Headquarters Of “Comedy” Group Who Mocked Jesus On Christmas Firebombed By Members Of Contemporary Brazilian Organization That Supports Fascism And National Socialism

A “comedy” troupe that recently announced a “gay Jesus” show in the days before Christmas has had their headquarters attacked by firebombs from the Braziliian fascist group Frente Integralista Brasileira, which is described as a modern variant of the Brazilian Integralist movement of the 1930s:

Three hooded men who claim to be from the “Nationalist Popular Insurgency Fundamentalist Command of the Brazilian Family” recorded a video, which began to be posted on social media on Wednesday, December 25th, claiming responsibility for the bomb attack against the ‘Porta dos Fundos’ production company. (source)

The video of the attack is here:

The Integralist movement was founded by Plinio Salgado in 1932. He was a contemporary of Plinio Correa de Oliveira, the founder of the Brazilian Catholic group Tradition-Family-Property, known as the TFP

The TFP has come under criticism from Catholics as well as has been investigated by the Vatican for functioning as a cult. Shoebat.com has noted how as far back as 1979, American intelligence reports sent by cable from TFP headquarters in Sao Paulo reveal that the TFP receives “large scale financial support from a number of Conservative Sao Paulo businessmen,” is “well off financially,” and has a “paramilitary section where members receive training in handling firearms, automatic weapons, and “anti-guerrilla” tactics.” Further investigation exposes that the TFP worked directly with the infamous Israeli arms dealer Yair Klein, who has a history of arming and training far-right paramilitary groups, including the infamous right-wing death squads in Colombia during the 1980s. If that was not bad enough, at least one TFP member, Jaime Guzman, was the leading ideologue for the infamous Pinochet regime of Chile. Given how the TFP was noted in CIA documents since 1975 as a group which the CIA proposed working with as a force against Communism, and how the TFP met with the head of the CIA in 1986 and presented a report to him, and knowing the history of how the CIA has either formed or worked with various right-wing groups to promote Nationalism, Ultra-nationalism, and National Socialism as a hedge against the influence of the International Socialism being promoted by the USSR, one must be immediately suspicious of such events that took place in Brazil. 

Alexander Tschugguel, the “Pachamama dunker”, claims in his interviews to have been a member of the TFP since he was sixteen, and Shoebat.com has written not simply the sole major criticism of him in the Catholic world, but when he called us up and threatened to sue us, we responded by asking him a series of questions to clarify our understanding. One of those questions was if Tschugguel supports the Identitaritaet Bewegung Oesterreich (IBO), which was founded by the National Socialist Martin Sellner and promotes syncretism between Paganism and Christianity, and Tschugguel responded by saying that he “does not have to answer that question.”

Now while we have listed our criticism of the TFP, in fairness to them, the Catholic writer Roberto de Mattei has noted that de Oliveira, while being staunchly anti-Communist, has also said:

Catholics should be anticommunist, anti-Nazi, anti-liberal, anti-socialist, anti-masonic, etc…simply because they are Catholics. (source)

While he was a contemporary of Salgado, who was a fellow Catholic, de Oliveira criticized Salgado’s Integralist movement and called it a “false right” because

Integralism, then, is neither Catholic nor anti-Catholic. It is theist, viewing all religions through a supposedly neutral prism. (source)

It is worth noting that our full criticisms of the TFP and Tschugguel are not and never have been intended to slander the good name or work of anybody, but to present a balanced view that is often times lacking, for one needs to see the good, bad, and ugly in any situation as this is the only way that one can uncover the truth in a world where it is difficult to ascertain what the truth is.

The Integralist movement is highly dangerous because it has a history of openly supporting Italian fascism a-la the kind instituted by Mussolini during his reign in Italy during the Second World War as well as during the 1964 coup in Brazil, thus while claiming to be Catholic, holds to the exact opposition position which Pope Pius XII warned against in his monumental encyclical, Mit Brennender Sorge, which condemned the heresies of Nazism. She also openly associates with National Socialism through her use of the Greek “sigma” letter on her flag, which was used by the National Socialists in variant forms, including in the “sigma” shape, to represent the “sowilo” letter-S rune in National Socialist pagan witchery. It would be an “s” for “socialism” (National Socialism), “s” for the “sun” as in the “Black sun” and other solar emblems, an “s” for victory, and doubled as an “SS” for the infamous Nazi Schutzstaffel. As the author Rex Curry described it,

The “S” symbolism for “socialism” was adopted by the Brazilian Integralist Action (Acao Integralista Brasilieira or AIB) [ed: the group who did the attack] in a unique manner: with an uppercase sigma in its center, instead of a swastika. The meaning of the AIB symbol has been overlooked because the Greek letter sigma resembles the English and German letter “E”. However, the Greek letter sigma corresponds to the English and German letter “S”. There were two main versions of the Greek letter sigma in ancient history. One version of the Greek letter sigma was the AIB’s “E” shaped symbol, and the other was the “S” shaped symbol that is also describes as a lightning bolt rune-shape. In Germany under the NSGWP (and still today worldwide), the “S” shapes used int he swastika, the SS division and other uses were known as “siegs” or the “sieg rune,” and the name is derived from the Greek word “sigma.” “Sieg” is also a word in German and was used under the NSGWP as part of its robotic chanting of “Sieg Heil” to its swastika flag, and to its leader with the stiff-arm salute. (source)

What appears to be happening here is the application of a “strategy of tension” between left and right.

This is something that has commonly taken place before, even to the point where it is suspicious that events are set up in order to generate public interest to cause a reaction.

Consider for example the coverage by Shoebat.com of Mila Odegova, a Russian Orthodox woman who with Dmitry “Enteo” Tsorionov confronted a blasphemous artwork display and destroyed it. This happened in 2016, and Mila is still going through legal proceedings concerning it, while Tsorionov was set free and even went on to date Maria Alyokhina of the infamous and blasphemous band “Pussy Riot”.

Now, we cannot be sure of everything, but the fact that Odegova is still enmeshed in a legal mess while Tsorionov, the supposedly “orthodox” man who organized the attack at said event, was set free and is now dating an openly anti-Christian blasphemer, strongly suggests that both he and Alyokhina are just actors, likely some form or tied to in some way with military intelligence, in creating a “strategy of tension” in order to manipulate the public.

In 1869, Pope Pius IX excommunicated the Fenian Brotherhood, and Irish revolutionary group which was founded in the USA and supported a socialist-like approach to government which is partially said to have inspired the Integralist movement of Salgado during the 1930s. While the original Integralist movement was disbanded, it has lived on by changing forms with different groups under different names.

The intentional firebombing of a building which serves as the place for hosting such a well-advertised and openly blasphemous TV show from a group with direct ties to National Socialism and claiming to be “defenders” of God and country, while wearing masks during their broadcast, is almost impossible to deny it is a strategy of tension, and it will be important to see what the political repercussions from this might become at a time when nationalism, racism, and all forms of political beliefs associated with the far-right are returning to public prominence again.

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