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Mexican Drug Cartel Murders Two People, Saws Their Limbs Off And Stuffs Them In Plastic Garbage Bags And Leaves Them On The Side Of The Road

Mexican drug cartels took a man and a woman, murdered them, and then hacked off their limbs and torso, stuffed the pieces into a plastic garbage bag, and dumped the bags on the side of the road according to a report: On Tuesday morning, the dismembered bodies of two people, a man and a woman, […]

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Russia Television Station Declares ‘We Will Buy Any Homosexual A One-Way Ticket To California If You Emigrate And Do Not Return To Russia,’ Dozens Of Homosexuals Contact The Station And Ask For Tickets

A Russian television station, Tsargrad, announced that it will buy any homosexual who can show proof of his homosexuality a one-way ticket to California or any other area in the world so long as they leave Russia and do not return. In response dozens of homosexuals have contacted the station bringing medical certificates, photos, and […]

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After Murdering Christian Man In Egypt, Muslim Terrorists Declare They Are Just Getting Started And Will ‘Kill More Copts’

Days after murdering a Christian man for having a cross tattoo, Muslim terrorists have said they are just getting started and have promised to “kill more Copts” according to report: Militants belonging to the ‘State of Sinai’ group in Egypt have promised to “kill more Copts” after murdering a 27-year-old Coptic man because of the […]

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Major “Catholic” University Approves “LGBT Only” Housing On Campus

Georgetown University, which is known for being “Catholic” in name but not at all in practice, just approved housing designated only for “LGBT” students according to a report: In a startling move for a university that claims to be Catholic, Jesuit-run Georgetown University announced this week that it will offer LGBT-only campus housing. Perhaps more […]

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Muslim Man Beats His Wife To Death With A Hammer And Then Stabs Her Six Times, Takes Her Body Into The Woods And Sets It On Fire And Then Tries To Hide The Evidence From The Police

Sinead Wooding converted to Islam after she married Akshar Ali, a Muslim man with a long history of domestic violence. Early into the marriage he banned her from seeing her friends and family. The tension build between the two until one day in the heat of a argument he picked up a hammer and beat […]

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Mexican Drug Cartel Terrorists Take Nine People And Execute Them, Then Dismember Their Bodies And Stuff The Pieces Into A Van

Hundreds of people have been murdered already in Mexico by drug cartels and the numbers are rising, making Mexico one of the most dangerous places in the world after Syria and Iraq. In another horrible story of the cartel violence, narco terrorists executed nine people, dismembered the bodies, and stuffed the pieces into a van […]

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Muslim Mob Attacks And Destroys Church While Protesting To Show Their Support Of Terrorist Sheikh

Sheikh Guyo Gorsa was arrested by police for promoting terrorism and using the Islamic school where he taught to recruit new members for Al-Shabaab, an Islamic terror group that has butchered hundreds of Christians and caused thousands more to flee for their lives. In a demonstration showing support for the Sheikh, protesters destroyed a church […]

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Three “Masked Gunmen” In Egypt Execute Random Christian Man, Authorities Say ‘This Was Another Act Of Islamic Terrorism’

Islamic terrorist attacks in Egypt against Christian are skyrocketing. Dozens have already been killed this year, including a 35-year-old Christian man who was shot to death this weekend according to a report: Egyptian security officials say gunmen have shot dead a Christian man in the turbulent north of the Sinai Peninsula, the latest attack to […]

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Muslims Kidnap Christian Woman, Tie Her Up, Drug Her And Rape Her For Two Days And Leave Her Tied To A Chair At The Home Of The Rapists’ Uncle

Thankfully a man said that he saw her or else she may have never been found. A Christian woman in Pakistan was kidnapped by a gang of Muslims, tied up, drugged, raped for two days, and then left tied to a chair at their uncle’s home: A Christian woman from Gujranwala, Pakistan was brutally gang-raped […]

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28-Year-Old Man Shoots His Elderly Mother In The Head And Kills Her After Argument Over Losing A Video Game

A 28-year-old man shot his mother in the head and killed her after an argument with her over losing a video game according to a report: A California man fatally shot his 68-year-old mother Friday night after losing a video game, police said. Investigators told KCRA that 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson was alone in his room […]

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‘Homosexuals Are Psychologically Ill, They Can Never Be In ‘Good Conscience’ Because The Bible Says Their Behavior Is Filthy And Evil, And If They Do Not Stop Then God Will Destroy Them Just Like How He Destroyed Sodom And Gomorrah’- Major Catholic Cardinal Publicly Condemns The Evil That Is The LGBT

The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin which is “worthy of death” in both the Old and New Testaments, including from St. Paul. In a recent statement, Cardinal Juan Iniguez of Mexico recalled St. Paul’s condemnation of homosexuality, saying that it’s a “psychological illness” that is evil, that homosexual can never be in “good […]

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Baltimore Teenagers Attack Elderly Man, Rob Him And Then Steal His Car And Run Over Him For Fun

Fortunately the man survived but not without serious injuries, and the teenagers who committed the act were apprehended: Four teens in Baltimore County have been arrested after police allege they brutally attacked an elderly man and drove over him with his own car before they stole it. The teens — Darian Maurice Hicks, 16; Taizjuan […]

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German Government Rips Down 125-Year-Old Church In Order To ‘Make Room’ For A Coal Mining Pit

While there has been much said about the decline of Christianity in Germany, in a small story, a major church that stood for 125 years was purposefully destroyed to make way for a coal mining operation: The church in the western German town of Immerath was one of the last major structures to remain standing. […]

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Muslim Terrorists Are Wiping Out Entire Christian Villages And Kidnapping The Survivors In A Massive War Against Christianity In Nigeria

Islamic terrorists from the northern regions of Nigeria have been waging an all-out war on Christianity throughout the country. Entire villages have been depopulated, churches destroyed, and countless people kidnapped and held for ransom. Christians live in constant fear of Muslim gangs who remain on the hunt for Christians to kidnap and hold captive according […]

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Three Christians From Nepal Are Arrested And Jailed In India For The ‘Crime’ Of “Spreading Christianity”

Three Christians from Nepal were arrested in India while handing out Christian literature. They were charged with “insulting the Hindu gods” and “spreading Christianity” according to a report: Three Nepalese Christians who shared Christian materials in Shahjahanpur city in India have been arrested and sent to jail after some locals accused them of spreading Christianity […]

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Fifty-Five Christians Have Been Murdered And Two Hundred Homes Burned By Muslim Terrorists In Just ONE State In Nigeria Last Week And The Violence Is Getting Worse

Almost half of Nigeria’s population is Christian and the numbers continue to grow, and with that violence against Christians in Nigeria continues to increase. Just last week alone 55 Christians were killed and 200 murdered in ONE state by Islamic terrorists according to a report: Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) said Fulani herdsmen are attacking and […]

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