Savage Drug Cartels Burn Man Alive Just Like ISIS Right On The US-Mexican Border

In February 2015, the world watched in horror as the Jordanian pilot Mu’ath Al-Kassasbeh, who was captured by ISIS after being shot down while on a mission, was starved for a period of five days and then, after being caged like an animal and forced to speak on camera like a sort of movies, was lead to his execution. He was soaked with petrol and set on fire while his slow suffering, which ISIS described as a sacrificial offering to Allah, was recorded on film while showing no remorse to the poor man as he screamed with agony while the flames consumed his body.

It was an absolutely horrible story, but as has warned, the exact same crimes that ISIS committed in the years leading up to the 2016 election take place almost daily just over the southern border, but these are not ISIS terrorists, but drug cartels who are behind this. Videos of torture, dismemberments, and nothing less than actions that are human sacrifices are filmed as they happen for the world to see and yet all remain silent.

Mexico has been going through drug wars for years, and as a part of this war, different gangs fight for territory. This takes place all over the country, but some areas are more concentrated than others. As of recent, the northern and Texas-bordering state of Tamaulipas, a major hub of international trade, has seen a scourge of cartel violence, including in cities very close to the US. Recently, an event was recorded that took place in the city of Reynosa, which is almost directly across the border city of McAllen, TX.

For this incident, members of the Gulf Cartel took two members from the rival Scorpions gang, tied them up, and burned them alive just like how ISIS did. One can hear the men screaming and writhing in agony as the flames cook them alive, while the cartel member insults them in Spanish.

The family is sacred and respected,” highlights the message sent by the Gulf cartel to an alleged leader of the Scorpions, called “Negrito.” This in an alleged revenge for the disappearance of women in recent days. In the images you can see two men tied, one is sitting and the other lying down, when suddenly his rivals set them on fire.

“This will happen to all the grimy punches of the scorpions, who walk here … You click Negrito, joto, keep sending your assholes to steal trucks and kidnap innocent women, which has nothing to do with this puncture war … The family is sacred and it repeats itself, ”says a subject, while his rivals burn alive.

Not content to see men burn, a subject shoots them several times and warns the band of scorpions that everyone who enters their territory will end that way. (source)

This horrible video happened around December 12th, which marks the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe originally begins with St. Luke, writer of one of the four gospels. St. Luke was also a sculptor, and he carved a statue of Our Lady. This statue was taken to Spain in the 4th century by St. Leander of Seville, and it was housed in a church until the Muslim conquest of Spain in 711. In order to prevent the statue from being destroyed, Catholics took and hid the statue allegedly near a bank by the Wolf River. The statue lay there for centuries until a shepherd by the name of Gil Cordero had a vision from the Blessed Virgin as to where the statue was. He told the local bishop, and the bishop sent out a team to check the location that Gil spoke of, and surely as promised the statue was there.

After the Spanish arrived in Mexico in 1519 and conquered the pagan Aztec indians in 1521, exterminating their heathen sacrifices and barbaric ways, Catholic missionaries quickly set to work spreading the Gospel. Ten years later in 1531 there was a native man who was also a convert to the Faith named Juan Diego who had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and she told him to tell the bishop that he needed to have a Church constructed in a particular area. The bishop did not believe him initially, and in response he had another vision in which he was instructed to pick all of the flowers on the hill where she wanted the church to be build, put them in his robe, and bring his robe to the bishop with the flowers in it. When he brought the flowers to the bishop and dropped them onto the ground before him, a vision of Our Lady standing on the crescent moon was left emblazoned on his robe. The bishop immediately believe Juan and set about plans for building the church as requested. The result was the conversion of millions of native peoples to the true faith, the restoration of the Faith for many others, and for centuries it has been the continual source of countless millions of conversions throughout the Americas and the world. Indeed, one can say that while the Spanish government was the human arm through which God worked, it was Our Lady that conquered Mexico for her Son, Jesus Christ.

However, while Mexico is still “Catholic” in name, much of the zeal of the past has since been replaced by apathy and indifference. As a result, the ancient barbarity of the pagan past with murders, human sacrifice, and all of the disorder that the Church fought against has returned with a vengeance, and is not helped by those in the US and Russian government who, in the name of fighting for worldly power, have created and backed the drug cartels as a way to wage proxy wars against each other in the US’s sphere of influence just at the same has taken place by both the US and Russians in Ukraine to wage a proxy war in Russia’s sphere of influence. It is known that the US has been involved in training drug cartel terrorists, but these same cartel terrorists have also asked the Russians for arms to attack US targets.

The Mexican cartels wanted the weapons to defend themselves from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Russians were told. The men had planned to sell Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns, anti-tank and air-to-surface missiles to the cartels, among other arsenal. The deals were allegedly facilitated by a Turkish middleman who met the Russians in Cyprus and Hungary.

Lawyers representing the two Russians told reporters that the men were unaware that the purchase was being made for drug cartels.

In reality, the entire deal was a setup planned by the DEA. The two Russians were arrested around a year and a half ago in a secret operation codenamed Perseus, which was led by the DEA and Hungarian counterterrorism forces. The suspects were also accused of smuggling cocaine into the U.S. (source)

Ted’s documentary Hell Across The Border, about the drug cartels.

Drug cartels, sadly, seem to represent a larger proxy war between great powers, with no regard for the lives of the people who they affect.

Many people ask as to why there are so many refugees flooding into the US from Central America, and yet many Russians are asking the same questions about the refugees they are receiving from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine, and the reason in both nations is the same. There are many people who are of good will in these nations- it does not matter what the race is -who want to raise their children safely and protect themselves from the horrible violence going on around them. Does a Mexican mother want to raise her son amid cartel violence, or does a Tajik father want to see his daughter kidnapped and murdered as part of similar things that take place in his area, and aside from the fact that both areas are poor and with not very many opportunities, but a short drive north there is a land that represents hope and opportunity for them? Why would they not attempt to go considering that there are few other good options?

There is an argument to be made for stopping evil cartel members who commit heinous crimes such as the one in this video. However, one must also remember that many of these problems could be stopped but are encouraged or allowed for political reasons and without regard to the common people. “Closing the borders” does not stop problems such as these when it was forces from the same government that controls the borders who taught many of these terrorists these tactics and allows them to enter as they will, for one cannot blame the hens if the wolf is guarding the hen-house gate.

It is wrong to advocate for a “free-for-all”, but it is also wrong to forget that many of the people who are coming are doing so because they are poor and desperate, and as undocumented labor is a cornerstone to US domestic and foreign policy, and so many want to leave by legal or illegal means out of fear for their lives, policy-makers are happy to use their plight- one which the same policy-makers created or encouraged the conditions for the current reality to be created -for their benefit to bolster their own popularity.

If one is confused as how to ask, consider oneself in the same situation, and to paraphrase Sacred Scripture, ask how one would like to be treated if one was in the same situation with the exact same experiences, and then go and do likewise.

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