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Biden Is Just Sad

I have made clear my view that Trump holds the advantage no matter what is said by the mainstream press, since Biden lacks the energy, presentation, and attraction that Trump has. Another major problem with Biden is that he is old and showing signs of what appears to be some form of dementia. This is […]

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Biden Victory? Blue Wave? Not So Fast Say The Financial Analysts

One of the sectors of the economy that is quick to pick up on political trends is the financial sector. These people do this for reasons of necessity- finance is directly affected by politics, and because they know they are vulnerable to shock, they try to stand ready to make quick decisions about major issues. […]

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A Last “Hurrah” For Texas?

One of the important long-term trends I have noted at is the changing of Texas from a swing state into a battleground state. This has largely been driven by migration, with the largest chunk of that migration coming internally from California to major cities, in what many are calling the “Californiazation” of Texas. Basically, […]

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Judge Throws Out Sodomy Cases Against Almost Four Dozen Nigerians

Nigeria is one of a few nations in the world, and a literal handful of somewhat powerful ones, that have a strong prohibition against sodomite behavior. However, they have often come under pressure from the rest of the world to submit to the will of sodom. Thus it is interesting that according to a recent […]

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“Patriot Churches” Are Growing In Popularity

One of the trends that I have noted is the link between religion and nationalism, specifically within all forms of Protestantism, since while theology was cited as a reason for the revolt, it is ultimately a question of nationalism manifesting in the form of theological disputes that are not new, but a constant problem of […]

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US Signs Declaration That “There Is No International Right To Abortion”

Often times when one hears about the US and supporting certain policies, the trends tend to be negative, questionable in nature, or even depressing. However, there are times when more positive trends come out. Such happened recently, where it has been reported by the Christian Post that the US signed a declaration with thirty-one other […]

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It’s Official- US Sells Major Weapons Package To Taiwan

American weapons sales to Taiwan in themselves are nothing new, and have been taking place for decades. However, the increasingly unstable and continually intensifying politication situation in east Asia, with a (potentially) rising China and openly hostile rhetoric between her and the US, as well as with additional US arms sales around the world, any […]

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US Pledges To Help India In Light Of China Tensions, Give Military Intel To India

The US-Indian alliance is a trend that I have identified at as being a major matter to watch because it is part of the anti-China stance of the US, which has also been building relations with China’s other neighbors in what appears to be an ‘encirclement’ strategy, leaving China to fend for herself with no […]

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Police And Authorities Warn Of Civil Unrest In Seattle Leading Up To Election Day

With election day just around the proverbial corner, there is continual talk of civil unrest at polling places around the country. One place of interest to us at in particular is the Pacific Northwest region, as we have identified this as a place where, similar to what Bohemia and Moravia are in Europe, an […]

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Will Germany Expel The Thai King?

The southeast Asian nation of Thailand, known as being the “land of a thousand smiles” as well as the place where European and American men go to partake of the numerous licencious activities from which the nation earns a considerable amount of revenue that is hidden under the moniker of “tourism”, is ruled by a […]

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European Restaurant Industry Faces Heavy Losses Related To COVID-19

The American restaurant industry has taken significant losses from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The same is the case for Europe. However, owing to the more localized and less corporatized nature of European versus American restaurants, they are more exposed to losses (the same has been noted in the US, where mom-and-pop restaurants have struggled while […]

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Report: Support For Sodomite Marriage At All-Time High

One of the trends that has noted is that support for all things sodom is going to continue and increase as the Boomers pass away and the Millennials and Zoomers take power. Based on current projections, at least 75% of Millennials support sodomite ‘marriage’, while for a time, the national average stood at about […]

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Biden Makes Major Slip-Up In Interview Over Voter Fraud Comments

Errors of speech are real. Freudian slips are real as well. One can decide how one wants to interpret this, but what cannot be denied is a recent video from Zero Hedge showing Biden making a very interesting statement about voter fraud. Former Vice President Joe Biden suffered from either a senior moment or a […]

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Commercial Real Estate Falls Into Deeper Jeopardy As 76% Of CEOs Plan To Reduce Office Space- Was Warning About This

One of the trends that I have repeatedly noted at is the jeopardization of the commercial real estate market. Most of my focus has been on the retail and housing markets, as this is the greatest concern and most easily measurable facets of this which one can trace a trend it, but it is […]

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Image Of The US Slips In The Eyes Of The World

The US has been the undisputed global superpower for a long time. However, all things change. No empire lasts forever, and according to the LA Times reported by Yahoo! News, the image of the US in the eyes of the world is changing, with people looking away from her. In the eyes of much of […]

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New Forms Of Micro Nuclear Technology Gain Popularity

One of the trends for the future that I have noted multiple times is going to be the ‘miniaturization’ of nuclear technology so that one will be able to generate power cleaner and under potentially more ‘localized’ circumstances. This is of particular interest in that Popular Science notes that new developments in ‘molten salt reactors’ […]

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