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Iran-Contra Is Back As Tehran, Moscow Pursue New Relations With Nicaragua

In many regions of the world, there are ‘wildcard’ areas that are less inclined to the social and political tendencies of their neighbors. In the case of Central America, Nicaragua is one of those regions, as the small nation is a long-time Soviet and Iranian ally, and ha been a ‘thorn in the side’ of […]

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“Protests” For The Election, And A Lesson From Monty Python

Comedy is funny because it is a reflection of what are often uncomfortable realities through extreme exaggeration. One of the ‘classic’ comedy films still is the famous “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, where the bumbling Python troupe takes the role of knights in the arthurian legend and attempts to find the Holy Grail. There […]

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Looks Like Migrant Is Back On The Menu, Boys

In the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, two of the protagonists, Merry and Pippin, are captured by an orc army. While in their captivity, the army becomes hungry and threatens to eat them. The orc commander tells the other orcs that they are not to be eaten, but brought intact to one of the […]

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Claim: Erdogan Selling Out Fellow Turkic Uyghurs To China In Exchange For COVID Vaccines

President Erdogan of Turkey is showing signs suggesting he wants to crown himself a new sultan in the Islamic world and representative of the Turkic peoples. The political and social implications for this are vast and could reshape the politics for the next century. However, as much as Erdogan wants to rise, there are many […]

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NRA Files For Bankruptcy, Moves To Texas

The NRA was founded six years after the end of the Civil War to uphold the rights of Americans to own guns. They have been chartered in New York state ever since 1871, but now according to CNBC, a historic shift is taking place right now as the NRA is filing for bankruptcy and moving […]

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Have Computer, Will Travel

Do you have a computer? And do you work from it? If those answers are both “yes”, and your job is considered to be ‘above average’ for income levels, then the world just may be a place for you to work it, for as the Internet has enabled people to transcend geographical boundaries, ‘e-work visa’ […]

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Violence Befalls Central African Republic Again

Violence in African nations was one of the leading causes for the migration wave of 2015 and 2016. As such, watching political trends in Africa can be a way to monitor and keep track of potential waves of migration that may attempt to come to Europe. Right now, there are already serious political conflicts in […]

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Franklin Graham Declares That Those Who Voted Against Trump Are Like Those Who Betrayed Christ

American Evangelical Protestants have been mocked before, and many times for reasons less than noble. However, sometimes the criticism is deserved, since this particular Christian sect has a long history of being both ignorant of history as well as proclaiming its own knowledge of being the historical church established by Christ in spite of massive […]

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Venice Creates Massive Surveillance Grid

The future of ‘privacy’ is the continued trend of its evisceration to nothing at all, with ‘life’ resembling a future more akin to that of a science fiction novel than anything with freedom. COVID passports are not the only example of this, but rather, how surveillance systems based on supertechnology that once freed man is […]

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Pastor Curses Those Who Did Not Support Trump From The Pulpit

Perhaps the most concerning trend developed over the Trump administration was the obsession with political ‘cults of personality’, something that has generally disastrous consequences no matter what the situation. In the case of the US, it showed people having an abnormal like of and pastors willing to give an abnormal level of support for Trump. […]

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Print, Grandpa, Print

The phrase “Drill, baby, drill” was not first said by but was popularized by Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential debates. In a modified version of that, and citing how I have repeatedly noted that the Federal Reserve Bank wiht the government is going to print much more money in the future and the Biden, […]

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EU Certifies Bugs For Human Consumption

I have noted that “eating bugs” in the literal sense is being pushed and will likely become a reality in the next decade or two, following not any real ‘meat shortages’ at all, but rather the advancement of a philosophy that subjugates the majority of the people to a small minority. Having noted this, the […]

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More Questions Emerge About The “Police Failure” Of The Riots

The phrase “mistakes were made”, or some variant of it, is frequently used in American public relations terminology to obscure the meaning or events that happen in a given scenario where potentially ‘questionable’ activity may have transpired. One recent example of this are the DC riots, which have people asking, such as at NPR, where […]

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Round Two As Trump Faces Second Impeachment Vote

Things are not looking good for Trump. In a update to the current news, it appears that Congress is moving forward and has finalized a historic second impeachment of President Trump. Abandoned by some in his own party, Trump could do nothing but watch history unfold on television. The suspension of his Twitter account deprived […]

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US And Japanese Auto Manufactures Forced To Slow Production Due To Semiconductor Shortage

China has many weaknesses, but one of her strengths is that because she has been so heavily relied upon as a source of cheap labor, many industries were built up in here without necessarily thinking about the consequences for the future. One of those industries is the semiconductor industry, which while not wholly isolated to, […]

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US Introduces ‘Robotic’ Military Vehicles

I have noted that robotics is going to be in a coming global conflict what the machine gun was for World War I and the atom bomb for World War II. He who controls the machines will gain the tactical advantage necessary for victory. As such, the development of AI an AI-robotics systems is going […]

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