Persecution Explodes Across India As Hindu Nationalists Are Now Attacking Christians Every 40 Hours

Anti-Christian attacks are exploding throughout the Hindu majority nation of India. Coming primarily at the hands of Hindu nationalists who want to destroy Christianity and create a pure Hindu state, right now there is on average one attack every 40 hours and getting worse as they try to stomp out the faith through acts of vandalism, forced coversions, torture, and arson:

A new report says that violent attacks on the Christian minority in India are increasing at an alarming rate, as the emboldened members of groups close to the governing Hindu nationalist party seek to create a “Hindu nation.” There’s an anti-Christian attack every 40 hours, the report highlights.

The report by the All India Christian Council says attacks against Christians increased by about 20 percent in 2016, and physical violence against Christians was up by as much as 40 percent. A fresh attack is being reported every 40 hours, it added.

Christian Group Compassion International Closes India Operations Amid Crackdown by Hindu Nationalists
“The attacks have become severe and more frequent. Incidents used to be confined to a few states. Now the violence has spread to 23 states,” the report notes, pointing out that the sharpest rise has been recorded in the northern Uttar Pradesh state and the southern state of Telangana.

The attacks involve physical beating, vandalism and torching of churches, burning of Bibles, death threats, forcing Christians to renounce their faith and convert to Hinduism, and disruption of and attacks on church services and prayer meetings.

In one case, Hindu nationalists beat an evangelist with chains, stripped him and forced him to drink urine, the report says. In another incident, a Christian cemetery was desecrated and skeletons dug up and strewn across the graveyard, it adds.

Attacks on Christians have been on the rise since the Hindu national Bharatiya Janata Party won the national election in 2014. The BJP believes in and propagates the Hindutva ideology, which envisions an India where Hindus and the Hindu culture will dominate. The BJP is believed to be the political wing of the chief Hindu nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Last month, more than 100 members of U.S. Congress wrote a letter to India’s interior minister, urging him to allow U.S.-based Christian child sponsorship organization Compassion International to continue its work in that country. The charity recently ended its programs in India amid an ongoing crackdown by the BJP government on nonprofits that receive foreign funds.

The Indian government’s treatment of Compassion International has “caused serious concern within the U.S Congress,” said the letter addressed to India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

The Indian government alleges that Compassion was funding religious conversions.

“We are writing because we believe the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an inter-bank circular preventing all commercial banks in India from processing CI’s wire transfers without prior Ministry approval. As a result, Compassion is unable to process the funds it needs to continue … to the detriment of the hundreds of thousands of children Compassion serves in India. Many of our constituents, who have built emotional attachments through years of building relationships with these kids, are devastated by this wrenching cutoff,” the letter continued.

Earlier this month, the Hindu Yuva Vahini, a rightwing youth organization known for arson and violence on minorities, forced police to stop a Christian prayer meeting in the Dathauli area of Maharajganj district in Uttar Pradesh, which was being attended by over 150 people and 11 American tourists. The group lodged a complaint alleging it was aimed at conversions to Christianity.

Earlier this year, the Hindu Yuva Vahini attacked the Full Gospel Church in Gorakhpur area in Uttar Pradesh, alleging conversions.

The group was formed by a BJP leader, Yogi Adityanath, who assumed office of Uttar Pradesh state’s chief minister last month after the victory of his party in that state.

In February, an evangelist, 47-year-old Dr. Kusuma Anjeneya Swamy, reportedly fell into a coma not long after he was harassed by Hindu nationalists for publicly distributing copies of the New Testament in the southern city of Hyderabad. The group of men threatened to burn him alive and questioned whether “Jesus will save you from the flames.”

Although there was no evidence of physical violence, the evangelist apparently suffered a brain hemorrhage and slipped into a coma hours after the incident.



  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Since the “piece-full Hindu” nationalist leader has welcomed Erdogan (WITH OPEN ARMS) , expect it to get worse –

    Walid Shoebat and Indian Christian Crusader will soon become marked targets by the Erdogan-Modi , Sufi-Hindu alliance.

  • Jeff Benton

    I dont normally lay out what I really think on a deeper level… But I am going to here…

    ” are devastated by this wrenching cutoff,” –

    I wonder just how many Christians have given serious thought about not being able to buy or sell…
    From the looks of it, I may be one of the few that has taken this seriously… Ya really think you’re going to have a home to live in or even an apartment or a car through an income? much less food?
    Ya think any amount of work will pay your way??? Do ya think you are going to board a plane and run off to do missionary work with checkbook in hand, saving many from the coming darkness???


    Indeed, where you sit is where you will stand or fall…

    Does anyone even know what fully relying on God is anymore???
    Peeps better wake up…
    Right now, the majority of Christians are truly dependent on self, rather than God…
    I get opposition from Christians every single time I try to talk to em about it…
    They mistakenly recite scripture that they believe shows they are to follow the letter of the law of evil folks…

    Give unto caesar is just one out of many they do not understand…

    Tell me you oh so righteous ones who berate me for my views, what exactly belongs to caesar according to the Bible…
    Nothing… Nada… Zilch…
    Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or so surface oriented spiritually that lukewarm does not even begin to describe them… (and they most certainly have never read their Bible with eyes that can see)

    EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE BELONGS TO GOD ALMIGHTY, including you, and your soul… Every penny, every dollar, every car, every home, every plant, every animal, every single thing in the entire universe… It all belongs to God…

    There is only one thing I know of that you have that you can take… – Action -… Your actions belong to you… And even that is debatable in some instances…

    Tell me you oh so righteous ones who berate me for my views, if the apostles and disciples were indeed supposed to follow the letters of the laws laid out for them by authorities, why did these same apostles and disciples refuse to do so??? Why did they deny caesar his due??? Why did they not follow the law and bow before caesar??? Why were some let down walls in baskets, avoiding the long arm of the law,??? Why did they flee when the authorities, be it the temple authorities or the regional authorities, seek them for questioning???

