Donald Trump Is Going To Crush Hilary Clinton, And He Should Emulate Netanyahu In Order To Win The Presidency

By Walid Shoebat

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Adolf Hitler initially had no intention of massacring European Jewry. It is a brilliant card to play to link Islamists with Nazism. Most of the world does not know this but he is correct. But this issue should be something for Donald Trump to bring up when he debates Hillary Clinton for U.S. presidency. 

In a speech to delegates at the 37th World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on Tuesday, the premier claimed that Hitler’s original intentions were solely to expel the Jews.

Netanyahu made the claim as part of an effort to illustrate the Palestinian propensity to use the holy places in Jerusalem as pretexts for committing acts of violence against Jews.

Netanyahu talked about attacks on the Jewish community in 1920, 1921, 1929, were instigated by a call of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, who was later sought for war crimes in the Nuremberg trials because he had a central role in fomenting the final solution,” the premier said. “He flew to Berlin. Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. And Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here.’ ‘So what should I do with them?’ he asked. He said, ‘Burn them’.”

Lest the record of history forget, Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini was a family associate of mine and the current Mufti of Ramallah, Ibrahim Shoebat is my first cousin and next in line to take the same position of where Haj Amin Al-Husseni was: Mufti of Palestine.

Islam is what played the major role in the liquidation of the Jews. It was from the Muslim Ottomans that the Nazis learned how to load mass numbers in a train carts to be shipped for extermination. The Ottomans massacred the Armenians in this way. Hillary Clinton said that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US “opens a door that is a very dangerous one to go through.” This is the same Hillary Clinton who for years flip-flopped to recognize the Genocide as ‘President of the United States’. All Trump has to do is tweet this.

It was Hitler, Haj Amin’s buddy who once said: “You see, it’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why didn’t we have the religion of the Japanese, who regard sacrifice for the Fatherland as the highest good? The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness….” (Quoted from Albert Speer’s memoirs)

This Nazi Muslim Brotherhood link is not only history but Hillary’s aid Huma Abedin has her family reeking in association with the same source from which Haj Amin Al-Husseini came: the Muslim Brotherhood. The history of the Abedin name has a very real connection to Hitler, with only two degrees of separation through Haj Amin al-Husseini – the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WWII – and Hassan al-Banna – the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. The former was a colleague of Muhammad Sabri Abedin and the latter’s secretary was Abdul Hakim Abedin. Both are confirmed relatives of Sisterhood member, Saleha Abedin, Huma Abedin’s mother. The connections of Hilary’s aid Huma Abedin and her family to the Muslim Brotherhood is immense.

It doesn’t end there as Saleha’s son, Hassan Abedin, also serves as a fellow (his name was removed after our work last year, but we kept all the evidence) on the board of the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) with Naseef, who is the chairman of the Board of Trustees there. Also serving as a trustee there was the aforementioned, Hitler-loving Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

This is not dead old history. Even the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas paid tribute to World War II era Hitler-supporting Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini the godfather of the Muslim Nazis.

The Third Reich provided the Mufti with a salary and appointed him Head of the Hanzar SS Division which recruited Nazi Muslims and implemented the genocide of 250,000 Serbs, Gypsies and Jews during WWII.

The Hanzar Division of Nazi Muslims was Hitler’s largest SS Division and was responsible for the genocide of Serbians, Gypsies and Jews. It lies at the root of today’s unrest in Serbia/Bosnia-Hercegovina/Croatia.


Hanzar Division of Muslim Nazis praying towards Mecca Saudi Arabia


In other words, the Obama Administration including Clinton for years were twisting Israel’s arm to make peace deals with Mahmoud Abbas is akin to asking the U.S. to accept skin-heads as a legitimate entity. When it comes to Nazism, Germany must pay and it should, but when it comes to the Muslims, the world is completely silent.

We are not ‘racist’ for comparing the Muslim Brotherhood to the Nazis (they were in bed together). Consider that Hassan al-Banna, the grandfather of Tariq Ramadan, the man whose ban on entry into the United States was lifted by Huma’s boss—Hillary Clinton. Ramadan’s grand father, Al-Banna, collaborated with my grandfather’s associate the Mufti who became the Muslim Brotherhood leader after the war. These people have not repented; they still take pride in their collaboration with the Nazis.

So when it comes to foreign policy and border defense, all Trump has to do is ask Hilary “what the hell were you doing?”

Many Muslim leaders still discuss how Hitler supposedly quoted the Quran, allegedly saying, “The hour is near, and the moon was rent asunder.” This Qur’anic quote was allegedly uttered so often by Hitler that Ayed Al-Qarni, one of the most respected Saudi Muslim theologians, remarked why Hitler had this Quranic quote engraved on the canons and tanks of the SS Army:

This is a reminder that the end of days has come and the hour is near when the Jews will be totally annihilated in accordance with Muslim Prophecy.

