The Government Of Texas Just Made A New Law: Christian Adoption Agencies Will Have The Right To Not Give Children To Homosexuals

By Theodore Shoebat

The government of Texas just made a new law that allows Christian adoption agencies to not give children to homosexual perverts. God bless Texas for this! According to one report:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott yesterday signed into law a bill that protects Christian adoption agencies from being forced to place children in homosexual-led households that intentionally deny the child a mother or a father.

HB 3859, the Freedom to Serve Children Act, allows faith-based adoption and foster care organizations to receive state funding without fear of legal retribution for declining to place children in homosexual-led households. Other conscience objections such as placing children with single or divorced adults are also covered.

“We are very grateful to Governor Abbott for signing HB 3859, and for all of the hard work of Rep. James Frank and Senator Charles Perry to pass this bill that will allow faith-based foster care and adoption agencies in Texas to serve the children of Texas while maintaining our faith teachings,” said Jennifer Carr Allmon, executive director of the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops. “Our ministries throughout the state are actively seeking new ways to be of service to the children of Texas and welcome all people of good will to join us in these endeavors.”

The Lone Star State joins South Dakota, which enacted a similar law in March, Alabama, Michigan, North Dakota, and Virginia in passing laws protecting faith-based adoption agencies, U.S. News reported.

The Supreme Court’s imposed legalization of national homosexual “marriage” in the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges ruling, combined with spreading “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” nondiscrimination laws, has threatened the freedom of Catholic and religious adoption agencies to operate according to their own teachings.

In Boston, Illinois, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, Catholic adoption agencies closed themselves down rather than be forced by the state to put children in homosexual-led households.

The State of Texas is absolutely right for doing this! By passing this law, it is protecting vulnerable orphans from being taken by perverts. The only reason why sodomites want to adopt children is to recruit them into their homosexual cult; they also want children to molest them, both spiritually and physically, forcing them into their depravities. The sodomites want to sexually assault children. Normal people produce; sodomites recruit. This is the bottom line. Russia made a law preventing Americans from adopting Russian children. This may appear to be harsh or overly discriminatory, but looking at America and how it is advancing the sodomite religion, I do not blame the Russians. They were two Australian sodomites who adopted a Russian boy and they forced this child to be raped by numerous sodomites. Before they were caught, these sodomites were hailed as ‘heroes’:


The homosexual onslaught is an imperialist one; it seems to rule the world and impose itself on all nations, and punish the ones that resist. That is why I agree with the Serbs and Russians striking the sodomites on the streets. I made a video in honor of the Christians who are resisting this imperialism:

We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath Is About To Commence As The Empire Of The Antichrist Will Rise Up. This Is Why I Wrote The Book, Christianity Is At War, The Most Exhaustive Study Ever Done On Christian Warfare. Click Here To Get The Book Today And Prepare Your Soul For The War That Is To Come.  

  • DantesRivers

    I agree every orphan child should be placed in stable heterosexual mother and father household if at all possible.

    • filomena seiffert


  • DantesRivers

    I remember being a young boy in the early sixties when prayer was removed from the public schools in the USA. It has been a roller coaster ride into cultural he!! ever since. The cultural changes in my lifetime have been staggering.

  • Kamau41

    This is such AWESOME news to hear indeed!! God bless Gov. Gregg Abbott and the state of Texas big time for enacting and enforcing this very righteous law to protect innocent children, while also fighting against this increasingly diabolical/wicked homo-tyranny ideology. We definitely need more laws like this one to be enforced.

    We pray that other states will do the same in the future….

  • Wilma Mills

    YAY TEXAS !!!!!

  • susan

    “Normal people produce; Sodomites recruit. This is the bottom line.”

    Thank God for sane governors like Abbott who aren’t afraid to protect the innocent from a life with sexual deviants.

  • magaforever

    Good news folks!! Trump doj has issued arrest warrants for turkish dictator erDOGans cowardly security savages for assaulting peaceful protesters in the U.s. during a may visit and erDOGan is really whining about it like the punk he is.. All they had to do was not act like stupid muslim turk savages but thankfully for us they did so hopefully this is what seals their fate and ultimately leads america to slaughter the antichrist rats and cast them into the pit..

    • ace

      Great news! Thanks for the link!.

    • Grace Ziem

      It is Christ, not humans, that cast them into the pit; please read your Bible.

