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Satan Worshipper In Louisiana Burns Down Three Churches And Declares: ‘I Want Christians To Be Scared’

By Theodore Shoebat A Satanist in Louisiana burned down three black churches and declared: “I want them to be scared,” as we read in a report from WAFB9: Holden Matthews, the man accused of setting fire to three historic black churches in St. Landry Parish, took photographs of his crimes as they occurred on his […]

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Hans Gielen

German Businessman In Poland Secretly Recorded By Polish Employee Saying “I Hate All Poles”, “You’re Sh*t,” “I Am A Nazi”, “I Am A Hitler” And “I Would Kill All Poles, I Would Not Have A Problem With It”

This story was back in February 2019, but it is worth reporting on again in light of the rise of nationalism in Germany. It is important not to forget that the conflicts of the past are as real today as they were then. Germany has historically waged war against Poland and severely persecuted her. Today, […]

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martha albishara

Police Release Bodycam Video Of 87-Year-Old Arab Woman Getting Tazed While Picking Dandelions

In August 2018, reported on the case of an elderly Arab woman who was tazed by Georgia police while picking flowers. Video has just been released of the woman from police cameras according to local reports: Chatsworth Police Chief Josh Etheridge and Officer Steven Marshall picked dandelion leaves away from Martha Al-Bishara’s cupped hands, […]

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image of assualt miltary

Four American Special Operations Soldiers Arrested For Murdering Green Beret After Plotting To Rape Him

While many people are “celebrating pride,” there is another scandal that has been ignored, which is the epidemic of sodomite rape in the military and its cover up. However, while many of the crimes are hidden, one has recently come to light where four American Special Operations soldiers were arrested on murder charges of a […]

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jaron bloshinsky

“Transgenders” Do Not Have Vaginas- They Masturbate Into Festering Medical Wounds (GRAPHIC PHOTOS- NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

The sodomite teenager Jaron Bloshinsky, known as “Jazz Jennings”, had his genitals mutilated in a show promoting said practices to people, including children, and is now the voice of a cartoon character promoting sodomite behavior: When Hulu debuts its new animated series “The Bravest Knight,” people may recognize one of the characters’ voices – Broward […]

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Parents In Canada Sue School For Teaching Their Child That She Can Be A Boy

By Theodore Shoebat Parents in Canada are suing a school for teaching their child that she could be a boy, as we read in a report from the Christian Post: An Ontario couple has filed a complaint in the provincial Human Rights court against the school system after their six-year-old daughter was taught gender fluidity […]

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