From Muslim scholars to historic references, Hitler is regarded as a hero. Objections to the love of Hitler do exist but they rarely escape passionately adamant refutations in great numbers. To Muslims it was obvious that Hitler complimented Islam because he was allied with the Ottoman Muslims. Their criticism of Hitler is simple. They ask as to why do we Arabs have to insist on our love of Hitler, just because he scrubbed away the Jews? Muhammad, then Omar after him, scrubbed them away in Jerusalem, long before Hitler.

In the Muslim world, equating Muhammad the prophet of Islam with Hitler is fiercely rejected, but to compliment Hitler for emulating Muhammad is vastly accepted.

The Mufti’s history stems from when in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood was created in Egypt under the leadership of a man named Hassan al-Banna. The Brotherhood was formed with one purpose in mind—to reestablish the Ottoman Empire by defeating the west in general and the United States in particular, through the implementation of a 100-year plan. Brotherhood anger was stoked even further with the defeat of Hitler in World War II. Hitler’s closest and most powerful Arab ally was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who would later become the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1945. My paternal grandfather, as chieftain of his village, was close personal friends with Husseini and welcomed him whenever the Brotherhood leader paid a visit to the village. Husseini was also a close colleague of al-Banna.

Historical evidence has long supported the notion that the founder of the counter-Zionist movement prior to World War Two was Haj Amin al-Husseini. During the war, he and Hitler allied. According to minutes from a 1941 meeting in Berlin, at which both al-Husseini and Hitler were present, the alliance would have been made public had the Nazis taken Moscow.

Palestinian leader admits the obvious.

Thanks to Israel, my first cousin, Ramallah’s Mufti Ibrahim Shoebat now runs The Palestinian Fatwa House, headed by Muhammad Hussein, the current Mufti of Jerusalem who now sends out a condemnation against Israel.





Donald Trump offered to relocate the Ground Zero Mosque. Little does he know that Mufti Shoebat (Ibrahim) closely works with Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the Ground Zero Mosque project. Thanks to a Jew who saved Ibrahim’s life, he had become a prominent figure in the community and in 2008, the Mufti met with Rauf to discuss a plan to Islamize the Americas with the Da’wa of Islam (call to Islam). Two of the Mufti’s brothers (my other cousins) were known terrorists. One being Raed Khalil Awadallah Shoebat killed by the Israelis while attempting to bomb innocent civilians in Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. His ‘martyrdom’ is listed in the official list of Martyrs of Bethlehem. His other brother Mahmud was released after a deal was brokered by the United Nations. The Mufti is no moderate Muslim and regularly marches in ‘martyrs’ precessions against the very Jews who saved his life.

Indeed, Mufti Haj Amin Husseni succeeded in causing the death of countless Jews who ended in the crematoria and constantly visited concentration camps in AuschwitzMajdanekTreblinka and Mauthausen to ensure the death of all Jews.

Could it be possible that Muftis are racist?

Allah forbid.

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    Here, take a look at the evil b*stards in question. This is the 13th Handschar Division of the Waffen SS. Notice the Islamic fez, instead of the normal patrol cap? And the scimitar on the collar.

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      Lots of Albanians and Bosniaks in the Handschar SS Division.

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          No I won’t tell you that because they don’t – but the premise of the organization is nefarious.

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            LOL … Albeit anyone who works with low IQ folks will realize they are easily programmed to fill the description – but they do not usually come that way. It takes a ‘village’ and usually a well-developed propaganda plan sponsored by a State-level actor to program them.

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            Or an education system as crappy as ours.

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            The real problem is high IQ folks with high status who think they are superior to the rest of us.

            A better question: Why do so many allegedly ‘high’ IQ folks believe the same baloney about other people (hating differences, racism, bigotry, supremacy, fill-in-the-blank-phobia, and a strong tendency to align with bloodthirsty political or religious cults?) that this satirist blames on ordinary low IQ folks?

            The answer is ‘Superstupidity.’ No it’s not just arrogance and conceit. Superstupid have a high IQ that actively participates in their own ignorance and stupidity. They force patterns onto evidence that isn’t there, and they filter out evidence that challenges their patterns. And their favorite argument techniques are all forms of projection. … These are the folks who invent hate-ideologies, and then blame others because some low IQ folks fall for their lies. They never bother to explain why it is always the high IQ folks whose arrogance, conceit, greed, narcissism, etc., encourages them to become the Useful Idiots working to destroy whatever positive elements of a culture or community happen to be laying around.

            Just sayin.

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            The problem is not their intellect, it is their morals…..they don’t have any, no thanks to modern society, which discourages such traits.

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            I.E. It is the schools. Not the low IQ.

