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israel poland debate

Major Polish politician sets Jewish consultant straight on Poland, and declares: ‘I am a Roman Catholic, I revere the Jewish history in the Old Testament. Poles fought to the death to rescue Jews from the Nazis.’

By Theodore Shoebat A major Polish politician, Dominik Tarczyński, who is also a Catholic activist and publicist, did a very good job in a debate with Jewish consultant, Shai Franklin. Tarczynski declared that he is a Roman Catholic, and therefore reveres the Jewish history that is recounted in the Old Testament, and that Poles fought to the death […]

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Watch The Future Of The Conservative Movement As Speaker Is Jeered And Thrown Out Of The Largest Conservative Political Conference In The USA For Criticizing A Christian Hating Nazi Sympathizer

Courtesy of The Right Scoop: Conservative columnist Mona Charen called out the hypocrisy on the right over women’s issues, but that was just a warm up for what came next. Then she got really gutsy and called CPAC a “DISGRACE” for having a speaker from the Le Pen family!! I mean, she’s not wrong, but […]

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China Ariticial Intelligence

Chinese Scientists Are Racing To Develop A.I. Killer Robots And May Surpass The US In Innovation

As the US is building up AI robots and programs so is the Chinese, and according to a recent story the Chinese may threaten to surpass the US in AI innovation: When a Google computer program beat the world’s best player of an ancient Chinese board game last May, it might have seemed like an […]

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Major Mexican Drug Cartel Now Promotes Cannibalism, Has New Recruits Torture And Murder Man, Then Cut Off His Limbs And Eat Them

The horrors of the drug cartels have now embraced the pagan practice of cannibalism. The Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion has now had as part of its “initiation” for new members to torture and murder people, then dismember the bodies and eat the limbs: Cannibalism, the possible challenge of initiation of youth to the CJNG, […]

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