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Based Muslim Cleric Declares That Islam Can Never Be Reformed Because It Is Perfect, Meanwhile Cuck Christian School Trashes Its Own Mascot Over ‘Fear’ Of ‘Offending’ People

The head of the Turkish Diyanet, which is the central office for religious affairs for Turkey and is one of the most important in the Muslim world, just stood up to Turkish President Erdogan and said that Islam cannot be reformed or updated: Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) head Ali Erbaş has said the […]

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Innocent Muslim Restaurant Manager Beaten By Mob Of Crazed Americans Then Smashed In The Face With A Chair Because He Asked Them To “Please Keep It Down”

Mohammed Al-Hourani manages an IHOP restaurant in Memphis. TN. He was attacked by a mob of Americans and savagely beaten because he asked them to “please keep it down” in the restaurant:   An IHOP manager was left bloodied after he was attacked by rowdy female patrons who threw punches, chairs, and plates at the […]

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Senior Church Of England Clergyman Caught Burning Records To Cover For Homosexual Rapes Of Children By Pastor

A senior Church of England clergyman was caught burning church records to cover for the rape of children by a homosexual pastor who sexually abused at least 12 boys over three decades: A senior clergyman burnt church files, an inquiry heard today, after he failed to report the systematic abuse of children by a priest […]

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Man Plots To Kidnap A Mother And Teen Daughter So He Could Have The Mother Tortured And Murdered And Then Rape And Sell The Daughter To A Pimp As A Sex Slave For Eight Thousand Dollars

A man was arrested by Federal agents after he confessed to plotting to kidnap a woman so he could have her tortured and murdered and then rape and sell her 14-year-old daughter as a sex slave to a pimp in Memphis: Brian David “Blaze” Boersma, 48, pleaded guilty in federal court on charges related to […]

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Major Group Warns That Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Is Planning To Get Rid Of Tax Exemptions For Churches, Watch Out Because This Will Come To The USA

A major family advocacy group in Canada has warned that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is planning to abolish tax exemption for churches, which would have major and in some cases irreversible effects for churches and society: Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is laying the groundwork for denying tax-exempt status to faith-based organizations, a pro-family women’s advocacy […]

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Middle School Student Gets Into A Fight With Another Boy, He Goes To The Boy’s House, Starts Four Fires And Then Throws A Propane Tank In To Try And Burn Him And His Family Alive

A seventh grader was arrested on premeditated murder charges after he tried to murder another boy and his family in their home. After getting into a fight, one of the boys went to the other boy’s house in the middle of the night and set four fires, and he added a propane tank and lawn […]

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Pakistan Judge Ruling On Law About Religious Freedom May Label Christians As ‘Enemies Of The State’

A Pakistani High Court judge has just ruled that all citizens of Pakistan, Muslim or not who enter into any form of civil service must take an oath of loyalty to the “true religion.” Since Christians do not have to swear on this oath, their is concern it could lead to Christians being labeled as […]

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Muslim Gunmen Go On Murder Rampage Across Nigeria, Burn At Least Six Villages And Butcher 50 People In Two Days

Muslim terrorists went on a rampage in Nigeria, burning at least six villages and killing 50 people in two days including a family of seven according to a report: No fewer than 50 persons have been confirmed killed by herdsmen in Kogi and Plateau states in the last 48 hours. While the Nigerian Army confirmed […]

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Man Stalks Random Woman, Attacks And Smashes Her Face Into The Floor And Rapes Her, Then He Rapes Her 4-Year-Old Daughter In Front Of Her At Knifepoint Before Running Away And Taking The Girl With Her

A man was arrested after he stalked a random woman and beat her, including smashing her face into the floor and raping her. He then raped her four-year-old daughter in front of her at knifepoint before kidnapping her: Authorities say a man raped a woman in her South Carolina home before kidnapping her 4-year-old daughter […]

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American And European Groups In Iraq Are Promoting Homosexuality, Feminism, And “Human Rights” In The Exact Same City Where Germany, Turkey, And Iran “Coincidentally” Want To Build A Massive Railway To Unite A Neo-Ottoman Empire

Iraq is not a “gay friendly” place. However one group, “Rasan”, wants to change that. Based in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, they are promoting homosexuality, feminism, and “human rights”: Few would argue that Iraq is a haven for LGBT rights, even though homosexuality is not officially criminalised – unlike many other countries in the Middle East – […]

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Wicked Abortion Doctor Gleefully Proclaims ‘I Cut Babies’ Vocal Cords So They Can’t Scream’

Leah Torres is an abortion doctor who is very proud of her craft. She is not shy to admit her eugenicist beliefs and, like infamous murderers, eugenicists, and those who would defend eugenics or eugenicists, she says that she enjoys ‘cutting the vocal cords of babies so they can’t scream’: Every now and then, abortionists will […]

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Child Abusing Predators Are All Over Facebook And Are Trading Videos Of Children Being Molested has a long history with Facebook. We have been accused of many bogus things for the sake of discussing inconvenient truths. I received word that Facebook had been promoting pedophilia and that the evidence of this was in the “search” bar, that if the phrase “video of” was put it, it would yield nasty […]

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City Of Philadelphia Shuts Down Christian Charities From Placing Children With Foster Families For Refusing To Hand Them Over To Homosexuals

The City of Philadelphia shut down foster-care programs with Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Social Services after an “investigation” revealed that both would not give children over to homosexual households: Philadelphia officials say the city has stopped two faith-based agencies from placing foster children after learning the agencies discriminate against LGBTQ people. The Philadelphia Inquirer […]

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Homosexual Predator Stalks And Kidnaps Teenage Boy And Ties Up His Family, Sodomizes The Boy In Front Of His Mother, Then Slits All Their Throats And Burns Their House Down With Them In It

In what is being regarded as one of the worst crimes in Switzerland’s history, a homosexual man stalked and kidnapped a teenage boy and tied up his family. After robbing the family, he then raped the boy in front of his mother and brothers before slitting all their throats and burning their home down with […]

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Man Stabs His Mother Four Times In The Back And Then Bludgeons Her Skull With A Fireplace Poker

Police arrested a man for the murder of his mother. He stabbed her four times in the back before bludgeoning her skull with a fireplace poker. He initially claimed that “neo-Nazis” did it but later confessed to the murder: A Milaca man is charged with two counts of second-degree murder after his mother was found […]

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Robbers Kidnap Elderly Christian Pastor And His Wife, Force Them To Withdraw Money At Gunpoint, Then Take Them Back To Their House, Tie Them Up And Burn Them Alive

A Christian pastor and his wife came home when they found two robbers in their house. The robbers attacked and kidnapped the pastor and his wife and forced them to withdraw money before taking them back to their home, tying them up, and burning them alive. The pastor survived with serious burns, but his wife […]

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