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Being Gay Is Not A Right

Theodore Shoebat on why being gay is not a right, and why the homosexual agenda needs to be band in America. It is way too dangerous to be tolerated, contrary to the Bible, and is endeavoring for the entire destruction of civilization. It is against the natural order, and therefore does not have any natural […]

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Mursi's Wife: Provided Sisterhood resources to Hillary?

Mursi’s wife (Huma’s Mama’s colleague) Leads Protests

As if you needed another reason why the Barack Obama administration and its emissaries – John McCain and Lindsey Graham – want Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders released. As we reported last year, the mother-in-law of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is a close colleague of Mohammed Mursi’s wife. Both women were discovered to […]

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‘Persecuted’ Syrian Rebels Slaughter 120 Children

If you ever want to see an example of propaganda, just watch any Democratic or RINO politician in America talk about the Syrian rebels. Those politicians ignore the persecution of Christians and they ignore stories like this. Via FNA: According to al-Alam, terrorists attacked villages in Tal Abyad, near al-Hasakah governorate, killing civilians including women […]

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