Sadistic Employers Are Now Installing Modified Toilets To Intentionally Cause Employees Pain To Try And Get More Work Out Of Them

The struggle between employer and employee has been a theme since the beginning of time, and while it will not always be perfect, the Church has always emphasized balance between both. Employees need to give care to their employers that is justly due, and employers needs to treat their employees with mercy and justice.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution and especially in modern times, there has been a constant push to make work more “efficient” that has come at the cost of the humanity of the working people. Hence the numbers of “worker revolutions” have become more common. However, the historical record constantly shows that many of these same “revolutions” are backed by the same or would-be same groups of people who exploited the common man for their own gain. Perhaps the most notorious revolution in modern time was the Bolshevik Revolution which promised “liberation” to the Russian people but resulted in a disproportionately Jewish-led cabal of Vladimir Ulyanov (“Vladmir Lenin”), Lev Davidovitch Bronshtein (“Leon Trotsky”), Hirsch Apfelbaum (“Grigory Zinoviev”), Lev Rosenfeld (“Lev Kamenev”), and Hirsch Brilliant (“Grigory Sokolnikov”) (Iosip Jugashvili (“Joseph Stalin”) was Georgian and Andrei Bubnov was a Slav) turned Tsarist Russia into modern-day worldly Zion for many fellow tribesmen, including the establishment of the first formal Zionist state in Russia proper, and a modern-day veritably Talmudic-administered hell for the rest of people, who were reduced to slaves and murdered or forced to work to death in state camps at the hands of cruel and disproportionately Jewish masters such as Gengrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovitch, or Naftaly Frenkel.

Due to the rise of technology, employers are finding new and cruel ways of attempting to “force” more work out of their employers. One of such newly touted means is a toilet that is meant to cause physical discomfort to the people using it so in order to get said person “back to work” faster and therefore “save time.”

In an age of never ending work surveillance tech – from devices that track every move an employee makes to tools that measure keystrokes to determine how intensely you’re working – it feels only natural to end up here: at a toilet that does a little work-friendly kneecapping to get you off the seat in good time.

That’s right: for £150-£500 ($196-$654) you can subject your staff to having to sit at a 13-degree angle on the toilet, in the hope of getting them off it quicker. Developers at StandardToilet have determined that 13 degrees is exactly the right tilt to make your employee feel miserable on the toilet without causing any lasting pain.

Why? Well, apparently going to the toilet is just not productive. In its advertising, StandardToilet estimates that £4bn is lost yearly answering Mother Nature’s call.

According to StandardToilet, employees are spending an average of 10 minutes a day on the toilet. (Which leads me to ask the very pertinent question: how long is it supposed to take?) They estimate that their product will lead to a 25% reduction in time spent on the toilets, so employees can spend those extra two and a half minutes doing something way more productive. Like going to get coffee. (source)

Eugenics takes many forms, as it is not just killing people, but justifying philosophies that lead to the degradation of man and his reduction to just a “part” in a “machine” that has no purpose other than to be used for all that he can and then discarded.

This problem has always been with the human race, but has reached unprecedented levels today.

There is only so much “efficiency” that can be extracted from human beings. The fact is that over the past half-a-century, worker output has exponentially been forcibly increased meanwhile as salaries have been forcibly reduced as the labor pool has been doubled. This is largely due to greed from employers, and no matter what one says, said employers are always asking for “more” when there are physical limits.

If an American employer had his way, he would chain people to their desks, force them to work as hard as possible until they died for the lowest amount of pay, then would hire another worker to take his place, and make the new worker clean the dead body of the previous employee off of his desk before going to work.

This eugenic attitude has always been in the US, and is the reason why labor laws exist, for while they are very weak in comparison with the past, if they did not exist and the “free market” was all that existed, it would be hours before conditions returned to those which existed in the 19th and early 20th century and which Upton Sinclair famously critiqued in his book The Jungle.

People can criticize the labor movement, and it is true that there were a lot of communist infiltrators in it. However, the Catholic Church was also heavily involved and still is in the labor movement because She advocates for the rights of the common man as well as the “elites” of any society, being the glue that bonds as well as separates the two. Because the US is returning to 19th century ideas of eugenics and racism- things which pre-date the 19th century and which are not new in themselves but are just changing forms into a modern context -the possibility for serious abuse from employers against employees is becoming a reality again.

One may say that an employee can waste “too much time” on the toilet, and it is true that this happens. However, some people really do need to use the bathroom for a while, and even for those who are on their phones in the stall, people do this because of the constant abuse from their bosses, managers, and employees that compounds the already ever present stresses of daily life which so many face and have to deal with through the drudgery of modern American life.

The ideas of putting in toilets such as this for the purpose of causing pain to an employee to make him “get back to his desk” faster is abusive and cruel. It will not increase efficiency because time sitting behind a desk does not mean an increase in productivity. Indeed, if one follows the “80/20” rule, most of the work a person accomplishes will be within the first two to three hours of his worktime. The rest of the time gets diminishing returns, and after six hours, most people are completely checked out of work and just going through motions.

The conversation that needs to be had in the workplace is, if not an increase in salaries, the reduction of time spent at work for most, because time does not equal efficiency in all cases. Indeed, keeping the same rates of pay and reducing work time for many jobs would likely benefit employers and workers alike in most cases, especially office-type environments or certain labor jobs.

But the issue here is largely not about what is best for the employee and by extension the employer, but it is about power and control over people. That is why the issue of toilets designed to hurt employees is not really about the toilet, but about the principle, that an employer would be so sadistic as to abuse their workers in the name of “efficiency”, that in typical American fashion, they overlook intentionally that productive people are also happy and well-treated people, which while having lower immediate profit margins results in long-term stability and prosperity for long periods, as opposed to short period of sharp prosperity at the cost of everybody else.

That also presumes that people are human beings, and that they should be treated with dignity, thus denying the entire philosophy of darwinism, eugenics, racism, and all other forms of abuse done with the facade of legality.

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