      • magaforever

        Oh really?? But ezekiel says “THEY will bring YOU(antichrist) down to the pit”..Ezekiel 28:7-8New International Version (NIV)

        7 I am going to bring foreigners against you,
        the most ruthless of nations;
        they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom
        and pierce your shining splendor.
        8 They will bring you down to the pit,
        and you will die a violent death
        in the heart of the seas.

        Maybe you should read the bible more..

        • Grace Ziem

          Good, she needs company; it is fitting that the 2 most angry people posting here should stick together!

          • magaforever

            Yep i know that verse too…nice dodge after i crushed your false ASSertion…it is actually you who has no love running around pretending to be a theologian trying to school me and everyone else…but you completely ignore the God breathed scripture that refutes your idiocy out of the PRIDE of your heart ..NOT LOVE

          • Grace Ziem

            It wasn’t a “dodge”; it was an attempt to say that to Christ our love is more important than arguments about scripture details. Since you asked, these are the verses I had in mind:

            “Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain.

            and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”

            You insult God by calling ANY scripture “a dodge”, sir. He inspires ALL of it. This arrogance is what has driven people out of the Catholic church.

          • magaforever

            Lol who said i was a catholic??? Your ASSumptions are what drives people from your protestant individualist interpreter religions…and that verse doesnt say that Christ himself throws them into the pit…you always claim love while only coming to “correct” /try to school people…but youre false most of the time if not all

          • Her love is always coming to a comment in an attempt to stop anyone from exposing error or sharing news. Your comment five days ago was a good one and even positive about Trump and its about justice regarding the Turks, but she immediately snuck in and put her nose to talk about her ‘phony love’.

          • Grace Ziem

            Can’t he protect himself? I gave the scripture I used, he can’t stick to the issue, he has lost on substance and now you need to bail him out? This website keeps degenerating with this stupid stuff, Walid.

          • magaforever

            Lol lost on substance?? WHERE does scripture you posted say christ himself casts antichrist into the pit?? Answer dont dodge again

          • magaforever

            Seeing all the fake love and hypocritical slander is what makes me believe in catholic orthodox doctrine.. Their lies and slander will be their own undoing.

  • Kevin Nicholson

    Lord God have mercy on the boy(s) and send Christian mentors for healing, training and discipline in our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Death to the POS sodomite agenda.

  • Raph Sebastian

    All that is evil has to be fought. And all those that repent from their evil ways will be given absolution through confession. We have to pray for those that seek to turn away from evil and to gain salvation through the Sacraments the LORD instituted through His Church.

    The hymn written by St. Thomas Aquinas, PANIS ANGELICUS to remind us of how much we need the Eucharist to be saved.

    Panis Angelicus fit panis hominum
    Dat panis coelicus figuris terminum
    O res mirabilis!

    Manducat Dominum
    Pauper, pauper, servus et humilis
    Pauper, pauper, servus et humilis

    The angel’s bread becomes the bread of men
    The heavenly bread ends all symbols
    Oh, miraculous thing!

    The body of the Lord will nourish
    The poor, poor, and humble servant
    The poor, poor, and humble servant

    • Brenda

      This is close to my thoughts today as well Raph, If the world was truly ending say by earthquakes and storms, I don’t really see myself wishing death on even those who are causing us trouble today. Some are mislead, confused, lost, believe in the propaganda and lies they were fed etc.. I’d rather pray that they see things clearer and wake up before it is too late than to have so many die.

      • Generalissimo R M Chair

        You’re a saint, Brenda, bless you. On my better days I try to have the same sort of prayer.

      • Raph Sebastian

        I feel the same too, Brenda. We must unceasingly pray for all those that want to repent and for those to realize the deception of the diabolical. But those that remain and push the evil agenda we must fight to the bitter end.

  • Ukchristian

    Wonderful news for Texas! This is something I feel strongly about as I adopted two girls and opposed the right of homosexuals to adopt in our country; I canvassed my member of parliament who being a Christian shared my view point, alas at the national level we lost.

    I understand your hatred and see that you take Romans 1 to heart. However, or “Therefore” as chapter 2 continues if you condemn them you condemn yourself; ouch!!!!!!!! We too are worthy of death. You can conclude the paragraph yourself.

    “May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.”

  • Paul Doyle

    Praise God!