    Nobody I know looks deeply at these things…

    Most Christians indeed worship society and not God…
    It has fallen so far, that indeed Christians have gone from loving their neighbor, to worshiping the framework of societal structure that they THINK sustains themselves and their neighbor… (Heres a hint, it aint that framework or the society that it supports that sustains you)

    It is truly disgusting to hear peeps ask if they think many Christians WILL be fooled by the antichrist and false prophet… When oh so many already have been and dont even know it…

    And to top it off, almost Everyone wants to stay on the popular and emotional subjects and never deal with these more weighty matters in any form whatsoever…
    It is stomach turning…
    Peeps better wake up…
    When I talk about the hard questions Our Lord raises in us through His Word, it includes some of these things…
    In Jesus Christ, forever and ever and ever…

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      Well said. Sobering to read.

      • Jeff Benton

        Thanks… next time someone berates you about your church being a method of control… Just calmly look at em and say “Gee, last I looked it wasn’t my church handing out birth certificates.”
        They wont have a clue what your talking about… But it is fun none the less 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • richinnameonly

          Yeah, many really don’t have a clue and a lot of them don’t care to know about things that would “rain on their parade”. The closer we get to the end the more relevant Matt 24:39 becomes.

    • filomena seiffert

      We really need to relay in God alone and accept death as a liberation from evil. As Jesus said, do not fear the ones that can kill the body, fear the ones that can kill the soul. I keep saying: God first, family second, country third. What we see are many worshiping, their governments, not even the land and this is the reason the majority are deceived and never learn.

      • Jeff Benton

        I think I know what your tryin to say… Thanks filomena…

        • filomena seiffert

          YOU ARE WELCOME. I follow your line of thinking

    • jami

      We need more thinkers like you Jeff. God bless you.

      • Jeff Benton

        We have a bunch of awesome peeps here thats for sure!!!! Thanks!

        • jami

          Totally agree with ya

    • Jeff Benton

      So… here is a lil write up I just did 🙂 🙂 Enjoy… (Haven’t proof read it in depth yet…)

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Hinduism aka Brahminism is a demonic introduced invented religion that ruined entire south Asia. Prior to that, Jainism, shramana religions were the original religions along with animism. Some fool came in from Afghanistan/central Asia with the vedas, where fire was worshiped. No monkey, no cow, no elephant, only fire was initially worshiped clearly scribbled in a cold climate region in central Asia. Monkey, cow, rat, elephant was all added later after the migrants moved into India. All this clearly showing an outside origin. The most disgusting religion ever to come to India. Most modern Hindus are converts to Brahminism, having left their ancestral animist and Jain religions for few sacks of rice that the Brahmins offered. Demons introduced themselves as gods. When Buddhism was there, some sense prevailed, even that was wiped out by the shrewd Brahmin thugs.

    • Ceirwyn

      It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when it’s the Muslims turn. Though I think they’ll team up for awhile.

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        They are more organized than Christians in India, per-say. Indian Christians are very divided based on denominations, former “castes”, class, region, languages list is endless unfortunately. Muslims more or less tend to think Islam first, attitude, although they too have their differences and squabbles, but are prepared to stand as a bloc (mostly if not all)

  • filomena seiffert

    This sickening. The spiritual battle reached its climax, look like

  • filomena seiffert

    The Jews received a stretch of land to create Israel, why not get some land to house the persecuted Christians of the world?

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      Jews got the land from God, from Abraham’s time. They didn’t “receive a stretch of land” from U.N or any person to “create” Israel. Filomena. What happened in late 1940s was a restoration.

      • filomena seiffert

        Jews lost the land in 73 AD. Jews told the Jews the Kingdom would be taken from them and be given to other people.

    • rodolfo

      Very good question.

      • filomena seiffert

        It would be good if all denominations calling themselves Christians get together and contribute with money to buy a big land and make it the Christian country, where only Christian would be aloud to live there, the persecuted ones, far from muslim land.

        • rodolfo

          Another very good concept. However, will it not affect the refinement process? Lucky are those who died without renouncing or still embracing Jesus Christ. Surely they shall receive the just reward from Heaven.

  • filomena seiffert

    Well, some televangelist have 5 mansions, collection of expensive cars, 3 jets. How you compare those?

  • Grace Ziem

    Like Islam, Hinduism can’t compete with Christ. Thus threats and intimidation is used, to interfere with freedom of faith. Only by coercion can false religion be sustained.

    • Marie Halligan

      I was on YT and whilst reading to a comment comparing Islam unfavourably with Christianity,it struck me- despite all the attempts to destroy our faith over the 2000 years,it not only survives,but spreads and even thrives in some parts of the world.Hinduism has never really caught on outside India and Islam has only really survived and spread due to it’s inherent violence. Even so,it is actually failing and Muslims are apostasisng in droves despite the death threat! This is Christ Triumphant! Every time I am feeling down and overwhelmed by the horror of this world from now on I will remind myself of this.

      • Grace Ziem

        Dear Marie: These things are prophesied, but after them, Christ will return and take us with Him to His eternal paradise. If you want additional explanation of this, you could watch the Revelation series on We love and support each other during these difficult times; our eternal character being further formed. Be of good courage, He tells us, “I have overcome the world”
        (John 16:22)…”.In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Blessings, sister!

  • Marie Halligan

    I think money is the god of a lot of people these days!