Leaked Jihadist Text Book Teaches ISIS Terrorists How To Infiltrate America, And How To Disguise Oneself As An American, In Order To Slaughter Americans

By Theodore Shoebat

A leaked jihadist text book teaches ISIS terrorists how to filtrate America and other Western nations by disguising oneself as an Westerner, in order to slaughter Americans and other Westerners. According to one report:

A detailed Islamic State “secret agent” training manual has been distributed on the Internet and is designed to provide prospective ISIS supporters in Western nations with ways to disguise themselves and their motives when trying to plan and carrying out “lone wolf” attacks and espionage missions.

The 71-page e-book, which was originally published in March and has recently resurfaced on the Internet, includes wide-ranging suggestions for the group’s radicalized sympathizers in the West who are looking to make significant contributions to the terror group’s jihad, Radio Free Europe reported.

The ebook, which contains 11 chapters, advises extremists in the west not to show any signs that they’re devout Muslims so that they do not raise suspicion from national and local law enforcement agencies.

The book’s first chapter, titled “Hiding the Extremist Identity,” tells extremists in the West not to grow their beard out, if they haven’t already, which is contradictory to the law the group enforces inside its caliphate. But if supporters have grown their beards out, they are advised not to shave their beard completely because that would drive suspicion from friends and family. The book instead suggests that supporters should trim their beards into fashionable goatees to fit in better with society.

For female jihadis, the book advises them not to wear black hijabs and suggests that they wear colored hijabs, because women wearing black hijabs are more likely to be searched in an airport.

The e-book continues by offering advice on how jihadis in the West can disguise their communications. It suggests that if supporters need to communicate over the phone or Internet, it’s important for them to use codewords in order to throw off authorities. If the sympathizers are communicating by letter, they should write in lemon juice, which the recipient can read by warming up the paper.

The book suggests in Chapter 2, “Disguise,” that ISIS supporters should change their Muslim names to something more Western and should act more friendly to help increase the chance that they get some kind of inside government job that will help them carry out their espionage objectives. For instance, a supporter named “Ali” should change his name to “Al.”

“People with Islamic names get less jobs than those with [Western] names. This alias might be important if you need an important position in a specific job, i.e. Mujahideen send people to work in power plants or enemy governmental positions to spy on and leak reports to the Islamic State leadership (as double agents),” the Middle East Media Research Institute quoted the book as stating.

“Making yourself look more friendly and open minded to the Western public, for example: Muslims who call themselves by a Western nickname gain more acceptances by their non-Muslim colleagues.”

In the third chapter, the guide advises Western sympathizers on how to illegally get money so that they can help finance the terror organization or finance their migration to the caliphate.

“If you are an expert in credit card fraud, Paypal/Ebay scams, phishing, [or] hacking, or you know the secret of a big company, then take advantage of your skills. If you can claim extra benefits from a government, then do so. If you can avoid paying taxes, then do so,” the e-book suggests. “There is a report that a Muslim accountant ‘took’ $50 million from his boss and fled to the Islamic State. Other Muslims ‘borrowed’ a loan as maximum as they could and used it to emigrate to the Islamic State. Another Muslim hacked some Israeli credit cards and used the money to go to the Islamic State.”

The book states in Chapter 5 that it’s important for jihadis to exercise. It explains that jihadis in Iraq and Syria jog in the mountains for a few hours every morning before breakfast to stay in shape and build stamina. It encouraged Western jihadis to hit the gym or a treadmill.

The book gets very detailed in Chapter 8, which is titled “Bomb-Making at Home.” The chapter teaches supporters how to make six different types of deadly homemade explosives, such as nail bombs, Molotov cocktails, microwave airbag bombs, gas canister bombs, remote controlled bombs and car bombs.

The chapter also discusses how to use mobile phones as bomb detonators.

As an example of what kind of impact homemade bombs can have, the e-book states that the Boston Marathon bombers in April of 2013 used a microwave bomb, which killed three people and left over 170 injured.

“When the microwave was on, it would heat up the airbags or aerosol cans. The airbags or aerosol cans would explode due to the intensity of the heat and pressure, forcing the microwave door to open forcefully,” the e-book explains. “The nails/sharp rocks etc., in the microwave would come flying out of the microwave in the direction of the target.”

The e-book assured that just because ISIS sympathizers are not full fledged members of the caliphate, that doesn’t mean that they are not entitled to carry out attacks in the name of jihad.

The guide encouraged more “lone wolf” attacks in Western nations, such as the attack carried out by gunmen on a Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas earlier this month, which ISIS claimed responsibility for.

In the final chapters, the book discusses what jihadis are supposed to do when their homes get raided by authorities and how they can escape their countries to migrate to the Islamic State. The e-book states that there are numerous places of refuge for Muslims to take safety in throughout the world, not just in Iraq or Syria.

