The Government Of Turkey Is Now Confiscating Christian Churches And Will Be Demolishing Them. Antichrist Empire Of Turkey Is Also Planning To Slaughter All Christians

02-19-15_Erdogan-Tyrant-720x340By Walid Shoebat

Turkey’s ancient church buildings –some of which pre-date Islam– have been managed, historically, by church foundations. Erdogan just confiscated them to redesign them into Muslim Ottoman style mosques. Erdogan last week also just took control of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation from Egypt which represents the body of 57 Muslim states. He called the OIC to create a Muslim union and to initiate an international Muslim Police to go after Islamophobia (that would be people like us). He is also passing a new bill that will allow him to finally gain his full control of Turkey.

Things are getting closer than I thought. So lets start.

Erdogan is taking advantage of the 10 months of urban conflict between Turks and Kurds and as an excuse to rebuild and restore the historical centre of the region’s largest city, Diyarbakir, Erdogan’s government decided to expropriate huge sections of property which includes especially the only few Christian churches there. The plan of course is to redesign everything into Muslim Ottoman style construction and wipe all facades of Christian civilization in that land.

Turkey’s “urgent expropriation” of 6,300 plots of land in the Sur district included six churches which are now under “state control”: the Virgin Mary Syriac Orthodox Church, the Surp (Armenian for “Saint”) Sarkis Chaldean Catholic Church, the Diyarbakir Protestant Church, the Apostolic Armenian Surp Giragos Church, an Armenian Catholic church, and the Mar Petyun Chaldean Catholic Church.

And just to give you an example of the significance of these churches, the Virgin Mary Syriac Orthodox Church is 1,700 years old, which stood in Turkey over a millennia before Muhammad’s carcass rotted in Mecca.

The 1,700-year-old Virgin Mary Syriac Orthodox Church in Diyarbakir was one of the churches seized.

The 1,700-year-old Virgin Mary Syriac Orthodox Church in Diyarbakir was one of the churches seized.

And the world says nothing!

Things are moving fast for a complete Islamist control in Turkey. In fact one bill was proposed last week on April 12 and it has the support of all 316 ruling Justice and Development AKP Party. By this bill, under “combatting terrorism,” the Turkish government will be able to accuse the HDP Kurdish party of being a political front for the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and by this Erdogan will be able to scoop their seats in the parliament and gain the seats he needs to bend the constitution and announce himself sole ruler of Turkey. Once the bill passes, it is all over and you will be writing me asking how to count heads and horns.

There are 550 deputies in Turkey’s parliament, the AKP has 317 seats, followed by the CHP with 133 seats. The HDP and the MHP have 59 and 40 seats, respectively. Experts estimate that Erdogan will get sufficient votes to make the constitutional change.

On April 5th, we told you this was coming and now it is here and the Christians of Turkey have no one to lament to. This is relevant to the prophecies we’ve been warning you about. During all these clashes between Turkish armed forces and Kurdish militants in recent months has become the punishment of Christians at the Sur district of Diyarbakir. There will be no more communion services. So what we told you about the Antichrist plan on January 17th, the day I said I crossed the Tiber, is beginning to spark.

It was Turkey’s MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli who said regarding Sur (where these churches are): “level it to the ground and leave nobody alive. Do not let our martyrs’ blood remain on the ground” speaking of the Kurds, but this includes also the Christians. Massacres are not far off, they will first come to the Kurd and then the Christian.

It was only last week when deputy head of Sweden’s main Turkish association Barbaros Leylani speaking at Sergels Square in the center of the Swedish capital called for “death for the Armenian dogs” and later added:
“Let us show Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe what Turkey stands for. We do not like blood, but we can let the blood flow when it is needed”.
Barbaros Leylani. © Serdar Yaygın


And there is even more, Erdogan last week took over the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which represents all Muslim nations and gave a speech saying that “in [Muslim] unity there lays our strength”. He called on constructing an international “Muslim Police” centered in Istanbul. What Erdogan is looking to do is to create a Muslim Interpol and also is creating a Muslim ‘U.N’ which comes second to the United Nations in size and global power. The goal Erdogan said is “to defend Muslim minorities globally from Islamophobia”. This would mean applying serious pressure on free speech and shut down critique of Islam.

The 13th summit of the organisation, whose chair taken from Egypt by Turkey for the next two years, hoped to increase unity and solidarity between Muslim countries against what Erdogan calls “terrorism”, that is defined as anyone who goes against Erdogan’s plans.

Erdogan chaired the final session and said the Palestine Declaration once again proves the support to Palestine by the Muslim countries: “The Palestine Declaration that we have accepted is once again the highest level proof and expression of the support given by Islamic world to our Palestinian brothers in their honorable resistance”.

