operations will continue to be held each day. On December 31, 2019 and January 2, 2020, the overnight repo offering will increase to at least $150 billion. In addition, on December 30, 2019, the Desk will offer a $75 billion repo that settles on December 31, 2019 and matures on January 2, 2020.

The Desk intends to adjust the timing and amounts of repo operations as needed to mitigate the risk of money market pressures that could adversely affect policy implementation, consistent with the directive from the FOMC. (source)

This comes immediately following reports that the Federal Reserve was planning to launch “Quantitative Easing 4”, or “QE4”.

To understand, Quantitative Easing is when a central bank purchases securities, be they from the government or another source, in order to increase the money supply and encourage lending and investment. This usually happens when interest rates become very low, and as increasing the supply of money lowers the cost of it, it makes it easier for banks to give out loans to people.

This is the reason why home ownership and the loan market is so critical, because the entirety of US finance is based on, without exaggeration, a literal “Ponzi Scheme” where in order to keep the financial system running, more people have to continually borrow money from the banks so that the bank can take their deposits and the money gained to loan out to somebody else. This is why the current form of banking, called “fractional reserve banking”, has it where only a small percent of the actual money a person pays to the bank is kept in the bank, for most of it is loaned out, and a “fraction” stays. This is why banks will gladly take a person’s deposit of money, but place daily limits on how much a man can take out, because if too many people take out too much money at the same time, the bank will not have enough money to pay everybody, and then it can not only cause financial trouble, but political problems too.

The biggest “winners” in this system are those who make loans at the “top” in these banks, since they profit from a continual flow of payments to them in the form of regular dues and usury. The biggest losers are the common people, since not only will they be charged a lot more money to pay off the same loans, but there is not enough money that physically exists in the system to service their debts because the US dollar- a “Federal Reserve Note” -is legally speaking an IOU to the Federal Reserve on which the US government, and to that the taxpayer, has to pay back the value of the bill plus interest.

It does not matter how many “bills” exist or do not exist, because it is not a question of more dollars, butd one of the fact that the money itself is meant to generate a usury that cannot be serviced by its design, and thus allow the creditor- the private stockholders who own the Federal Reserve because the Federal Reserve is a private corporation -to take control of whatever assets he may in order to “service” the debt.

This is why the modern conception of banking is so evil, because in one fell action it permanently destroys the lives of innocent people (willful murder of the innocent), it makes money, a sterile thing, something unnaturally fertile (which is why sodomites are compared with usurers, as usury is but a version of the blasphemy of sodom), it oppresses the poor, widow, and orphan, and it without question deprives the working man of his justly earned wages. It is the embodiment of all four sins that “cry out to Heaven for vengeance” and is something which has caused so much wrath and misery throughout the ages.

Quantitative Easing cannot go on forever, because no matter what language is used to describe it, at the end of all it is just money printing by another name. All fiat currencies, if not stopped and reissued by a government, end in hyperinflation and collapse because they are unable to be sustained as debts become too high and unpayable.

I have warned that one should not look for a serious financial crisis right now because it is not politically expedient. If it is true that “Presidents are selected, not elected”, and given the Democrat shenanigans that seem like nothing more than Bretton Woods Conferencean attempt to “throw” the election, Trump will need a “smooth” economic terrain to ensure a 2020 victory, and the Federal Reserve Bank seems to be keeping this under control for that reason. But make no mistake, the Federal Reserve could easily not intervene and allow natural circumstances to happen, which would possibly trigger another economic cataclysm just like what happened in 2007.

Because of the likelihood of a Democrat victory pending all the current conditions for 2024, it is very possible that just as Bush was preparing for his final years when the first “Quantitative Easing” took place in the end of 2007, so it could be that in 2023, President Trump may have a similar situation happen as he prepares to return to his new home of Florida.

This is not a Trump issue, or a Republican issue, or even anything to do with politics at all. To the contrary, this is about ensuring the continuity of government and a strategically-timed collapse for maximum political exploitation, including taking as much as possible from the Chinese while also blaming them as much for the problems even though the Chinese would have nothing to do with them, and to prepare for a re-militarization of the US and a justification for a new dollar as well as a new means by which to justify keeping the US as the world’s reserve currency, likely by way of a future version of the , but for the 21st century.

What this means for the common man is that one should watch, pray, work really hard, pay off as much debt as possible, and get spiritually and mentally ready for the future, as that is the most that one will be able to do.

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