President Trump “Makes America Great Again” By Raising The Smoking Age To 21

Trump promised to “make America great again”, and while the political slogan has become almost corporatesque and proven to be a lie, Trump just recently did something, and that was to raise the smoking age to 21.

President Donald Trump gave his stamp of approval on Friday to raising the federal age requirement of who can legally purchase tobacco products to 21 when he signed spending bills approved by Congress this week.

This change means that in less than a year it will become illegal for anyone under 21 in the United States to purchase vape products and e-cigarettes, as well as more traditional tobacco products.

The new regulation comes amid nationwide concern about increasing nicotine use among young people and the possible health risks of electronic cigarette products.

With the president’s signature, the new age requirement will take effect in about nine months — the Food and Drug Administration has 180 days to update its regulations and they will go into effect 90 days after that. (source)

This law is absolutely useless. In fact, it is worse than useless, it is outright harmful.

Something I noted before is that right now, there is a concerted effort by sodomites to lower the age of consent to between 14 to 16. Taken in and of itself, isolated from sodomites or any political movements which I have warned about an are a reason not to support for the current time a movement like this, a lower age of consent makes intellectual sense because traditionally, adulthood was associated with puberty, and the only reason a person is an adult at “18” today is because it was a compromise made in the early 20th century between the ages of 15 and 20 in the English-speaking realm. It has no biological basis otherwise, but there is a “reasonable” history for how the number “18” was chosen, it is an accepted figure, and it has served its purpose well.

In the US, a person is an adult at 18. He can enter into legally-binding contracts, does not have to listen to authority as a “minor”, can join the military or be forced to join the military and fight or be forced to fight for his country, and he can be tried as an adult.

Why can’t this same person then, if he can suffer as an adult and enter into contracts, buy cigarettes or drink alcohol until three years later?

There is absolutely no reason why this should exist. It is stupid, arbitrary, pointless, and does nothing but to make Americans look more philosophically inconsistent than what they already are.

Did Obama do this? No, but Trump did.

How is this “making America great again”, because it is not.

This is not a “victory”. It is a loss for the country and a meaningless political victory for him.

Trump was voted into office on the premise that he was going to do things that people were concerned about, such as building a US-Mexico border wall and expanding personal freedoms, not refusing to build a border wall but sending money to Israel so they can build one as well as taking personal freedoms away (and as I have noted, the border wall issue is one of politics and the manipulation of immigration as a tool of political advancement without respect to the real needs of the common man, the issue here is not about the border itself, but it representing a major and serious promise that was blatantly ignored right in front of most people’s faces).

Trump has once again proven himself to be a fraud and concerned with things that he thinks will help him and his power, not caring at all for the people he is supposed to represent.

Smoking is not the healthiest activity in the world. Most people know this, and the same goes from drinking. However, there is nothing morally wrong with them. To the contrary, there is a lot morally wrong with supporting unjust wars or the willful murder of the innocent. However, from a social viewpoint, it is more of a crime to commit the former than it is of the latter.

Recall that in National Socialist Germany, minor activities such as smoking and personal freedoms were seriously attacked by the government while major issues, such as eugenics and racism, were openly promoted and ignored. The point here is not to say “look, he is a Nazi”, but we know that the Trump administration has associated with ultra-nationalists who have strong ties to eugenicists, National Socialists, ultranationalists, pagan terrorists, and other highly questionable figures. These are people such as Steve Bannon, Steve Mnuchin, and Stephen Miller.

Times change and how philosophies manifest change, but the principles by which they manifest do not.

If one thinks Trump is bad, whoever comes after him- most likely in 2024 -will be a lot worse, and probably do more of the same things, but to their fuller conclusion.

The US has arguably been a socialist society since the 1930s, but now a century later, those changes are coming home to take form in the people.

Smoking is the least of one’s concerns, unless one is talking about the smoke from the fires of what is the burning of the remainder of the rights, freedoms, and permissions that the average citizen one had but is not any more. That is the real scandal.

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