“We have never left alone our Palestinian brothers so far,” he said.

“Insha Allah [Allah willing]  we are never going to leave them on their own.”

In other words, what he is saying is that the roots of the Israel-Palestine conflict which dates back to 1917 when the Ottoman’s lost Palestine and Erdogan now wants Jerusalem back.

oic copy

When Muslims like Cavusoglu above tweets and says “Justice,” it means “Muslim Justice,” and when they say “Peace” they mean “peace comes only when Muslim Justice is applied”. Get it?

And when it comes to the fate of the Kurds and Christians, we warned you of Davutoğlu’s controversial redevelopment plan in Diyarbakir where this son of satan unveiled a video depicting a lavish plan for the redevelopment of Sur that will wipe out all the Kurdish, Roman and Christian heritage in exchange for Ottoman:

And while Erdogan lavishes in palaces in Istanbul with German Chancellor Angela Merkel “pitching his royal tents between two seas” (Dan 11:45), Davutoglo as the Himmler enters Diyarbakır (Sur) with the sound of ululation from women and chants of Islamist support from Muslim men as he plans his soon-to-be massacres.


Worshippers celebrate the reconsecration of the Surp Giragos Armenian Apostolic Church in 2011, after it had fallen into serious disrepair. It once served as the metropolitan cathedral of Diyarbakir.

These churches Erdogan is destroying are not the empty shells you have in Europe. They are alive and vibrant. Worshippers celebrated the reconsecration of the Surp Giragos Armenian Apostolic Church in 2011, after it had fallen into serious disrepair. It once served as the metropolitan cathedral of Diyarbakir and now its no more, confiscated by Antichrist.

Well over a million of these ethnic Christians were massacred and sent on death marches during the final years of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 20th century and now they simply want to wipe out what is left, this way there will be no trace to what Herod did in “Ramah, great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.”

When we read the Psalms on the destruction of the Temple and the synagogues in Jerusalem by Antiochus, most do not realize this is also a long-term fulfillment. The Psalms describe “with axes” “they [now the Muslims] have defiled the dwelling place of thy name on the earth. They [the Muslims] said in their heart, the whole kindred of them together: Let us abolish all the festival days of God from the land [no more Communion]. Our signs [crosses, icons] we have not seen … How long, O God, shall the enemy reproach: is the adversary to provoke thy name for ever?”

Erdogan wants to mimmic Sultan Mehmed who adopted the imperial title Kayser-i-Rûm “Caesar of Rome” of the eastern Roman empire and will bring in the system that will desecrate the Eucharist.

It was only a couple months ago when church salaries were changed from being funded by the congregants to now being fully controlled by the Diyanet (Muslim religious authority in Turkey) as news confirm. Pretty soon Turkey will begin planting their puppets in churches who will keep a lid on all the persecutions as it was in history when Scholarius was a staunch antagonist of the West and the Catholic Church and was enthroned as the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople-New Rome by the Sultan himself in 1454 A.D. In turn Gennadius II recognized Mehmed the Conqueror as successor to the throne. This is giving allegiance to Antichrist.

Mehmed also had a blood lineage to the Byzantine Imperial family; his predecessor, Sultan Orhan I had married a Byzantine princess, and Mehmed claimed descent from John Tzelepes Komnenos.

And like Komnenos, Erdogan’s origin is from Christian Georgia, and like Mehemd the Conqueror, as Daniel predicted “he will not honor the God of his fathers” (the Christian God) and instead he will honor “a [singular] God [Allah]” a “god of fortresses” (war and castles), exactly as we see Erdogan already doing.

Antichrist after another Antichrist, Erdogan will soon begin to either remove the churches or control them to abide by his new Caliphate system.

It is Antiochus all over again. But are the Maccabees within sight?

Today all we have is the Sanhedrin of Rome (the Vatican) discussing how to reverse theology on Christian militarism and then we have the other lazy side who says “its not about church buildings. Jesus will do it all. Just turn the other cheek” and then we have the Church Militant, the love of my heart.

The lazy, of course, will call for peace, until the terrorists defile one of their ‘secular’ national monuments and only then the lazy will instantly scream out for blood.

For how long O Lord must we endure the hypocrite, the backbiting slanderers, the persecutors and the cowards? Lord have mercy.

Christus Vincit.



  • AnthonyM

    Erdogan is moving quickly to consolidate his grip on power in Turkey and the region. The world will be slow to appreciate and respond to this new face of Erdogan.

    • Trevor

      They know what is going on. Germany and the EU elites are playing chicken and losing badly. They, like with Saudi Arabia, are turning a blind eye because they fear Erdogan more than Iran’s nuclear ambition and misdirect it toward Russia. Idiot follow stupidity.

