BREAKING: The Captain Of Flight MS804 Is A Muslim Linked To Major Muslim Terrorist Involved In Killing Americans In Benghazi

By Walid Shoebat

So look what we have here. Amr Khaled is a well known Muslim Brotherhood Jihadi of the first class known in Egypt. And what do we know. Look here. He shares his friendship and old photos on that flight with the captain of the crashed Egyptian flight MS804, Mohammed Said Shaker/Shukeir.


Amr Khaled: “I was with Captain Ahmad Shukeir in the plane that is missing in one of my journeys. He is the kindest of pilots whom I travelled with. May Allah have mercy on him and give patience to his family. I hope who reads my words to pray for him and the rest of the passenger”

This spells trouble.

So who is Amr Khaled? He is a Jihadi who lent material support to Jihadists in Benghazi that killed Americans.

For evidence, here, Ahmad Musa, a well known journalist and TV personality correctly exposes Amr Khaled showing from his own voice of sending young men to Libya and Benghazi for Jihad. Khaled is an Islamic tele evangelist who runs a TV show called “The Makers of Life” and in the video link which Ahmad Musa exposes when Khaled sent material support to Libya during the attacks in Benghazi which killed Americans. Here is Khaled’s own words from the video [translated by Shoebat]:

“This is a message to our brothers in Mistrata, Tripoli and Benghazi. May Allah get vengeance from the evil doers (West). Allah will give you victory. We pray for you day and night. We sent young men to aid you [from Egypt] from our program Makers of Life to Benghazi. We sen you doctors. I dispatched a team and will communicate with you continually with the team in Benghazi and we will do our efforts and continue communicating via Youtub. We want [Islam’s] justice to be established through your hands in Libya.”  (see video link in the article)

The evidence is clear. Khaled was linked to Benghazi from his own video. In our research during the Benghazi fiasco, we exposed Egyptian doctors sent to participate while the attack was happening. (Read our ironclad report)

Here Khaled (the same guy you see on the photo) is calling for victory for the Jihadists against the west in Libya (May 2nd, 2011)

In the above video, it is almost identical message “we have sent aid to you in Benghazi, we will aid you… pray for you  …” with the youth saying “Amen”.

So why is he linked to the pilot? We will continue our research into this. was able to obtain the crew list and the names of every passenger on the Egyptian flight from the Arabic sources for examiniation. The pilot was Mohammed Said Shaker from Badarshin in Giza (who you see with Amr Khaled in the photo) and his co-pilot was Mohammad Ahmed Mamdouh Ahmed Aassem.

Khaled in the plane shows the photo and compliments the pilot for their friendship.

The plane crashed despite that it had three security crew: Mahmoud Ahmed Abdul Razek Abdul Karim, Ahmed Mohamed Magdi Ahmed and Mohammed Abdel-Mouneim al-Ghonaimy al-Kayali. There was no heat signals to show an explosion on board and one possibility is the usual we see in Egypt, it was a kamikaze style suicide. American investigators concluded that the pilot had steered the airplane into the sea, Egypt rejected the idea of suicide and still insists that the crash was caused by an unspecified mechanical failure.

Guess who I believe: The Americans.

The swerving of the aircraft suggests some kind of struggle inside the cockpit, said Philip Baum, editor of Aviation Security International.

He said the pilots could have been trying to control an aircraft disabled by an explosion, like in 1976 when two bombs exploded on a Cuban passenger plane after takeoff from Barbados and the pilot tried to steer the aircraft away from a beach.

Or they could have been struggling with someone trying to take control of the plane.

“It could have been a fight in the flight deck between crew members, one suicidal and one not. Or a hijacker trying to gain access,” Baum said.


As we stated yesterday. It is simply not safe to fly anymore. Who could vet all these? I flew nearly 3000 flights for years and I decided to suspend flying altogether after years of experience. Smuggling a soda pop as a bomb (thats very easy to make too) is a breeze. No one can trust the growing number of Muslims working in the airline industry. Lists of employees and workers are suspect and should be an eye-opener to traveling these days.

