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Donald Trump Is Going To Dominate Super Tuesday

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump is going to dominate Super Tuesday, according to various reports that have been made. I did a whole video on this: According to one report: Opinion polls showed Trump leading in nearly all the states that will hold primary contests or caucuses, many of them in the South. The exception […]

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The White Man Had Enough And Is Why Donald Trump Will Scoop The Votes Tonight. Like It Or Not White Preference Will Be Why Trump Will Win The 2016 Presidential Election.

By Walid Shoebat No one wants to seriously address why Donald Trump is winning and why he will scoop most votes tonight on Super-Tuesday. The very educated media, the New York Times, tells us that Trump “is strongest among Republicans who are less affluent, less educated and less likely to turn out to vote.” If such […]

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Straight Outta France- Muslims Riot In The Street, Attack Trucks, Attempt Carjackings, Start Fires, Brandish Weapons, Spread Mayhem As Calais Violence Gets Out Of Control

This video was taken yesterday in Calais, France at the camps. The French authorities began to dismantle the camps, and that is when the riot broke out. It looks like something out of a war scene in the Middle East, but it is here, and coming to America very soon unless stopped now: ***Do YOU […]

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GOP Meltdown: Senior Establishment Republicans Hate Trump So Much They Would Choose Political Suicide And Vote For Clinton Before Supporting One Of Their Own

The Republican Party of 2016 is now forced to face reality- either it must change or it will perish. That is where Donald Trump comes in. Love him or hate him, Mr. Trump is the wildcard candidate for this election. The “establishment Republicans,” or who radio talk show host Michael Savage has called “Republicrats” (and […]

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While European “Migrant Campaigner” Is Talking To Media Trying To Make People Feel Sorry For The “Refugees,” They Start A Fire And Throw Rocks At Him And The Reporter

There is a tremendous sense of irony throughout this whole story. How more perfect could it be that at the very moment one of the “refugee” supporters is championing their cause when the same people turn against him and the sympathetic journalist team and attempt to stone them? Talk about biting the hand that feeds […]

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“I’ll Do My Damned Duty On Refugees,” Says Merkel On National Television In Response To How Nine Out Of Ten Germans Want Limits On Immigration

Angela Merkel reminds me more of Hilary Clinton each time I read about her or watch her videos. She is powerful, despotic, with an iron will to seize what she wills and burns with a rage when her motives or consequences are questioned. Personally, I think Ms. Merkel does a better job at concealing her […]

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Polonia Christiana- Islam Does Not Provide For Dialogue. Get Rid Of The Illusions

This is an interview from the Polish Magazine Polonia Christiana (Christian Poland) with Dr. Bartholomew Grysa, and Arabist and author of the international Catholic magazine “Love!” In it he goes into several topics, including why the Catholic Faith and Islam are incompatible and touches on the connection between the Catholic Faith, the Blessed Virgin, and […]

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Hundreds Of Migrants Use Battering Ram To Tear Down Macedonian Border Fence, Shout “Allahu Akbar”

In the preface to this video: In what reminds one of Medieval warfare, hundreds of migrants attempted to break through a fence on the Greece-Macedonia border by charging it with a home-made battering ram. Over 6000 Illegal Immigrants are currently stranded at the border as Macedonia as well as EU members Slovenia and Croatia and […]

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