Persecution Of Christians Has Began In America As A Christian School Teacher Faces Punishment For Telling The Truth About Islam In One School In Good Old Texas

By Walid Shoebat

A Houston-area high school teacher is facing punishment from his school district for handing out material in a class that warned about Islam:

As Franklin Graham correctly revealed, that persecution of Christians is coming to America, the eight page document can be read here, it is factual and truthful:

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Christians should be outraged, that a Christian teacher cannot teach the truth and warn the little ones of the dangers they face. The 8 page document is not only accurate factually and historically, it is mild in comparison to other research done by historians and the current situation we find in these Muslim countries.  This is the time to show courage in the face of this type of tyranny “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:10). urges everyone to write or call the principle and voice your view:

Gene Tomas
4400 FM 723
Richmond, TX 77406
Phone: (832)223-3800


  • Marco Vincent

    Arrested for telling the TRUTH ? An undeniable truth that is widely available on the Internet. Talk about some overkill reaction. PC has definitely getting out of hand.

    • Grandmere

      The truth. “They can’t handle the truth!”. Every parent should be thanking that teacher for giving them a freaking clue about what’s about to come down in their community. I hope their are a few kids who will rage against the machine and start to think for themselves.

      • Betty

        That’s what it will take Grandmere, the kids standing up and not panic when CAIR snorts. Prayers for TX.

        • Marco Vincent

          Dont mess with Texas.
          If I’m a foreigner or an immigrant in the US, I shall reaaaly heed that words.

          • Betty

            Where did you go?

      • Marco Vincent

        Rage against the machine? ………the band?….haha..of course I understand what you meant, I’m just teasing you.
        Smile before smile is forbidden.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      To modernists, societal/moral truth is relative, therefore, there exists no real Truth.

      • Marco Vincent

        Okay, you sound just like a lawyer .HAHAHA. Truth is RELATIVE to the eye of the beholder.

  • Betty

    Yes, I just took your advice and called and actually got to speak with Mr. Gene Tomas, Principal of the Richmond,TX high school, Houston area and said to him,
    “I’m glad that teacher sent those 8 pages home with the kids about Muslim beliefs…God bless you sir, please let truth stand, sir.” He thanked me.
    I will write a letter, too. Newspapers used to figure ( I worked for one ) for every letter that people sent, that represented 40 people that did not write.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Good job Betty!

    • Marco Vincent

      Good Job, Very Good Job. Throw in some support and it will soon snowballed into a huge movement.

    • Joseph

      Uhhh…Betty…if you read Walid’s comments and actually watch the news report, the principal did NOT support the teacher sending the materials home. He explicitly said he did NOT agree with what the teacher did and that the teacher would be disciplined. He may have thanked you on the phone, if you even called him, for saying “God Bless you, Sir”, but you have completely misunderstood the point of this blog post by Walid, as have Julie and Marco also, apparently. Walid’s point was to call the principal and complain about the treatment of this teacher, not to commend the principal. How was that hard to see? Betty, Julie, and Marco: go back to sleep.

      • Betty

        Joseph, sir, you improperly interpreted my statements. I defended the teacher sending home those 8 pages with the kids and asked the Principal “let the truth stand.”
        Asking God to bless a principal in authority over children is asking God to help him make the right decisions. He’s probably pretty scared.

        I also wrote him a letter and it’s in the mail, who’s asleep?

      • j7h

        Um, I think you misunderstood Betty, and therefore Julie and Marco. They understood what the article said, and they also understood what Betty said. Betty didn’t call the principle to commend him but to take a stand in defense of that teacher. Saying God bless you to the principal is just a formality and to be gracious to the principal, regardless of his personal views. If you want your voice to be heard in a circumstance like this, you show respect and graciousness to the person you’re talking to. I’m also writing that principal and will myself be gracious in my speech but make my position without compromise.

        • Betty

          Thanks j7h.

          • j7h

            You got it, sister. I think Joseph is a good guy, he just misunderstood.

      • Julie LaBrecque

        I think you misunderstood us – Walid said to let the Principal know your view.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Ever since Obama……..All things Christian and reasonable in OUR America are being Hi Jacked! It’s sickening already!

  • Alwyn,

    I will be glad to take articles and publish them by request from the author. Are you the author?

  • Betty

    Thanks, Phil aka Felipe.

  • Cody Baker

    Well.. one can only blame Obama for what is happening to the school teacher… He brought them here… he praises their faith while denying the Christian faith… How Congress sits with their thumb up their rear is something I will never understand… they do nothing to him… knowing all the things he does

  • Higlac

    Too many hippies (now yuppies) migrating all over the place, compounded with Obama’s strategically locating Moslem colonisers so as to bog down any resisters while he arms those colonisers and leftists.

    The USA – together with the rest of the West – will be VERY SOON facing civil war which will require as part thereof an absolute genocide of those Moslem “immigrants” as well as their Marxist allies. It will mean LOTS of bloodshed, lest otherwise ALL of the rest of us will be swamped and annihilated. We can and should pray that Christ Intervenes; however, it’s ours to save ourselves and our loved ones in the meantime…

  • j7h

    LOL! Those poor things have no idea that they’ll be on the shocked end on judgment day. People these days are so deceived about what Christianity really means. I feel sorry for them. But at the same time, you’re better off without them.

  • j7h

    I love your name. So cute. Good job! We need more to do the same.

  • j7h

    I know. That really gets me, too.

  • Higlac

    And everything Marxist likewise, especially relative to philosophy or anything else that encourages anti-Christian thinking!!!

    It’s Marxism (Communism) and Islam which BOTH are responsible for our near-catastrophic plight – if we don’t fight back, they’ll win and together destroy ALL life on this planet!!!! MARANATHA!!!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    I remember you telling the story, truly sad.

  • Frankedl

    How long do you think they’ll hold out before they start getting on each others nerves?

    • Higlac

      You mean that husband-and-wife couple who so maltreated me? I’ve no idea, and I’m not interested in any bets. [The wife was once previously married and had left who supposedly was less than adequate as a husband – God Knows how much of the truth was she telling, if any.]

      Either way, after having survived for 21 months without them, I’m definitely at peace with it – as it was, when they issued their ultimatum telling me “their way or the highway – your choice!”, I had to tell them off as the Commies that in their hearts they truly are. Here’s hoping I never cross paths with them, especially that wife… [How ironic that her parents are devout Protestant Christians who’re church pillars.]

  • Betty

    Possibly, you can try.

    Mr. Gene Tomas, Principal
    4400 FM 723
    Richmond, Texas, USA 77406

    [email protected]

    PH. (732) 223-3800.