    • Owen Schumacher

      Yes, he’s moving rapidly, so there’s something quite stunning about the rate at which he moves. Maybe, as the Bible says of the devil, “he knows his time is short” (Revelation 12:12).

    • Doc

      By the time most people are even aware it will be too late. Where but this website are you going to get this kind of news? Every time I visit I feel like I’ve uncovered a new revelation.

      • AnthonyM

        Yes, for sure.

      • mspip

        many times it is a new revelation!

  • Trevor

    Walid, adding to all of this, is Cyprus Issue. Today, I read a piece on “peace in time of war.”

    We need to be ready. The Vatican is falling asleep at the wheel. The Protestant multiple sects are a hot mess. The Orthodox have got to get over the Great Schism. Soon, our own heads and our family will be threatened.

    • Eric

      And with that, people will finally come out of comas. It’s as if the Western World is coming out of a hangover. . .and will soon be smacked back to reality.

      • Kamau41

        Indeed, the days are getting shorter. While things are moving faster, the West will finally awake soon enough.

        • Eric

          Indeed, Kamau. The U.S. and the rest of the West will soon come out of its sleep. Through this all, God’s hand is moving. I feel like what we’re in now are akin to the years leading up to World War II.

          Many people could see Hitler rise to power, yet the West, for the most part, turned a blind eye till things got bad. It appears to be the same with Erdogan. Many of us can see what is going to happen a mile away, but the masses won’t see it till it right in their faces.

          However, just like in World War I and II, the West will awaken, and do the right thing when it is time. We’re being shaken right now: we’re being woken up. It’s not pretty, but it’s needed.

          • Owen Schumacher

            It’s like we’re in the ’30s, and with each year we watch as Germany and Japan make preparations for war. Right now, I’m even seeing anti-Erdoğan articles in the liberal media, which to me shows a growing, broad-based trend in America to oppose Erdoğan. This is good news, if you ask me.

            As Walid predicts, hopefully we’ll see in American foreign policy a strong pivot towards the Kurds—and Russians and Armenians—and away from the Turks. America needs to make a clean break, and the moment we see this sort of change in strategy, I’ll breathe easier knowing that the U.S. will be on the right side of history.

            But, my God, the cost of what’s coming ahead! May God crown the martyrs yet to be slain—and indeed those already slain—by this madman Erdoğan. What a demoniac this man is.

          • Eric

            That is good news, Owen. Very encouraging.

            America will eventually turn itself around. I believe that is why God is raising up Trump at this time. Trump is pro Russia and anti-Turkey. We will see policy change–and that pivot you were talking about–when he gets in office. Like you, I’d breathe easier the sooner the change occurs.

            Indeed. . .may God grant those Christians protection, perseverance, and strength for what is coming. I can’t even imagine.

          • mspip

            what we now have is extremely wrong, putting that mildly.

          • Eric

            Indeed. We need a big change.

          • Kamau41

            Speaking about Trump, I think he is transitioning into turbo charge mode after crushing Cruz/Kasich hands down in NY last night.

          • Eric

            Looks to be that way, Kamau. Good news.

          • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

            We do not need another “shallow man” to lead the West. We need one with genuine, unwavering commitment to Christ, who knows HIM, truly, — not simply as a “distant acquaintance.”

          • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

            Remember how close 0-ZERO is to Erdogan. 0-ZERO calls him his “best friend” among foreign heads of state. Until this current “Stale Department” is completely purged, the change in US Foreign Policy CANNOT occur.

          • mspip

            this could happen fast. indeed time for us to wake up!!

          • Eric


      • Trevor

        Yeah. Nothing cures hangovers like a nasty headache.

        • Eric


    • 1Bobby8

      The West is about to be woken to a rude awakening.

      • Trevor

        Indeed. Some are awake and trying to wake up the others.

    • Doc

      One must be ready always.

      • Trevor

        Always, doc, always. We know not the hour nor the day…

    • mspip

      could time be speeding up??

      • Trevor

        I don’t know.

  • Kamau41

    Erdogan is making moves faster than we can imagine. It seems like almost every week he’s making very significant strides to gain total control of Turkey and to help accelerate the process of the completion of the Revived Ottoman Empire. Yet, most of the world are both silent and oblivious to what is happening and taking shape that threatens their future. Things are indeed speeding up!

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    We pray that the 7 shepherd kings rise soon, and shelter many true believers.

    • Owen Schumacher

      Amen, Indian. Will Trump be one of them? Marine Le Pen? Geert Wilders? May God put in place whom He must.

  • rodolfo

    These were the items discussed
    Is this the start?