            True – but why are their morals defective? Someone with a high IQ cooked up a plan. People with low IQ’s are generally pretty sweet. If left to their own devices their faults tend to run with a lack of planning, lack of foresight, and naivety. They may over-generalize after a traumatic experience, but to fit the description of the standard drone in a modern society someone has to program that into them.

            An excellent data point on this: People with learning disabilities who are incapable of learning the programming raised in our culture and with severely low IQ’s. I’ve personally observed dozens of folks in this category, and noted their complete lack of any of the qualities described by the filmmaker. If anything, they are too trusting and easily manipulated. True, if they can function in a school, they may be convinced to believe in some nonsense or another, but if they are not exposed to the nonsense, they do not exhibit the symptoms. That’s a big clue.

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            No, people with really low IQs tend to be violent….I mean, look at the Muslim world. True, Islam is a big part of that, but stupidity makes it worse. Look at the democrats, who want to murder anyone who disagrees with them. I don’t say this about all unintelligent people, but you can probably see what I mean.

            I have already stated why……they are raised that way. You can see those that are raised Christian are quite excellent.

          • Dan Knight

            Yes, I see what you mean. But remember the Lord’s admonitions about forgiveness. The greater fault lies with those who do the programming and teach violence to children. See Mt 18:3-6. Stupidity correlates with evil, but those who lie to the stupid bear the greater fault. How can we fault those who lack the capacity to understand they’ve been lied to? See Luke 23:34.

            Remember, it was ‘stupid’ and ‘naive’ followers of Christ who have always stood at the vanguard of truth, justice, mercy, charity, and compassion for others. For at least two plus centuries, the ‘intelligent’ and ‘wise’ have given themselves over to wickedness. They have concocted devilish plans to con people into following them. You are right: Stupidity has aided their plans, but who is at fault? Had the ‘stupid’ been programmed to be just plain folks, they likely would have done just fine. Also, as the experience in Germany taught us: The ‘intelligent’ children buy the lie just as easily, and they incorporate it deep into their ego.

            Intelligence only seems to help when grounded with a strong moral compass and/or an extremely broad, classical education. The former (morals) being far more effective than the latter.

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            I will answer in greater depth later, but you remind me…

          • DeusLoVult

            Intelligence needs wisdom to accompany it. An intelligent man knows a tomato is a fruit, but a wise man would not put it in a fruit salad. Wisdom is necessary, for when an intelligent man makes a mistake, the consequences tend to be disastrous. (e.g. Hawking, Dawkins, etc.) Wisdom to accept God’s Truth, and be humble.

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  • Trevor

    I have read Hitler’s biography and I do not recall any Muslim linkage. The last few years have been…a revelation to say the least. I do know Hitler was convinced that he was an agent of God to destroy the Jews, and now I know why. He wasn’t completely delusional as many made (messianic complex) but under the influence of the dark prince via the Mutfi.

    Props to Netayanahu for having the spine of steel in telling the world the truth.

    • OrthodoxKGC2015

      I have even heard Muslims say Hitler was one of them… But i’d say rather that there are Muslim and Non-Muslim occultisitic adepts that follow the same esoteric secret cults out there.

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Yes, very important and enlightening movies and resources to be sure, thanks!

    I while back I mentioned to you that I felt something was missing, a very important part of the puzzle so to speak, and I still have that in the back of my mind, thinking that way. Islam’s death spiral-for it is nothing but a death cult-will pave the way for a religious revolution in the Middle East. This is my thinking, but this religious revolution won’t be Christian…. Although I believe many Muslims will convert to Christ.

    • Trevor

      Zoroantisim perhaps. It is believed to pre-date Islam. The Kurd practices that alongside Islam.

      • OrthodoxKGC2015


        • Trevor

          Here’s another thing. Sufism, like Zoroantisim, claims to pre-dates Islam as well, and traces itself to Egypt and the Mystery School of Esotericism.

          • OrthodoxKGC2015

            Have you ever heard of the ‘House of Wisdom’ secret sect in Cairo? You’re absolutely right.

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    I just forwarded this article to the TRUMP Campaign. Great job, as usual, Walid.

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    Glad you readdressed this, Mr. Walid. Netanyahu’s public announcement presents an opportunity to reach more people with these facts that we should all be made aware of. Thank you.

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    Yep. Leaped out of my couch when I saw it. The useful idiot presenting the news said that Benjamin managed to do the impossible, which was unplease the israelis and the palestinians. What an idiot.

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    Excellent post Walid. Thank you for all you do. You and your family are in our prayers. Stay safe.

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    I recall that the Grand Mufti bragged about personally murdering over ten thousand Christians in the Armenian Genocide.

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    Terrible shame that this stuff is not shown on TV news or in print MSM, therefore the average person never gets the information they need to have. Share wherever/whenever you can.

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    Hi Walid can your articles be translated into other languages using Google translate or will they completely be mistranslated using these methods.