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Major Conservative Islamic TV Hostess Known For Bragging About The Hijab Caught On Camera Unveiled And Guzzling Beer In Public While On Vacation

  Azadeh Namdari is a famous TV hostess in Iran known for her conservative views and promoting Islam and Islamic law, especially the Islamic veil. However while on vacation in Switzerland, she was caught on camera not just unveiled, but drinking beer in public according to a recent report: Iranian state television presenter Azadeh Namdari […]

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Lesbian Jailed After Pretending To Be A Man And Sexually Assaulting Woman She Met Online With Fake Penis

A woman in the UK has been arrested and convicted after she pretended to be a man and then had sex with the other woman using a fake penis according to a recent report: A woman who wore a prosthetic penis and tricked her blindfolded friend into sex has been jailed. Gayle Newland, 27, of […]

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Muslim Terrorists Go Door-To-Door Searching For And Shooting Every Person Who Says He Is A Christian

Muslim terrorists from Somalia have been carrying out deadly door-to-door raids in the countryside, now crossing over into Kenya search for Christians to kill. So far at least seven Christians have been murdered according to a recent report: Somali-based terror group al-Shabaab killed seven Christians in a series of deadly raids in Kenya earlier this […]

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Muslim Employer Takes Christian Slave And Beats Him To Death With Sticks

Javed Masih was a poor Christian enslaved to a Muslim master over debt repayment. The Muslim had been harshly treating Javed, making him working long hours and difficult tasks with little breaks and under abusive condition. One day, after he accused him of stealing a motorcycle, he beat him with sticks and other objects so […]

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Major Satanist Group Brags That Over Half Of Its Members Are Practicing Sodomites

It is no surprise that the LGBT brags about demons or the devil, because homosexuality is a vile sin. However, according to a recent statement from a major satanist group, they have confirmed that a large number of their members are in fact LGBT: The co-founder of the Satanic Temple said that he would “not be […]

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Turkish Government Prepares To Release Muslim Butchers Who Made Video Dissecting Three Christians Alive For Hours And Laughing About It In Court Because Of “Legal Inconsistencies”

The three victims Ten years ago, Christian missionary Tilmann Geske and two other Turkish Christians were tortured to death by Muslims in ways almost beyond description. Over a dozen Muslims, five of whom were later convicted and now serving life in prison for their crimes, came to the three Christians pretending to want to learn about the […]

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Bajrang Dal workers carrying Trishul and sword at the Hindu Sangam meet in Ahmedabad on Sunday. express photo javed raja

Hindu Police Arrest Christians For Preaching About Jesus, Beat Them In Prison And Then Say “Pay Us Money Now Or We Will Prosecute You”

  Six Christians were arrested in India for sharing the Gospel. After they were arrested for “unlawful assembly” they were beaten and threatened to pay money or else they would be prosecuted according to a recent report: Berating and slapping a pastor for reading the Bible instead of Hindu texts, police in Uttar Pradesh state, […]

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American Media Freaks Out That McCain Is Dying, Meanwhile Doesn’t Care About Actual Helpless Child Being Tortured To Death By The Government

  Fish left in the refrigerator for 3 days, bread on the counter for 3 weeks, and canned goods on a shelf for 3 years are too old and need to be replaced. So do politicians after 3 decades of failed policies and manipulation of the people one is supposed to represent. Therefore, after three […]

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‘They Told Them To Renounce Christ But They Persevered To The End’ Survivors Tell How ISIS Slaughtered Egyptian Christians Who Refused to Deny Christ

Two months after ISIS terrorists slaughtered 29 Christians in Egypt, the survivors are coming forth with their stories, saying that ISIS told the Christians to renounced Christ and convert to Islam or die. However, all of them refused and accepted death instead according to a recent report: One of the survivors of the massacre of […]

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Christians Fleeing Muslim Lands Are Now Being Persecuted By Muslims In The West And Governments Are Refusing To Help Them

For a full century now Christian refugees have been fleeing Muslim lands for the West. However, with the now large Muslim migrations to the West coordinated by Western elites themselves, Christians are finding themselves at the mercy of the same persecutors they have been fleeing. The situation is such now that there is rampant persecution […]

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Hindu Terrorists On Motorcycles Gun Down Christian Pastor Outside His Church For Preaching The Gospel

Pastor Sultan Masih was known for sharing the Gospel with Hindus. He had been receiving threats, but continued his ministry. Recently he was talking on his phone outside of his church when Hindu terrorists on motorcycles gunned him down according to a recent report: A pastor in northern India’s Punjab state was shot dead in […]

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Christian Teen Arrested And Nobody Knows Where He Is After Muslim Terrorist Supporter Falsely Accuses Him Of ‘Blasphemy’

A 17-Year-Old Christian teenager Shahzad Masih of Pakistan had gotten into an argument with a Muslim pharmacy employee. The details of the conversation are not being released, but according to reports the Muslim after went an accused the teen of ‘blasphemy against Islam.’ The police arrested the teen and now nobody knows where he is […]

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Massive Migration To The American South Will Forever Change The Face Of Dixieland

Mass migration is one of the greatest crises facing the world today as people from all parts over the world are flooding Western nations and changing them forever from within. We and many others have covered the Muslim and African migrations to Europe, the African and Central American Migrations to the liberal states of the […]

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Woman Pours Gasoline On Her Boyfriend And Sets Him On Fire, Then Pours Buckets Of Her Own Urine She Was Saving In Her House To Put The Fire Out

A Pennsylvania woman tried to murder her live-in boyfriend by pouring gasoline on him and setting him on fire while he was sleeping. When he started screaming, she grabbed buckets of her own urine which she had been saving up in the house and poured them on him to put the fire out: Authorities allege […]

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Two Muslims Come To Christ, Police Arrest The Men And Islamic Court Sentences Them To Decades In Prison

Two Muslims in Iran found Christ and abandoned Islam. However, once their conversion was discovered the men were arrested and after being quickly tried in and Islamic court were jailed for a combined 25 years according to a recent report: Two Iranian converted Christians “Amin Naderi” and “Hadi Asgari” were sentenced to prison terms in […]

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