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Muslims Kidnap, Strip Naked, And Beat 70-Year-Old Christian Woman In Public, The Court Drops The Charges Against Her Attackers And Police Tell Her ‘It Is Your Job To Reconcile With The Muslims’

Last year we reported how three hundred Muslims kidnapped, stripped naked, and beat an elderly Christian woman because of a rumor her son was having an affair with a Muslim. Her case just finished up in court, and not only were all charges dropped against her attackers, the police told her that it was her […]

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Muslim Tries To Rape Teen Girl, She Tells Him “Meet Me Back Here Tomorrow,” She Calls The Police And He Gets Busted The Next Day When He Comes To Meet Her

One of Europe’s “new” Muslims tried to rape a 13-year-old girl. Thinking fast, she told him that she would meet him there tomorrow- but not after telling her parents and setting up a sting with the local police. Now her would-be molester is sitting in a prison cell: But when the Algerian man, 34, returned […]

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Christians Complain About Muslims Blaspheming Christ In Anglican Church During Services, Now UK Police Are Investigating Christians For “Hate Crimes” Against Muslims

Several days ago, we wrote about how an Anglican Church in the UK invited a Muslim in to blaspheme Christ on the holiday of the Epiphany. In an Orwellian move, UK police are investigating Christians for “hate crimes” after some Christians complained about the Muslim’s blasphemy online: Offensive comments directed at clergy at St Mary’s […]

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Muslim Men Kidnap Swedish Woman, Take Her To A Muslim-Owned Store, Chain Her To A Water Pipe In The Basement And Take Turns Savagely Raping Her

In a shocking story out of Sweden, several Muslims have been arrested for kidnapping a young Swedish woman, chaining her to a water pipe in the basement of a Muslim-owned vape shop, and then keeping her as a sex slave: Originally there were seven Arab men arrested for kidnapping a woman at gunpoint and raped […]

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‘Everybody Will Be Muslim Because Of Our Stupidity’ Respected Catholic Archbishop Blasts ‘Weak,’ ‘Decadent’ Church, Moral Decay And Rise Of Islam And Paganism

In a scathing and long overdue realtalk criticism of the situation of the Church in Europe and with Islam, Archbishop Carlo Liberati said that because of the moral decadence of the European people they have become modern day pagans who have rejected Christianity and hurt the most vulnerable among them and that people are refusing […]

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German Man Declares ‘We Are Sick Of Immigrants And We Are Going To Teach You A Lesson’

This video is a parody made by a German man named Hagen Grell on his Youtube channel. While done as a parody, the attitude in the video is EXACTLY what we have been warning would rise up in Germany regarding Islam, Muslims, and ultimately anybody who looks like he was not born there: Germans are angry, […]

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Muslim Suicide Bomber Goes Into Grocery Store In Spain, Shouts “Allahu Akbar” And Then Starts Shooting, Off-Duty Police Officer Stops Him

  More details are emerging about this story, and we will update them as they come in. The man who did this was from Bilbao, which is the Basque region of Spain. While his identity is yet to be revealed, was he possibly a convert? AN off-duty policeman has prevented a possible terrorist bloodbath, arresting […]

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Church Invites Muslims To Recite Koran And Blaspheme Jesus’ Divinity During Services For Epiphany

Epiphany is one of the important holy days of the Christian year, as it is the celebration of the revelation of God to the world through the coming of the Wise Men. On this holy day, the Anglican Communion’s Church of St. Mary’s in Glasgow, Scotland invited a Muslim woman to recite part of the […]

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New Report Lists 50 Hardest Countries To Be A Christian In- Muslim Countries Make 9 Of The Top Ten And 75% Overall

In a recent report by Open Doors USA, a major group that helps persecuted Christians worldwide, they listed the 50 most difficult countries to be a Christian in. Not surprisingly, Muslim countries made up 9 of the top 10 and 75% of the overall list: Persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA has ranked the top […]

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Muslim Woman Bedridden For A Year With Grave Illness Is Miraculously Cured After Her Husband Prays For Healing In The Name Of Jesus, Now They Are Both Christians And Their Testimony Is Winning Muslims For Christ

In a wonderful story shared by a former Muslim turned Christian who is living in Germany, he testified how his uncle became a Christian after he cried out to God to heal his bedridden wife, at which he heard a voice from above tell him to pray in the name of Jesus for healing, after […]

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Muslim Terrorists Attack Random Christian Village And Slaughter 10 Christians Just Because They Could

The locals are in shock at what happened and are asking what they did to cause this. As we have said before, the answer is that there is no love in Islam, it teaches its followers to hate Christians because they are Christians and gives them license to slaughter Christians at will if they choose […]

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Volební spot prezidentského kandidáta Miloše Zemana měl 13. prosince premiéru v pražském kině Mat.

‘We Do Not Want Muslims Because They Refuse To Integrate’ Czech President Joins Eastern Europe And Takes A Stand Against Islam And Muslims

Germany has been trying to force Eastern Europe to take Muslims into their nations against their will. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia have been speaking out, and now Czech Republic President Milos Zeman has taken a public stand against the Muslims, saying that the reason the Czech Republic doesn’t want Muslims is because Muslims refuse to integrate: […]

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Scores of Muslims Turning to Christ in Middle East; Churches Are Expecting Millions of Converts

This move away from Islam is not just in the Middle East, but it is in Europe as well. The Churches of Europe are literally overflowing with not just Christians from the Middle East, but new converts from Muslim backgrounds as one report notes: Thousands of Muslims are turning to Jesus Christ and what they […]

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Nigerian Christians Declare National Day Of Mourning For Its Persecuted By Muslim Terrorists

Nigeria is one of the fastest growing spots for Christianity in Africa. For centuries a bastion of Islam and Paganism, Christianity has taken the nation by storm and in response, Muslim terrorists have been waging an all-out war of Christians. Thousands of Christians have been killed, maimed, displaced, or dispossessed in this conflict. Yet in […]

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Muslim Gangs Are Kidnapping Christian Children, Forcibly Converting Them To Islam, And Then Peddling Them Out Of The Islamic Schools

In a recent story, police in Bangladesh have been hunting down gangs of Muslims who are abducting, forcibly converting to Islam, and then peddling children from poor Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu families out of the madrasas. So far, 72 children have been rescued: There is an alarming presence of forced religious conversion of indigenous children […]

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Cedric Herrou, a 37-year-old farmer, arrives at the Courthouse in Nice on November 23, 2016, to attend his trial for allegedly assisting migrants to remain illegally in France
A teacher-researcher of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and a farmer, supported by several political parties and associations, arrived today to appear for facilitating the irregular stay of migrants at court in Nice. / AFP PHOTO / Yann COATSALIOU

The Face Of Treason: French Farmer Arrested And On Trial For Directly Aiding Untold Numbers Of Muslims To Illegally Cross Into France

This here is the face of treason. This man does not consider himself a traitor. He thinks that he is doing something good. However, the fact is this man is what the Soviets called a “useful idiot”. Outside of people who are intentionally doing this for private gain (which we have documented here), it is […]

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