New Planned Law In Germany May Allow For People Who Criticize Migrants To Be Committed To An Institution

There is a lot of anger in Germany at the migrants, and criticism of migration has become a political issue, even for people of good will who genuinely do not support eugenics and want to express their experiences. It is known that criticism of migrants can place one into a legally-precarious situation, but according to a new law in the making, a man who criticizes migrants may find himself involuntarily committed to psychiatric care.

A lawyer working with an EU judge has leaked information on a planned new EU law that will give the police the right to arrest, interrogate and then hand over migration-critical individuals and journalists to psychiatric evaluation that can lead to closed psychiatric care.

The lawyer previously leaked information that proved to be correct and it was then about advance information about what later became known as new austerity measures for alternative care in Sweden, which was established in the framework of the so-called KAM investigation with Kjell Asplund as investigator. Asplund was appointed by the government. He was previously Director General of the National Board of Health and Welfare.

Angela Merkel is reported to be the driving party to get through a new bill that can draw dissidents to psychiatric care. Although the proposal can be regarded as extreme, there are indications that this type of bill is conceivable. Most recently, Swedish Radio announced that Justice Minister Morgan Johansson has proposed that Swedish journalists investigating terrorists should be able to be classified as persons in connection with terrorism. The proposal means that a convicted journalist can receive up to 2 years in prison. (source)

Two things come to mind here.

The first thing that comes to mind is a strategy of tension. By taking people who would be critical of migrants, migration, and immigrants- regardless of their work capacity -and throwing them into “psychiatric care”, it naturally increases the anger of the right wing. This is obvious and of course will not have the effect of driving down the right, but rather empowering it, making it seem to be something that is “persecuted” and therefore interesting or something that is “edgy,” and cause it to grow.

However, what concerns me more about this is for the future, and that is, for use in possible death camps.

“Psychiatric care”, while such things are essential to any society, is often times used as a term to describe ways of stripping people of their rights using a legal justification. If a person is committed to psychiatric care against his will, he is considered to be a ‘danger’ to the public and is made into a ward of the state, which places him into a legal situation somewhere between that of a prisoner and a soldier. Like a prisoner, he still has rights even though he is at the time being held against his will, but like a soldier, he also does not have rights because since he is considered a ‘danger’ then the state can do what they want with him in the name of ‘administering care’, which has been used as a code for conducting human experiments.

There is less of a chance that the journalists themselves would be experimented on- at the current time. Rather, I am thinking what this may hold for the migrants in the future.

We know for a fact that the “refugee crisis” that began in late 2015 was directly manufactured by Germany and could not have happened without coordinated logistical support from many corporations, non-profits, NGOs, and other organizations acting as contractors to what seem to he Germany by way of the EU and the USA. These contractors ranged from spreading information about “free stuff” in poor regions of sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, assisting (at times) with people reaching the Mediterranean Sea, and often times crossing with the help of human traffickers acting as subcontractors for said groups, at which point the migrants would either be dumped on European shores or they would coordinate with European navies to stop the ships and transfer the human cargo to the European ships before dumping them on the Continent.

Nothing about the “refugee crisis” was organic, and even the most organic parts of it, such as the flood of migrants from Syria fleeing violence in their native land, was caused by US and German-supported policies that destabilized Iraq through creating a genocide to cause a humanitarian crisis, which became a mass migration, which started the incident. Every step of this was either created or coordinated to force a certain social outcome, which was the transfer of innumerable people from all parts of the world into Germany on the promise they would get “free stuff” all paid for by the German taxpayer, and would also be allowed to commit crimes with impunity because the German police would “look the other way”, thus allowing more hatred against the same refugees.

This is where the “psychiatric order” part comes in. It is possible, that if the same justification- “psychiatric care” -is used to imprison those who criticize refugees, a clever government manipulator could simply turn the tables. In other words, if Merkel was to be removed from government, and as a justification to remove obviously dangerous people from the streets, instead of arresting them, they would be involuntarily committed.

However, it does not end here.

Remember how a year ago, broke a story that made little attention, which was the establishment of a migrant detention center on an island where animal and disease research takes place for the Danish government. We noted this was very strange, and suggests the possibility that human experimentation may be starting up again just as it took place during the infamous Aktion T-4 eugenics program of the National Socialists during the Second World War.

Since when a person is “involuntarily committed” they are in a quasi-legal status, they can- and in certain cases have been -experimented on in the name of “their own good”, when it was just a legal excuse for doing eugenic experiments.

The question is, could this move coming from Germany be a set-up intentionally for future planning such as this? In other words, legitimize the concept of involuntary commitment for “anti-migrant” crimes, then once a right-wing government comes to power- and the chances are high because of the hatred for the migrants and the anger at the left in Germany -they could use the same justification for locking up migrants using the same justifications, except the joke will be on the German people because the reality was that the “left” and the “right” were working together just as they were throughout history?

We have no proof this is happening. What we do know is that Germany is very intelligent, very shrewd, and is good at planning for the future, and her actions need to be judged in this context. Just as the “migrant crisis” was not a thoughtless act but a carefully-orchestrated plot to create specific cultural conditions that are needed to revive a reich, so one must look at actions such as these in both a short-term sense (engendering populist anger and increasing the power of the right wing), but also for a long-term effect (opening up further avenues for the legitimization of eugenics).

Truly, history appears to be repeating again.

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