    103. The Conference reaffirmed its support for the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and to the UN Secretary General’s Plan to prevent violent extremism. It stressed in this regard Member States’ rejection of extremism, violence, sectarianism and factionalism because of their destructive impacts and dangerous repercussions on the security and stability of Member States and on international peace and security. The Conference also reaffirmed the importance of addressing the causes of violent extremism in a comprehensive manner.
    104. The Conference unequivocally condemned all acts, methods and practices of terrorism committed by whomsoever and wherever, and expressed determination of Member States to remain united in the fight against terrorism.
    105. The Conference condemned Hizbollah for conducting terrorist activities in Syria, Bahrain, Kuwait and Yemen and for supporting terrorist movements and groups undermining the security and stability of OIC Member States.
    106. The Conference stressed that the fight against terrorism is a major priority for all Member States, and reiterated its resolve to work together to prevent and suppress terrorist acts through increased international solidarity and cooperation, in full recognition of the UN’s central role, and in accordance with UN Charter and obligations under international law.
    113. The Conference welcomed the Initiative to launch a process of Islamic rapprochement by the joint declaration of the President of Turkey, H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Kazakhstan, H.E. Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, dated 13 April 2016. The Conference decided to launch the process of Islamic rapprochement as a new paradigm of relations in the Muslim world through demonstration of goodwill and constructive approach for peaceful resolution of disputes, for respect of territorial integrity and sovereignty and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of each other and friendly relations between the Member States of the OIC, and for strengthening unity of the Islamic Ummah. The Conference requested the Secretary General to present, in consultation with Member States, and if needed, by establishing a working group, a comprehensive plan of action on the process of Islamic rapprochement to the next session of the Council of Foreign Ministers for its consideration.
    114. The Conference noted with satisfaction the successful conclusion of the Ten year Program of Action (2005-2015) which provided the Islamic Ummah with a forward looking blueprint with a view to enhancing Joint Islamic Action in various domains and reiterated its commitment to working together for a better tomorrow and enhancing the well-being of our peoples. It also affirmed commitment to address the shortcomings in the previous decade and to introduce the necessary improvements for the effective implementation of the new OIC Program of Action: 2016-2025.
    115. The Conference adopted the OIC-2025: Program of Action for the next decade and called upon the Member States, the OIC organs and institutions, international partners as well as other stakeholders to undertake all necessary measures for its effective implementation.
    116. The Conference welcomed the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda with 17 goals and 169 targets. It committed to their successful implementation within the stipulated time frame, taking into consideration the role of national authorities and significance of international cooperation.

    • richinnameonly

      They try to make it all sound so pleasant legitimate.

      • rodolfo

        May God have mercy on us. They really want to islamize the world.

        • Kevin Nicholson

          Yes, the Anti-Christ is determined. So, we Christians must support and participate in #JustWar; for Christ’s sake, His church, and the un-churched. Godspeed to the bride of Christ.

  • richinnameonly

    Churches under Turkish control and International Muslim police. Things continue to heat up.

  • mspip

    you could well be correct. too many of them. mosques sprouting up like toadstools after a rainstorm.

  • bubba

    maybe we can get some push back against all this with our next president. president trump!

  • 600NE

    Hi Walid,
    What do you think of this? thanks Roger

    3-D printing to bring Syrian arch destroyed by ISIS back to life via @nypost

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Seems that Erdogan’s agenda is being advanced at warp speed- what a prophetic event, the sad loss of these churches, though nothing compared to the past genocide, is monumental. Vatican Exorcist Fr Gabriele Amorth (in approx.2012) reported that Satan called himself God during an exorcism – to which Fr Amorth said “Shut up liar. God is the Lord of heaven and earth and you must remain subject to Him.” Satan then retorted, “Soon my son will be loved by all…They will call him God.” Is Erdogan this Son—

  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    PLEASE, do NOT use “ISIL” as term for Da’esh. The *L* stands for “Levant” — the entire East Mediterranean coastline from Turkey to Egypt. Using that “L” legitimizes their claims to Lebanon & Israel. Their Claim is NOT legitimate.
    GOD says so!

  • Fr Christopher P. Kelley, DD

    I’m sure you intended to write a better play on words:
    “Close to the CHRIST is *close-d* to islam.”

    CHRIST is the Truth. He taught His followers to speak the Truth always.
    (Some of them struggle with this, indeed! They don’t always follow Him well.)

    But Muh’d taught his followers ‘taqiyya’ – deceit and lies. that is because
    the spirit behind his teaching is the father of lies.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Israel Mossad uses ISIS just like Turkey (and USA-CIA) to counter Iran. Obama is Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni Muslim) and prays 5X day per Secret Service insiders. We are going to have to fight a bloody war against Muslims (proxy agents of Luciferian Talmudic NWO bankers). So be it – it’s our generation’s burden. “Take Up Your Cross
    24Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. 25″For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.… Matthew 16:2-25