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What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Riot In Chicago: It Is A Very Organized Event Done By Muslims And Pro-Homosexual Agents To Stop Donald Trump And Cause Mass Riots And Violence Throughout America

By Theodore Shoebat What the media is not telling you about the riot that occurred in Chicago is that it was a very organized event done by Muslims and pro-homosexual agents to stop Donald Trump and spark mass violence and riots, and civil unrest, throughout America. Here is my new video explaining this very dark […]

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Pakistani Government In Response To All Your Christian Efforts Calling To End Christian Slavery Announced “We Will Let Your People Go”

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat Finally. Let my people go! After years of efforts Rescue Christians accomplished, thanks to all of our partners, contributors and financial supporters, Pakistan government is now saying that they are releasing the enslaved children. It is a good step, but should we believe them? After much pressure and testimonies provided […]

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The New Caliphate Under Erdogan Is Burning To Death And Beheading His Own People And Reviving Muslim Sex Slavery And Pedophilia

By Walid Shoebat When Hitler began his exterminations, no one cared and few believed the reports. Just this week alone, we heard from the wife of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan praising the  harem of the Ottoman Empire as “a school for preparing women for life” to Erdogan’s mass executions and beheadings being carried out […]

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Mexican Devil Worshippers Promise Man Initiation Into Their Cult, They Torture And Ritually Sacrifice Him To Try And Turn Him Into A Vampire

From the UK Mirror: Three people have been accused of killing a friend they were trying to turn into avampire during a satanic ceremony. The trio have been arrested under suspicion of carrying out the sickening attack against 24-year-old Edwin Juarez Palma at a cyber cafe called Freak Shop. The restaurant worker died after being […]

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Danish Government Prosecutes Prominent “Migrant’s Rights” Activist On Human Trafficking Charges For Driving Muslim “Refugees” Into Denmark Illegally

Lisbeth Zornig is a major “migrants’ rights” activist in Denmark. She and her husband personally drove at least one Syrian “refugee” family illegally into Denmark. Fortunately, since the Europeans are sick of Muslims invading their nations and destroying them with the assistance of complicit Europeans, the people and even government are slowly rising up. The […]

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Finally! German Judge Threatens Muslim Woman With Contempt Of Court, Fines, And Jail Time If She Does Not Remove Her Face Veil In Court

Amira Behari is a Muslim woman who says she was abused by another Muslim man at a train station. She has to testify against him in court. The only problem is that she will not remove her face veil because “only Allah can see her.” This is in spite of the fact that Islam itself […]

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Disgruntled ISIS Jihadi Released Application Forms Of 22 THOUSAND ISIS Members Detailing Names, Addresses, Nationalities, And More Personal Information

  Junaid Hussein, a UK Jihadi and his ISIS application form The documents disclose the names, addresses, ages, and lift histories of ISIS fighters. While it is an excellent and very useful find, who would have thought that ISIS actually has paper application forms and a “human resources” department, let alone their own equivalent of […]

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Major French Journalist Reveals In New Book That French Government Is Secretly Preparing For A Major Civil War Against The Muslims

Ivan Rioufol is a veteran French journalist known for his anti-Islam views and has even been prosecuted in his native France for them. In his new book La Guerre Civile Qui Vient, he claims based on an undisclosed, high-government source that the French government is preparing for a civil war against the Muslim invaders in […]

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