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Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Murder A Man And A Baby While Praying For A Deceased Family Member

In the Godfather film series, Michael Corleone ordered the murder of several members of the various mob families. As evil as it was, he did not target people at home, which is what happens to him in the second film. Naturally, he is enraged about it while telling his associate Frank Pantangeli: He eventually figures […]

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Major National Socialist And White Nationalist Website Admits That It Doesn’t Care About Race And The End Goal Is A New Darwinism

The Daily Stormer is the largest and arguably most popular National Socialist and White Nationalist website on the Internet. However, they have recently come out in support of Democrat contender Andrew Yang while before they ardently supported Trump. In an interesting article from earlier this month, and something that nobody has yet discussed, is that […]

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Chinese Government Agents Falsely Arrest And Torture Kyrgyz Man For Becoming A Christian

The Chinese government is waging a war against all religion except for the worship of the state and their spiritual leader, Chairman Mao. Both Christianity and Islam are being targeted by the government. Xijiang Province, meaning “Western Wall”, is the westernmost point in China and is the historical and at times contested boundary between the […]

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Six Christians Are Murdered And Hundreds Flee From Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Congo

In the past several days there has been an explosion of violence against Christians by Muslims throughout Africa, in particular the nations of Nigeria and Mozambique. Now Congo is on this list as six Christians were killed and almost five hundred fled from violence by Islamic terrorists according to a report: Six Christians, including three […]

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Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Is Stripped Of His Duties By Elder Members Of The House Of Saud

In November 2018, speculated that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi may have been an attempt by elder members of the House of Saud to strip power from the younger members in an attempt to preserve the long-term survival of the family amid growing threats, and in particular from Turkey: What appears to be happening […]

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Online Memes Are Already Using The New Zealand Shooting To Promote A Race War

For years, has warned about the dangers of Islam as well as the dangers of using the legitimate threat of Islam as a means to revive the evils that plunged Europe and the world into war during the 19th and 20th centuries. These include nationalism, paganism, occultism, and darwinism. One cannot “fight the Muslims” […]

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Fear Grips Holland After Terrorist Attack By Turkish National In Utrecht, Shooter Apprehended, Police Suggest It May Be Related To the New Zealand Shooting

Just days after the shooting in New Zealand, another mass shooting took place in Holland. The shooter, Gökman Tanis, who reports are saying shouted “Allahu Akbar,” was arrested and police are suggesting he did this in relation to the shooting in New Zealand according to a report: Police in the central Dutch city of Utrecht […]

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New Zealand Police Are Threatening To Arrest And Prosecute Anybody Who Downloads Or Watches The Video Of The Mosque Murderer

Millions of people around the world witnessed the horrible terrorist attack in New Zealand on video. However, the government of New Zealand is now telling people that it will arrest anybody who watched that video in its own country, and is threatening persons in other nations according to a report: New Zealand authorities have reminded […]

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Thirteen People Murdered By Islamic Terrorists In Mozambique

Islamic terrorist attacks continue around the world to destroy and murder innocent people. Thirteen people were recently killed in a series of attacks in Mozambique according to a report: At least 13 civilians have died in fresh attacks in Mozambique’s volatile northern Cabo Delgado province where Islamists have terrorized villagers in remote communities for more […]

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Hundreds Of Christians Throughout Nigeria Are Slaughtered In Attacks By Islamic Terrorists

Terrorist attacks throughout Nigeria have been going on for years. In a recent bout of violence, hundreds of Christians were killed at the hands of Islamic terrorists according to a report: Fighting has led to hundreds deaths in Kaduna State recently. The attacks began on February 10 with 11 people being killed in the village […]

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Major Presidential Campaign Contender Exposed As A Hacker Who Wrote Poems With Themes Of Bestiality

Beto O’Rourke is one of several Presidential contenders for representation by the Democrat Party. Scarcely a day after announcing his candidacy, information surfaced about him which as it continues to emerge includes that he was part of a well-known hacking group who wrote poems in praise of bestiality: Beto O’Rourke’s youthful artistic experiments included a […]

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Sodomite Deliberately Infects Other Sodomites With HIV For Fun And Then Publicly Makes Fun Of His Evil Actions

In April 2018, we reported on the case of a man in the UK who deliberated infected other sodomites with HIV. More has since come out from that story, as the man who did the crimes would mock his victims and brag how he gave them HIV and it would destroy their lives: Lenny, an […]

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Major Pro-Nationalist News Outlet Released A Story About Falling Birth Rates At Almost The Exact Same Time The New Zealand Mosque Shooter Published His Manifesto About Falling Birth Rates And Then Went On His Murder Rampage

The circumstances surrounding the New Zealand mosque shooter are very suspicious and seem to indicate a larger matter than even the apparent horrors of what one saw. Among the many points that the “shooter” made in his “Manifesto,” which he released online and you can read here, he talked extensively of falling birth rates and […]

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Christian Student Suspended For Posting Bible Verses In School After Seeing Sodomite Propaganda

An important theme for the future is going to be the criminalization of Christianity through the enforcement of provisions which support the LGBT. Such a case happened recently where a teenager was suspended from school for posting Bible verses in response to pro-LGBT flyers in the school according to a report: A Christian high school […]

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The Terrorist Who Did The Mosque Massacre In New Zealand Is Likely Part Of Something Much Larger

Early in the morning, we reported on the horrendous case of what appears to be a National Socialist terrorist going into a mosque and murdering what has been confirmed to be at least 49 people. We were able to grab both the video and a copy of his “manifesto” before they were taken down from […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist In New Zealand With Massive Nazi Symbols Over His Guns, Magazines, And Social Media Goes On Slaughter At Mosque, Butchers Muslim People At Prayer Without Mercy And Then Shoots Their Bodies On Go-Pro Camera

A terrorist with National Socialist symbols all over his gun and magazines went into a mosque in New Zealand and committed a horrific massacre, slaughtering people of all ages without mercy while filming the entire horrifying ordeal on his Go-Pro camera. He posted the video online, but it was quickly taken down from his social […]

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