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Sixteen People Murdered By Islamic Terrorists In Oil-Rich Part Of Mozambique

Sixteen people were murdered by Islamic terrorists in an oil-rich area in Mozambique according to a report: An apparent insurgent attack in northern Mozambique killed 16 people on Tuesday in the deadliest attack so far in the remote region, local sources told AFP on Friday, May 31. Militant Islamists have been blamed for attacks on […]

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High School Female Sodomite Mutilates Her Genitals, Is Crowned “Prom King”

The acceptance of Sodom continues among the Zoomer generation as is reflected in a recent story out of Massachusetts where a female high schooler and sodomite mutilated her genitals with the help of her parents and medical doctors, and has “become” a male and was crowned “Prom King” according to a report: A female student […]

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41% Of All College Students Do Not Believe That “Hate Speech” Should Be Protected

Free speech is considered one of the “core” values of America, and is ideally manifested on the college campus. However, this has been under attack, and the campus is now viewed by many as a battleground where certain ideas are tolerated and others are viciously persecuted. Now the very concept of free speech seems to […]

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The Government Of Italy Takes Away Steve Bannon’s Rights To Use Monastery To Plan Nationalist Uprising In Europe

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Italy just revoked Steve Bannon’s right to use an ancient monastery as a headquarters to conspire a nationalist uprising in Europe. According to a report from Vox: Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon’s plans for a far-right nationalist school have been halted by Italian authorities. Bannon hoped to […]

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abortion for aids research

How AIDS Research Is Being Used To Justify Experiments On Aborted Human Fetuses

By Theodore Shoebat AIDS research is being used to justify experiments on aborted (murdered) human human fetuses. And the US government actually wants this evil to continue on. The US government’s most high ranking research agency, the National Institute of Health (NIH), is working to extend and resume this diabolical research on a disease that […]

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