Prediction Comes True Again As The Turkish Military Straps Machine Guns Onto Drones

In September 2018, I wrote in an article about a fake attack device called the “Mehmet II suicide drone”, in which I wanted to convey the more serious points of how while the government claimed that drones could be used by terrorists, the reality is that it is not so, as true terrorism would likely take a more subtle form. I also noted in other articles how the future of warfare is going to be in artificial intelligence and robots, and how this is a major trend to keep track of, and of which robots, especially drones and other “fully autonomous” forms of “machine life”, would play a major role.

Our predictions unfortunately appear to be coming true as the Turkish military has just released a new robot in her military- an attack drone which has a machine gun strapped to it and can fire 200 rounds of ammunition.

The Turkish military is about to take delivery of a fleet of 55-lb. drones equipped with a machine gun and 200-rounds of ammunition.

Made by Ankara-based firm Asisguard, the ‘Songar’ drone can strike a 6″ target at roughly 650 feet and has a range of 6.2 miles, and can operate in groups. A newer version is expected to be able to hit targets from over 1,300 miles away. Accoridng to Ayhan Sungar of Asisguard, a swarm of three Songar drones can be operated from a single remote control – with all three firing simultaneously at a target.

It is hard for a drone to shoot accurately, partly because of the difficulty of judging range and angle, and partly because the recoil from each shot significantly moves the drone, affecting the aim for the next round.

Songar has two systems to overcome these challenges. One uses sensors, including cameras and a laser rangefinder, to calculate distance, angle and wind speed, and work out where to aim. The second is a set of robot arms that move the machine gun to compensate for the effects of recoil.

While critics such as Robert Bunker of the US Army’s Strategic Studies Institute say the drones could end up in the hands of armed insurgents (which they will regardless), Songar says the drones will allow for new tactics, such as laying down suppressive fire while humans or other drones carry out attacks on other targets such as infrastructure or vehicles. (source)

Since this is a drone, at this point and from what it seems, it still has to be controlled by human beings. However, this is not going to last forever, and this is the purpose of all the AI research- to take that exact same drone and transfer into it a “consciousness” of sorts so that the thing becomes “alive” by way of being able to make its own decisions, including those for life or death.

In the last two world wars, we have seen the concept of weapons, combat (WWI), and knowledge about chemistry, physics, and the subatomic realm as it applies to weapons (WWII) completely transformed. What has not changed is the need for soldiers. This is something that WWIII is going to permanently transform, because it will be advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and the use of drones such as the above that will turn war not into something fought by men against men, but the machines of one side against the machines against another side, and targeting the people, who will have to fight them but increasingly less or with futuristic technology.

Consider the film Terminator, and consider Terminator I versus Terminator II. In the original film, the protagonist is a human who faces off against a robotic Arnold Schwartzenegger, called at “T-800” robot. In the movie, he barely defeats the robot, and dies in the process but achieves his mission. In Terminator II, there are humans involved, but most of the conflict is between the T-800, played by Arnold now turned “good,” and the T-1000, a liquid metal robot. Likewise, Arnold barely manages to defeat the T-1000. If it were a case were it was a human versus the T-1000, the man would not have stood a chance.

I say this because this appears, not right now, but to be a major trend for the century to come. Robots will develop, they will fight against other robots, and more advanced robots will contend against more advanced ones, and human beings will increasingly be reduced to the role of machine operators instead of main actors.

Some say this might save lives, but consider the warning of the anime film the “Second Renaissance,” something likewise echoed in Terminator, where machines running on AI programs decide that it is the “logical” thing to exterminate humanity. Indeed, given that the military wants to make programs able to make “self-governing” decisions, and considering that even the computer scientists who designed the algorithms for AI do not understand how they work how these will be used in military applications, and how there are known connections between military, industry, and the occult in both the USA and Russia/USSR that have gone back for many decades, one can see the potential for either an electronic- or perhaps even a preternatural possession of the machines in some way -could bring about this result.

In the Pearl Jam song “Do The Evolution”, it features a video of mankind “evolving” from the “primordial ooze” up to the modern day. While evolution is obviously not correct, the video is not about a science message, but one of politics, for in it a war starts, and it shows the military-industrial complex in action, and things become more violent and dangerous to the point that humanity annihilates herself in a giant nuclear war. Thus, all of that “evolution” was for nothing, as man destroyed himself.

The Fatima prophecies have warned, as I have repeated, that a second deluge threatens the world for her sins, by way of fire from Heaven.

One can take of this what one wants, but this is where faith must meet with life. It has been noted by the saint of the past that the Messiah will return when all seems hopeless, all has been defeated. I am not saying that this is “the” time. What I am saying is that the historical possibilities for wonder and disaster are the most pronounced they have ever been in history, and all need to pay attention because if a major global conflict starts, which it appears is taking place by way of political events, and given the technology today, we are looking not at unique, or amazing, or huge, or epic, or even once-in-a-lifetime events, but possibly those of Biblical proportions.


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