“Now that the Islamic State has been established in the Muslim world, believers can celebrate, because we are living in a unique time in history,” the manual asserts. “Muslims can now do an act of terrorism and escape the country secretly and find places of refuge in the world. … So if the Muslim finds it hard to flee to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria through Turkey, he can escape to the Islamic State in Libya, or Khorasan [Waziristan in Pakistan], or in Nigeria [under Boko Haram territory.]”



  • OrthodoxAmerican2015

    And yet, we Americans are so paranoid about our ‘freedoms’, when people who abuse those ‘freedoms’ will use them to destroy or conquer the rest of us.

  • Delta Rain

    Well, ain’t that a handy little How-to book? Almost mimics ‘dirty tricks of the CIA’ …

    • OrthodoxAmerican2015

      It does indeed. ‘Blowback’ was so hard from the moral compromises and ‘deals with the Devil’ that Islamists are basically calling the shots, having been trained and read from the coach’s playbook themselves.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    I think we can cry and shout all we like, if it’s God’s judgment, it’s God judgment.. so many think End Times is here… not sure about that as the US hasn’t suffered what France and Russia did WITH TENS UPON TENS OF MILLIONS OF DEATHS (and the virtual wiping out the French and Russian Clergy, history and geography being a huge failure for most Americans)…. think a real Civil War not the one you had between the North & the South… this is more of the French & Russian Revolution type.. and your Leftists want an Islamo-Leftist Sharia Government!

  • Marko

    Come on what infiltration? They are only coming home to their founders .You reap as you sow.Wake up American people and ask yourself what kind of country you live in and who controls it ?Once you have been a beacon of light to the world and now ?Your allies you have turned into enemies and enemies into “friends” .If you really want to stop these monsters stop your government first ,take the reins in your hands otherwise, stop whining . When the killing starts in America you can blame only yourself because you did not do anything .Get up from your chairs and change something before it’s too late!This is not a message of hate I have many friends in America and I am deeply concerned for them .But come on open your eyes “ISIS made in USA” .

    • OrthodoxAmerican2015

      Unfortunately true, the ‘chickens come home to roost’.

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      NOT TO MENTION KOSOVO BEING THE BLUE-PRINT FOR THE IRAQ WAR INVASION AS IT TOO WAS WITHOUT INTERNATIONAL APPROVAL — I REPENT!!! I SUPPORTED THE IRAQ WAR BUT I REPENT!!! (Sadly the US Still hasn’t Said “SORRY” EVEN FOR IRAQ… they thought no Christians were there (like me). Some EVEN STILL THINK it was Just and Can’t Beieve NO WMDs!! (too proud to say sorry and repent — they’ll see when they face God)

      And Still Going on About Removing al-Assad and wanting a Russia-Nuclear War. (This is not to mention supporting and exporting domestically and internationally ABORTION, GAY MARRIAGE AND HOMOSEXUALITY.)

      God bless you in the name of Christ Our Redeemer.

      • Marko

        I wish the US government finished with Kosovo and bombing but they still continue to destroy my country with homosexual agenda ,muslim agenda, economic destruction , forced vaccination with who knows what ,Monsanto ,even brought here Mormons and Scientology .Not to mention that they bombed my country with depleted uranium . But in spite of all I do not blame and hate American people I hope that they will wake up and take the matters into their own hands so that we can be allies as we always were . We do not need an apology we need
        help from our Christian brothers in the United States .And with God’s help it will be so !

        • Willing to die for Jesus

          I wish I was as Christian as you — many of us think the US is ALREADY IN GOD’S JUDGMENT (for all the evils spoken about domestic and foreign policy, spreading abortion, gay agenda, Muslim agenda, etc) — Muslims are taking over the US, they have reaped what they have sown, the Muslim brotherhood has taken over the White House, the US has a Black gay Communist Muslim occupier in the US and the American Churches are to blame!

          I just pray NO NUCLEAR WAR because of idiots who want a Russia War! DOWN WITH THE USA!!! The quicker it is subjected the safer the world

          You might find this interesting: (I used to be Pro-US, now not even a little – and like my fellow Australians see the US AS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO WORLD PRACE)… God bless you in Christ our Redeemer.


          Here Is the Country That Was Named the Biggest Threat to World Peace

          With all the recent acts of terror carried out by ISIS, world peace rests squarely on most of our minds.

          However, when people around the world were asked which country they see as the greatest threat to world peace, guess what they said?

          They said it was America:

          This poll, whose results were announced at the start of 2014, was conducted byWin/Gallup and questioned nearly 66,000 people in 68 countries.

          As you can see in the map above, most countries — even allies like Australia — chose America as the greatest threat to world peace.

