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US Military Deploys Troops To Saudi Arabia

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran have increased dramatically on the world stage after the drone strikes on Saudi ARAMCO facilities. Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of ordering the strike, although the circumstances have yet to be clearly investigated and potentially suggest more that what is immediately available. Having noted this, US Defense Secretary Mark […]

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Could Women Lead The Way In Undermining The Current Standard For The Age Of Consent?

The age of consent is regarded usually in Western society as the age at which a person is considered to be an adult as well as is able to engage in adult things including enlisting in the army, marital relations, buying cigarettes, and with the notable exception of the US, to consume alcohol. There are […]

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Harlots Are The Rocks Of Society That Can Be Turned Over And Reveal What Is Underneath

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that man is made up of both body and soul. It is a miracle to consider how the two interact with each other. The body dies, the soul lives on and is independent of the body, and St. Paul says that in the resurrection man will be reunited […]

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US Drone Slaughters Thirty Innocent People In Afghanistan

A U.S. drone attack killed at least 30 pine nut farmers and wounded at least 40 others in Afghanistan this past Wednesday night. It was the most recent round of murders of innocent civilians by US forces as according to reports, the farmers were finishing up work and were sitting by a fire when the […]

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obama stop

Christians Need To Just Stop With The Political “Calls To Action”, They Are Useless And Ignore Reality

“It’s the end of America.” “If the “liberals” win this one, it’s all over.” “The Democrats want to do (insert bad things here), this is the last chance to stop them.” The above sentences are both phrases unto themselves and templates for American political rhetoric used by the “right” and many Christian circles when the […]

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Catholic Priest And Catechist Arrested In India Under Pressure From Hindu Terrorists For Preaching The Gospel

The situation of Christianity in India continues to worsen by the month. There are many types of Christians, and about 2.3 percent of the population of 1.33 billion is Christian. Of these people it is estimated that just over half are Catholics, and given the history and influence of the Church, what happened to members […]

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Wearing Blackface At A Party Two Decades Ago Is Not News

Canada is currently having another manufactured scandal as photos of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have become public in which is shows him dressed up as an Arab and doing so wearing blackface while at a party. Both the “left” and the “right” in Canada are expressing faux outrage over this perceived “horrible” offense that has […]

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immigration court

Immigration Courts Overwhelmed As Over A Million Cases Queued For A Hearing

One of the guarantees of the Constitution is the right to a ‘fair and speedy’ trial. While this is a good thing, the fact is that often times this does not happen. Court cases are either delayed for procedural reasons, unintentional accidents, or attorneys who attempt to stall the case in order to hopefully get […]

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Major Democrat Party Donor, Racist, And Drug Addicted Sodomite Obsessed With Feces Who Was Caught With Two Dead Sodomites In His Apartment Busted AGAIN Bringing More Homeless People To His Lair Of Perversion And Death To Fulfill Sick Fetishes

When many a man ages late into his years, it is said that the passions and goals which he had as a younger man fade away and take the shape of more mature things. These would be a reflection on the past, drawing from the lessons of youth to see how to make the world […]

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Immigration Is A Distraction From Reality, Which Is That The Kids Went Hard Left And Are Not Coming Back

Race relations in the US have been in decline for a long time. While there were always tensions to some degree between different ethnic groups, modern times have seen a return to rhetoric that was either used in or could have been used in 19th-century type racism. This has lead to an increased polarization between […]

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yunques beltran

Christian Woman Defends “Pastor” After He Turns HIMSELF In For Taking Two Pre-Teen Girls And Raping Them In Front Of Each Other

American Protestant congregations are notorious for holding their “pastors”- sometimes just referred to as “Pastor” -in a liking that is unhealthy. This can happen with any religious denomination, and while it is good to respect religious authority figures, it can lead to creating a cult of personality or to ignore aspects of a man that […]

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Russia Denies Anything Is Wrong After Massive Explosion At Major Lab Containing Deadly Viruses

Russia is not a stranger to massive man-made disasters in the pursuit of military or industrial goals. While most people think of Chernobyl in Ukraine as the only major nuclear blast incident Russia has experienced, this is far from the truth. In 1957, there was what is considered the third worst nuclear disaster in history, […]

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The Only Reason China Cares About Iran Is Because She Can’t Afford To Lose A Half-Trillion Dollars In Oil Deals

The recent attacks on Saudi ARAMCO oil field have provoked passion between not only the US and Iran, but also with China. US VP Mike Pence said on Tuesday the US was looking at evidence on the attacks on Saudi oil facilities and said that she ‘is ready to defend its interests and allies in […]

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Demonstrators with the group GetEQUAL hold a protest with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals affected by the country's immigration policies during a rally outside the White House in Washington, DC, September 9, 2014. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEBSAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

The Refusal To Address Sin And Its Consequences Apart From Repentance Is A False Mercy

One of the major trends that so few people have spoken about in the last three decades since the writing of the Gay Manifesto in 1987 is the rise of sodomite behavior as an accepted lifestyle. has covered extensively in her archives the moral and social implications of this. The consequences of this in […]

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Neo-Ottoman Tyrant Demands Access To Nuclear Weapons, Claims Anything Else Is ‘Unacceptable’

With great power comes great responsibility, for the stronger one is, the more demands that one can make and the capacity for deadly force that once can use increases. There is much and just criticism of the US for the abuse of her power. However, this can also be said of any empire throughout the […]

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Rumbles Anew Of Another Revolution As German Bishops Prepare To Defy Pope Francis In Order To Promote Heresy And Sodomy

If the song of history were to be played for each culture, then Germany is like a radio station which plays the same songs over and over, but at different times while being mathematically spaced. There is a seemingly cyclical pattern to German history that repeats throughout time, and especially since the Protestant Revolution that […]

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