I can even take a look at the passenger list and find issues. AlMutairi is a name on the passenger list and should be of interest since two Gitmo released with the same last name and are most likely related:

There is “Al Mutairi, Nasser (Kuwait) Chapter 2, also see WikiLeaks and the Guantánamo Prisoners Released After the Tribunals, 2004 to 2005 (Part One of Five)”

“RELEASED OCT 09, WON HABEAS PETITION (Jul 09) Al Mutairi, Khalid (Kuwait) Chapter 7, also see Judge Orders Release From Guantánamo Of Kuwaiti Charity Worker, Guantánamo And The Courts”.

Then there is Salaheldin Abu Laban (the clan is Palestinian not Egyptian) and one can find that name of a list of arrests in Syria for joining a terror group Hizbul-Tahrir. There are two coptic Christians on the list of passengers.

While we cannot confirm if these terrorists were some of the actual passengers but vetting all this is nearly an impossibility unless we can profile. Soon you will see more planes crashing down from the sky and the costs of running the airlines will be immense.

After the November attacks, the French authorities have used the threat of terrorism to justify raids of employee lockers at Charles de Gaulle, as well as a systematic review of the roughly 87,000 airport employees who have badges giving access to secure areas that include the tarmac, baggage handling and cargo storage zones. Those reviews have led the authorities to revoke dozens of badges for security reasons, according to the airport police.

Other examples from Germany. A Turkish-born airport cleaner known to the authorities as a hardline Islamist had an access to major German airports’ most sensitive security areas almost a year after Berlin authorities briefed an airport safety watchdog of his ties to radical beliefs, a report has revealed.

The employee, identified in a new report by Germany’s Morgenpost on Wednesday as “Recep Ü,” was eventually sacked in October 2015 after four years of working for the German airport operator FBB, which runs Berlin’s Tegel and Schönefeld airports. However, his dismissal was triggered not by concerns over a possible terrorist threat but by a separate incident involving a security breach. He had been apprehended by airport security officers while attempting to smuggle a knuckle-duster into the security area of Schönefeld airport, the newspaper reported.



To have a pilot linked to this Jihadi should sound alarm bells.




  • susan


    • Doc

      For years I have predicted that flying will become as unsafe as walking through a bad neighborhood at night. The polititicians would rather watch planes crash into buildings than admit that all Muslims must be rounded up and deported out of the USA as soon as possible! I think all people of Arab or Middle Eastern descent should be asked one question: Whom do you say Jesus is? If they answer with anything other than “He is the One and only living Son of God” then they should be whisked out of the country IMMEDIATELY.

      • susan

        Would they be “allowed” to lie in such a scenario? They’re already using our laws against us. Too bad we haven’t labeled the MB as a terrorist organization yet. Just goes to show the power of a purse full of money. There’s way too much whoring going on.

        • Doc

          Maybe Walid can answer that one. If my understanding of Islam is accurate, I don’t think they are allowed to praise anyone but Allah. I could be mistaken, though.

          • susan

            Good point. We’ll see what he says.

  • richinnameonly

    Good work. I think you’ll probably have a likely suspect before we hear about it on MSM, if ever. People were criticizing Trump for quickly calling this Islamic terrorism, but even Hillary is now admitting the probability, although very low key. I have personally ruled out Pascal Hess and Richard Osman, but I must admit I did very little research and I guess that doesn’t help very much.

    • mspip

      maybe more information will come to light soon.

  • Trevor

    I seem to recall Walid sharing a rationale with suicide by water. It boggles the mind they would commit murder over an open body of water. It makes no strategic sense except to cause fear of flying, and to also oust those who dare to be Islamphobe.

    • susan

      It makes no sense other than to bury their tracks and to leave room for doubts as to the real cause.

    • DeusLoVult

      It drastically decreases the chance of passengers surviving. Could be why he did it. Although, he could have easily crashed it into a city….

      • susan

        Would that require both pilots being “in” on it? I don’t know what the rules might be in such a scenario. That and the increased likelihood that there would be more eye witnesses. Seems like they’d prefer to save that scenario for a more organized attack. With or without the pilots consent.

        • DeusLoVult

          Why would that be the case, my lady? He managed to crash it without the co-pilot’s consent. Co-pilots don’t often intervene until it is almost too late to do anything. They are hesitant to contradict the captain.

          • susan

            I was just remembering my standby days. There used to be specific times when the pilots are required to be together in the cockpit and times when it’s permissible to take a break. Gosh. That reminds me. Am I the only one who remembers when we used to have three pilots in the cockpit? My how times have changed.

