‘God’s Chosen Christian’ President Trump’s Administration Orders Sixty-Nine Countries To Bend Over And Open Up For The Sodomite Agenda Or Else

The Trump administration, speaking through Trump’s ambassador to Germany and public sodomite Richard Grenell, that sixty-nine countries need to bend over and open up to the sodomite agenda.

The Trump administration is calling on 69 countries that criminalize homosexuality to expand protections for citizens who identify as LGBT, a call that is backed by at least one conservative evangelical leader.

Openly gay U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, the Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft, and State Department Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Robert Destro, participated in a special meeting Wednesday sponsored by the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

The three joined other diplomats in criticizing U.N. member states that criminalize homosexuality and same-sex relationships as LGBT individuals across the globe are at risk of being imprisoned or sentenced to death.

In a tweet Wednesday, Craft stressed that “no person should be harmed, tortured or killed because of their sexual orientation.”

“[Y]et at least 69 countries criminalize homosexuality,” she wrote. “Our event today at the [United Nations] showed our commitment to defending human dignity & partnering with #LGBTQ groups to decriminalize homosexuality.”

The meeting comes as the Trump administration vocalized its intent earlier this year to launch a campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality.

“Individual men and women around the world have faced — and continue to face — punishment and even death, specifically because of their sexual orientation,” Craft was quoted as saying by Fox News. “This is a wrong we should seek to right, and it is a wrong I am personally committed to helping right.”

Grenell read aloud a list of nations that either outlaw homosexuality or persecute LGBT individuals in some form. According to Fox News, such countries include Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, Kenya, Senegal, Cameroon, Antigua, Barbuda, Syria and Yemen, among dozens of others.

The meeting was attended by Johnnie Moore, an evangelical public relations executive who has often informally engaged with the Trump administration. He also serves as a commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. (source)

Many Evangelical leaders have referred to Trump as both a “Christian” and one who is “chosen” by God, as though he was something of a new king “Cyrus” (to use their words exactly). Therefore, one can only conclude that it is completely reasonable to call Trump ‘God’s chosen Christian’, in the same way that because St. Mary is the Mother of Jesus and Jesus is God, therefore St. Mary is accurately called the Mother of God.

However, Trump has been anything but Christian. This is a man who fornicates with porn whores and married women and brags about it, was given possibly the best opportunity in American history to make serious changes in American society for the better and completely blew it, and is the same man who has done all he can to advance the agenda of the Israeli lobby while turning the Presidency into a cheap reality show as he mocks his own constituents.

Obama was not good. Bush II was not good. Clinton was not good. Bush I was not good. Reagan was not good. But of all of them, Trump is the biggest failure because while being in a difficult situation, he had the most potential and has mostly chosen, even in spite of the good things he has done (something which can be said of all the previously mentioned presidents, for there is no such thing as a president who is all evil and does no good at all since presidents are human beings who get dressed in the morning the same way that all others do), Trump has fundamentally worsened the state of the nation by his actions and is setting up for a serious- and dangerous -Democrat 2024 victory that WILL likely lead to Sovietesque laws and views being fixed upon the society, if not then than in the next two decades.

But I must say, once again, that it is the sodomite agenda that takes the top spot for his activity.

For one who wears the rosary with a metal of St. Benedict, there is often a little saying that accompanies the metal as well as an abbreviated copy of the rule of St. Benedict. It says

Morals are the foundation upon which a country rises to great heights. Take away morals, and countries, leaders, and individuals fall. (source)

This is what concerns me so much, and what also should be of such concern for Christians.

Trump is a morally failed man who continues to embrace and boast of his persistence in failure as though it was a sign of social righteousness, and in a time of extreme corruption, it is a sign of social acceptance. That said, it does not change the nature of the act just as a law against gravity does not release one from the effects of it, for one can deny the existence of gravity, but one will still fall to his death if he jumps from a high building because of the effects of gravity.

One may debate about Trump and keeping his promise to “build the wall” by various form of rhetorical sophistry. The same can be said about many of his actions and claims. But if there is anything, just one thing, that one cannot debate about when it comes to Trump, it is his absolute embrace of the sodomite agenda and how it is on his administration that he has gone around the world- far more than under all eight years of Obama -and is demanding that countries bend over in submission and open the way for the sodomite agenda to be forced into them.

This is not the action of a Christian at all. Trump was arguably never a Christian. In fact, there is far more evidence that if anything, Trump is a Jew because if questions about his family relations are not enough as well as his many associations with persons in major positions of power and who do evil things who are also Jewish, to reference the statement of Otto Weninger, Trump holds to the same philosophies of post-Christ Judaism, noting that Judaism can be either both or one of a tribal affiliation or a way of thinking, and as such Trump values worldliness, power, money, and his own interests and those of his associates over any promises that he makes. Ethnicity, while important, is less important than the philosophy, because it is out of a philosophy that a man acts and paralleling the words of Christ in the New Testament, it is out of the mouth that the heart speaks.

There is so much criticism of how Pope Francis associates in the worst way with people tied to sodom and will remain questionably silent in the face of too much evidence or activity that suggests a support of sodom. This is not good and needs to be pointed out. Yet when ‘God’s chosen Christian’ President Trump attempts to use his political position- the leader of the world’s most powerful nation in history -to force mostly poor nations with lots of Christians to accept sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance and are some of the most evil things a man can do and which called down the wrath of God upon those wicked places by fire from Heaven as a sign for all times, what does that say about Trump?

Even if one wants to be a sodomite in the worst way in the US, why does the leader of the same country have to make others accept his particular form of anal masturbation? I am aware and have discussed this reason and why sodomites act in such a way, but it is to pose the question because from a political viewpoint, it does not make sense to do this to others so far away unless one has not merely a political aim, but also an evangelical desire to spread a religious philosophy- the religion of sodom -just a Christian missionaries spread Christianity.

This is the great irony that the nation faces. American Christians- many of them Evangelicals -voted for Trump to rightly give him a chance, and one cannot deny that Trump had a special opportunity under the conditions. He was given his chance, and he proved himself to be a failure, and now he is marketing himself to the world not just as the leader of the US, but as practically and ambassador and evangelist for sodom, yet so many of the same Christians are supporting him.

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