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Huge Pit Of Human Bodies Discovered: 105 People Butchered In Major Massacre

By Theodore Shoebat Here is another story that people in the English speaking media never really mentioned: 105 people in the Mexican state of Guerrero were butchered, and their bodies were discovered in mass graves. Numerous people have gone missing in Guerrero, and this new discovery puts the body count to 105. The human remains […]

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Four Muslims Kidnap 7-Year Old Christian Boy And Take Turns Raping Him, They Then Mutilate The Boy To Death

By Theodore Shoebat  Four Muslims, named Ayaz, Mujeebur Rehman, Ayaz, and the other unnamed, went into a Christian district in Pakistan, kidnapped a 7 year old Christian boy and took turns raping him, they then proceeded to mutilate him to death. According to one report: A seven-year-old boy was gang-raped before being killed by a group […]

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“Want Free Money? Get Married Again!” UK Gives Extra State Benefits To Polygamous Muslim Couples, Native Non-Muslims Need Not Apply

It used to be that foreigners came to the West and married with a local so they could gain citizenship. Now under a new law in the UK, Muslims who have more than one wife will qualify for extra state welfare. The changes state that the marriage must have taken place outside of the UK […]

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Muslim Mob Beats and Sexually Assaults 18-Year-Old Pregnant German Woman

From the Lausitzer Rundschau (translated thanks to Google Translate): The 18-year-old claimed to have been harassed on Tuesday around 9:30 clock of several foreign-looking men, encountered and touched inappropriately. The woman was slightly injured. Have played to the happenings on the mountain road, near the retirement home, where the park road leads into the mountain […]

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“They Throw The Food We Give Them In The Street And Spend The Money On Prostitutes” Italian Mayor Is Furious After “Migrants” Cause Violent Protest That Has To Be Stopped By Police Because They Want Money

From Canale58: “Food thrown in the street, men from the forces of order take out of the territory. Food and men who could and should have been available for those who have need of them. There are many people in Italy who have need of them. Too many Italians who are now poor, too many […]

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German Bus Driver Takes Down “Refugee” And Puts Him In A Head Lock After He Tries To Steal

Kudos to this bus driver for his quick thinking and fast reaction. This is what needs to happen all across Germany and Europe- when the Muslims start exhibiting anti-social behavior, they need to be stopped and forced to bear the consequences of their actions. From LiveLeak:

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Selfish And Ungrateful Muslim “Refugees” Complain That UK Taxpayer Funded Meals, Accomodations, Are “Not Nice”

Young, male, well-dressed, selfish and ungrateful. This is the up-close face of the so-called “refugees” that the West is being told we have to take- a bunch of freeloaders who contribute nothing but only take. Via Sky News: Interviewer: Some people would say that people here are trying to be helpful. They give you accomodation […]

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Norwegian State Television Ridicules “Refugees Welcome” Crowd As Being Blindly “Tolerant”

You know that society is turning against the Muslim “refugees” when the most liberal nations are now mocking the same “tolerance” they espoused for so many years. In a hilarious cartoon, Norwegian State Television mocks pro-refugee supporters as fools who continue to support the Muslims even as they shameless rape and pillage their host nations:

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