          • DeusLoVult

            There are still rules of a similar nature, my lady. See here:


            For long flights, there are usually two flight crews.

          • susan

            I learn something new everyday Kind Sir. Thank you. :). I suppose then that one might be permitted to take a short cat nap or two if time permitted? Or if they had reached their flying limits?

          • DeusLoVult

            You are most welcome, my lady. 🙂

      • No. It is because both the pilot believes the Muslim passengers are assured salvation since drowning is an assurance to be martyr. So in his mind, he is doing them a favor. It is Islamic kamikaze.

        • susan

          Is there no Noah’s flood in the Koran?

          • Yes, there is a story about the lood. However, while the Bible states that Noah and his family were all saved, the Quran has a spin on the account by stating that one of Noah’s sons drowned in the flood. Here is the info:

            “…So he said: “Embark ye on the Ark, In the name of Allah, whether it move or be at rest! For my Lord is, be sure, Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful!” So the Ark floated with them on the waves (towering) like mountains, and Noah called out
            to his son, who had separated himself (from the rest): “O my son! embark with us, and be not with the unbelievers!”

            The son replied: “I will betake myself to some mountain: it will save me from the water.” Noah said: “This day nothing can save, from the command of Allah, any but those on whom He hath mercy! “And the waves came between them, and the son was among those overwhelmed in the Flood.
            (Quran: 011.041-043)
            more about what Islam teaches:

          • susan

            Many wicked people drowned so it’s hard for me to see how drowning gets one to heaven.

          • The pilot’s action was not only suicidal but also an act of murder by taking the airplane down with the passengers aboard. However, by Islamic ideology/indoctrination, he actually believed he was doing a noble act for the cause of Allah. That is the mindset that Muhammad instilled in his followers:

            “The Prophet said, ‘The person who participates in (Holy battles) in Allah’s cause and nothing compels him to do so except belief in Allah and His Apostles, will be recompensed by Allah either with a reward, or booty (if he survives) or will be admitted to Paradise (if he is killed in the battle as a martyr).'”
            (Bukhari: Vol. 1, Book 2, No. 35: Narrated Abu Huraira)

        • DeusLoVult

          That’s interesting, sir. So, he assures his own salvation through jihad, and the other Muslims by drowning them. He certainly applied himself to the planning of his attack.

  • Kamau41

    Very troubling indeed and all this should definitely send off alarm bells, especially amongst travelers. “Soon you will see more planes crashing down from the sky and the costs of running the airlines will be immense.” I would not be surprised at all to see this in the days ahead, because even just within the last couple of years alone, there have been an increasing number of plane crashes due to terrorism.

  • bubba

    thanks for your investigation walid. i know i can always count on to dig for the truth. God bless and protect you and your family always!

    • Although the info is true, we still must wait for the investigation. At any rate, the issue is to minimize your travel with all this Muslim madness.

  • Remember their holidays come up and there will be mass killing.

  • See a psychiatrist.

  • Please quote exactly what is conjecture … mate.

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  • Indian Christian Crusader

    It is time Westerners and Easterners (non-Muslim Asians) begin to avoid Muslim Airlines or any airline linked to an Islamic nation or airlines piloted by Muslims.

  • Catbr

    Because if they were banned they’d be screaming “racism” (even though muslims are not a race, duh) with about 100,000 other muslims in protest. The most sickening, horrifying group of people in the world today, muslims are.

    • Ginger Woods

      At this point,let those pigs,rapist and murderer’s yell racism. My God,we as Americans and other countries must fight this!!!!

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    This is why they’ll never do this, the rotten b**tards, because they’ll lose too much business.

  • So your IQ is now -40. Can’t help you there. See a shrink.

  • Thank you Colossians

  • That plus no may day and no communications from pilot.

  • Ginger Woods

    Janice,I wouldn’t go

  • Muslims are allowed to lie and deceive in order to advance the cause of Islam and to gain advantage over the “Unbelievers” – and also lie if it is done to please another.

    From the Book of Prohibitions (what is and what is not allowed)
    Chapter 261 – Falsehood that is Permissible

    [Al-Bukhari] It may be concluded that falsehood is permissible in the following three cases:

    (i) While fighting Jihad in the Cause of Allah.

    (ii) To conciliate between people.

    (iii) For the husband to please his wife and the wife to please her husband.
    more of what Islam teaches