          All told, 24 percent of worldwide respondents chose America as the greatest threat to world peace. Coming in second, with a whopping 8 percent, was Pakistan.

    • Willing to die for Jesus

      FOR THE US “LEADER OF THE WEST” and CONSTANT BELLIGERENT “HEAD OF NATO — Hiding behind it via a “Coalition of the Willing”:

      “To whomever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked.” (Luke 12:48)

    • OrthodoxAmerican2015

      The Russian Orthodox st. Ignatius once said that; “What began in America will end there”, in reference to the Revolution… For it is one Revolution isn’t it? Starting with the Rebel Archangel Lucifer. But what is the object? For you and me Marko, I can say that the object is the destruction of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Christ, which is the Orthodoxy. And, the destruction of the Children of Israel, not only the Kingdom of Judah, apostates from Christ though they are, but also those who were exiled by the Assyrians, and who are the 10 tribes of Israel, which I believe to be the Slavic peoples. Therefore, all these moves which the secret power of the world makes are made to accomplish these goals, for the Lost Tribes are in prophesy to help accomplish Antichrist’s destruction.

    • OrthodoxAmerican2015

      This captures too the proper Orthodox Christian attitude to these scums;


      • Marko

        You know what the skull and black flag mean?

        • OrthodoxAmerican2015

          I figured it was a ‘Chetnik’ Serb thing, relating to ‘Orthodoxy or Death’ lettered around the skulls, is that right? Forgive and enlighten if it is not.

          In Christ,


          • Marko

            Similar flag in addition to Chetniks is also used by Cossacks and the Greeks .Skull means self sacrifice (Golgotha) .Black flag means no surrender . Cross on the top represents death and resurrection (rebirth) .Such flag is only used in close combat .

          • OrthodoxAmerican2015

            Thank you Marko my brother for that explanation! We Orthodox I think are the real ‘Church Militant’; this life is a spiritual combat, which frequently results in a earthly combat too. We must look to our Saints and our Heroes, Chetniks, Cossacks, Kynaz and Voivodes, like one of my other Orthodox Heroes;


            Hard times for Christendom at the hands of our ancient enemies, calls for hard men

          • Marko

            No problem my pleasure.I forgot about three swords with crosses meaning Holy Trinity (the truth) .God bless you brother, we’re here to learn from each other .

          • OrthodoxAmerican2015

            And I have learned from you and your people too, thank you! I honor Serbians for coming to Russia’s aid recently also, there are those of us who still know what honor is. And Marko; I know we have an enemy in Islam, the open enemy. But I have not forgotten where and who the other enemy is, the hidden enemy…. And their ‘Nemec’ Dog on a leash, that snaps at Sorbs and Serbs alike for ages. It is like this, I learned Orthodoxy from Kossovo, without realizing it, and when I understood Kossovo, everything else made sense and fell into place.

            God bless, and may we always remember the ‘field of blackbirds’, where an earthly kingdom was exchanged for a heavenly one, a sacred field!

            In Christ,


          • OrthodoxAmerican2015

            I added a link to my earlier post, and i’m going to add a couple to this Marko;



          • Marko

            I know the same thing happened in WW1 ,WW2 and in Kosovo field 1389.when they sold us to Turks I have not forgotten that enemy .Not to mention their propaganda about us Slavs .Vatican is a bigger enemy to us Orthodox Slavs than Islam .And many times in history they have worked together as allies to destroy us .Strong Russia to all Slavs and Orthodox brings freedom.

          • OrthodoxAmerican2015

            Glory to Holy Rus! Glory to Holy Serbia!

  • Andy Holland

    Power plants, specifically nuclear ones, concern me. Hopefully they are idiots.

  • Willing to die for Jesus
  • knight

    If I was a terrorist I would hit at the heart of most Americans. I will not say what it is as I would hate to give them ideas

  • Inform&ShareFar&Wide

    WATCH VIDEO: Michael Savage: CIVIL WAR Is Coming To USA. The Psychotic Usurper AKA Obama Has DECLARED WAR On The USA People & On The USA!

    U.S. Law Enforcement & U.S. Military First Immediately Arrest, Charge, Imprison, & Put On Public Trial The Usurper AKA Obama For Committing His DAILY Long Train Of DAILY High Crimes, Frauds, Felonies & High Treason’s!!

    After Doing This, Second, Impeach The Usurper AKA Obama, Or Usurper Obama’s Satanic, Illegal, & Evil Agenda’s Will Kill ALL Of Us, Unless The Usurper AKA Obama Is Arrested & Removed Out Of The USA People’s White House. Obama’s High Crimes & High Treason’s & War Against The USA That Obama Is Waging Against We The People Will Overthrow The USA Gov & Will Genocide We The American People, Unless The Usurper AKA Obama Is Immediately Arrested & Charged & Removed Out Of Our US Gov Immediately!!