The Future War Between Christians And Muslims Is Coming

The future war between Christians and Muslims is coming. It is being foreshadowed by the many battles that have occurred between Christians and Muslims in Central Africa and Nigeria, and the tensions between Russian Orthodox Christians and Muslim Turks. All of these are signs that the tensions and numerous instances of violence will result in a full scale war, no, a Crusade.

Here is an interview of Theodore Shoebat discussing this war with Michael Voris of Church Militant TV:



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  • Excellent work. And Voris is a decent man. But it’s disturbing to see that you’ve been blocked on Facebook…

  • Proudvet56

    It just proves how useless the pacifist is to the body of Christ, and come judgment the lord will say to them away from me I do not know you. It is clear who will not enter the kingdom, and cowards are one of the groups. Again Ted, great piece.

  • tahoevalleylines

    We Christians are still allowed to apply self defense, at our discretion. Christ himself said this at Gethsemane. There were weapons in the group of Disciples.

    Part of passive preparation includes believers looking at scripture like Daniel 4: v-15 and recognizing America under judgement. If a “Great Tree” be America, then “Bands of Iron” securing the tree from complete destruction must be railways straight from Lincoln’s strategic vision.

    Courage to build things needed in time of travail is not far off from Joseph’s mandate to store food as famine hedge. In fact, America should do necessary engineering to recharge aquifers (NAWAPA) so breadbasket states can play a role in a coming worldwide famine as clearly described in Revelation.

    Respectfully, Mr. Shoebat…. this is from an old timer decades longer in the Scriptures than you! My tutoring on Islam began with WWII OSS vets (North Africa 1941-1944) who saw uncanny parallel between Qur’an and MEIN KAMPF!

  • shoebat


    Quite the best assessment of who we are. We also make mistakes like everyone else on this planet. We strive to tell the truth and hope we can make a dent against evil, thats all. God bless you Raphael. Walid.

  • shoebat

    And if I say “So, Branden is a joker now” would that be a correct assessment?

  • shoebat

    Body language is the most popular way Americans judge, but it is also the worst method for this is how you at times elect your politicians.

  • shoebat

    ZW, sure there are many Muslims who are kind and peace loving, but this is not a result of Islam, its despite of it.

  • AnthonyM

    The Old Testament said ‘there is a time to kill, and a time to heal’. And the New Testament Jesus also acknowledges the legitimate use of force, telling the apostles, “let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy one” (Luke 22:36). There is such a thing as a just war. What is your solution if someone is going to behead your wife and children in front of you? Are you going to recite the Bismilla?

  • Horge Elgator Rodriguez

    God has given you the authority to explain what is happening; you must tell the western leaders who will listen to you but don,t expect the President to.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I recall he told him to put in back into the sheath, which I interpret, save it for later.

  • AnthonyM

    Right, I’ll remember that.