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America Threatens Germany And Russia With Sanctions Over Baltic Sea Oil Pipeline

In the latest drama between the mess that is European politics, the USA is now threatening sanctions against both Germany and Russia over the construction of a German-Russian pipeline called Nord Stream 2:’ Washington has warned that proceeding with the Russian-led gas pipeline project, aimed at bringing natural gas to Germany’s northeastern Baltic coast, could […]

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Christian Parents Sue City Of Philadelphia For Shutting Down Christian Foster Agency Because Of The LGBT

We reported in March 2018 that the city of Philadelphia shut down Catholic Family Services from performing adoption services because they refused to place children into the hand of a social group that has disproportionately high levels of child sexual abuse, which are homosexuals. In response, Christians parents are suing the city of Philadephia for […]

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Government Says That Teens Who Engage In Homosexual Activity Now Can Take HIV Antiviral Medication PrEP- This Is An Admission Of Sexual Abuse Among The LGBT

PrEP is a drug that has become popular among homosexuals. Presented by some as a veritable “solution” to the spread of HIV, PrEP is HIV antiviral medication that homosexuals take as a part of their regular life in order that, when they decided to engage in acts of homosexuality, they do not have to worry […]

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South Africa Sentences Christian Pastor To Jail For Saying What The Bible Says About Homosexuals

The Bible says that homosexuals are ‘worthy of death,’ and homosexuality is only one of four sins in the Old Testament which explicitly ‘cries out to Heaven for vengeance.’ Homosexuals also disproportionately abuse children at a higher rate than the rest of any population. A Christian pastor preached this in his church, and the government […]

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Claim: Sodomite Student Molests Classmate In School, The Classmate And His Parents Complain To The School, The School Tells Him ‘You Are Homophobes’

This was in a post that appeared on 4Chan. It has NOT been verified, and may or may not be true. However, in this post, a person claiming to be a parent said that his child claimed he was molested by a homosexual classmate in school, the student and this parent then went to the […]

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If American Women Do Not Stop Partying And Find A Husband, They Will Find Themselves Alone And More Miserable Than Ever

(continued from yesterday’s article: Chinese Eugenics Plan Blows Up In Their Face As Tens Of Millions Of Young And Sexually Frustrated Men Have No Wives To Marry) So what we get drunk So what we smoke weed We’re just having fun We don’t care who sees So what we go out That’s how it’s supposed to […]

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Chinese Eugenics Plan Blows Up In Their Face As Tens Of Millions Of Young And Sexually Frustrated Men Have No Wives To Marry

For many years, China promoted a “one-child” policy, allowing families to have only one child. Since for cultural reasons boys are more highly valued than girls, if a girl was born, she was either given up for adoption, murdered, or if her gender was discovered in utero, aborted and the matter forgotten. As the young […]

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California Parents Take 10 Children And Waterboard Them, Beat Them With Sticks, Shoot Them With Crossbows And Force Them To Live In Trash And Filth

Parents in California were arrested after it was discovered that they were torturing 10 children in their care. The accusations include waterboarding the children, beating them with sticks and bats, shooting them with crossbows and BB guns, biting, and forcing them to live in piles of trash and filth:L The 10 children rescued from a […]

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Sodomites Lose Their Temper And Cause A Fury Because 87-Year-Old Christian Politician Calls Them Sodomites

There are a lot of “news stories” that really are not news, and this should be one of them. Should, because the LGBT has made it into news that an 87-year-old politician and Christian called the sodomites what they are- sodomites He added: “I think it is time we had some research into the extent […]

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Germany Pledges To Drastically Increase Military Spending, Says That Germany Has To Take Responsibility For Her Future

German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said in a recent statement that Germany plans to significantly increase her military spending to 1.5% of her GDP by 2025, citing a need to meet “new security challenges” and alluding to pressure from the Trump administration: Germany’s defence minister has vowed to lift military spending to 1.5 […]

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Catholic Bishops Across Nigeria Call For Rally Against Islamic Terrorism And Prayer For Peace

In response to the murder of at least 100 Christians this year by Muslim terrorists, Nigeria’s Catholic bishops are holding a mass rally to protest the murders and pray for peace as violence between Christians and Muslims worsens: Nigeria’s Catholic bishops will hit the streets next week to protest the killing of more than 100 […]

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Woman Murders Her Husband, Then Said To Have Chopped Up His Remains, Cooked Them And Served Them To Her Neighbors And Now Believed To Have Murdered At Least Nine More People

A woman who murdered her husband and is said to have chopped up his remains, cooked them, and served them to her neighbors has now believed to have murdered at least nine more people: An Indiana woman who injected her husband with a lethal dose of heroin before smothering him with a pillow may be […]

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Hindu Racists Want To Force All Indians To Learn Sanskrit, Refuse To Speak To Indians In A Language Other Than Hindi Even If They Don’t Understand It

For the last several years, India has been undergoing a revival of nationalism lead by what can only be described as a hardcore group of Hindu theocratic racists. These people, which belong to a number of groups but are in particular influenced by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its predecessor, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh […]

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American Woman Stalks Man She Went On One Date With, Sends Him 65 THOUSAND Texts, Tells Him She Wants To ‘Bathe In His Blood’, He Finds Her In His House Taking A Bath With A Butcher’s Knife In The Car

In a dating horror story from Arizona, a woman who went on a single date with a man has been arrested for stalking. According to police, she sent the man over 65 thousand texts, including she told him that she wanted to ‘bathe in his blood.’ One day, he found that she had broken into […]

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Protestant Pastor Drowns Woman While Giving Her Baptism, Says He Did It Because He Thought She Was A Vampire

A Protestant Pastor was baptizing a woman in his congregation, but while baptizing her he thought she may be a vampire. The pastor responded not by praying for her, but after submerging her, holding her under water until she drowned: A pastor, Masimba Chirayi of the New Johanne Masowe, Zimbabwe, has reportedly killed a church member he […]

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Those Bombings All Over Austin Were Not Done By Muslims- They Were From A Homosexual Terrorist And Suicide Bomber Who Bragged That He Was A God-Hating “Psychopath” And Loved Having Sex With Random Men

In March 2018 a series of bombs terrorized Austin, Texas. Two people were killed and six were injured over the month. The FBI became involved and eventually they found the perpetrator. The terrorist was identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, a homosexual who used the infamous app Grindr to find gay sex with random men. He […]

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