Criminal Complaint filed with ICC over Benghazi

By Bob Michael
LAPD Police Detective Capt. (Ret)

Benghazi Murders Broadcast To The World Via The International Criminal Court at The Hague Netherlands

On Monday 5 August 2013, I filed a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, The Netherlands, alleging crimes of Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War crimes. There are a total of six crimes alleged including (1.) Article 6 of the Rome Statute – Genocide, Article 6 (a) Genocide by killing; (2.) Section 6 (e) Genocide by forcibly transferring children; (3.) Article 7 of the Rome Statute – Crimes against humanity, Article 7 (1) (a) Crime against humanity of murder; (4.) Article 8 of the Rome Statute – War crimes, Article 8 (2) (a) (i) War crime of willful killing; (5.) Article 8 (2) (b) (i) War crime of attacking civilians; and (6) Article 8 (2) (b) (xviii) War crime of employing prohibited gases, liquids, materials or Devices.

ICC Letterhead

ICC Letterhead

The crimes alleged are only against Egypt for a simple reason; only Egypt is a signatory to the Rome Statute, and thus subject to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. Of interest is that Egypt submitted to the Rome Statute by becoming a signatory in December 2000 when Hosni Mubarak was president. Libya, which appears not to be culpable, is not a signatory as Muammar Gaddafi would not sign on. The U.S. is not a signatory (nor do I believe they should be under non-Obama governance) and as such are listed as culpable but not indictable.

The Obama administration has been ducking the truth of their guilt before the world. Guilt in this matter is like a dirty American secret; or at least it was until now. Our Government’s complicity in the Benghazi murders has now taken an accelerated step of the fog lifting and the rest of the world able to see.

The complaint is rather lengthy (link below) as background information to sustain crimes under Rome Statute Articles 6, 7, and 8 is necessarily complex. It is also necessary to then justify with specificity the elements of each crime which can run from 3 to 5 elements, or necessary ingredients to constitute the individual crime; all elements must have offered proof or the charge cannot be brought. The process followed by the ICC is different than in the U.S. and won’t be addressed here.

The ICC has acknowledged receipt of the complaint and is proceeding with it. A copy of the acknowledgment is provided below.

If the investigation shows that the government of Egypt is proceeding on its own and addressing all crimes and those who committed them, the ICC will withhold their own action until they see what Egypt is doing. However, the ICC can proceed on individuals and Egypt can surrender Egypt to the ICC, such as happened in Serbia after the NATO attacks and the Serb government extradited former Serb president Slobodan Milosevic to a UN International Tribunal.

This complaint is just the beginning in exposing the horrors of what is happening in Islam and to expose the Obama administration for its criminal acts of murder and other crimes in Benghazi. With events unfolding very quickly and additional evidence becoming available, it is anticipated this original complaint will be amended to incorporate additional crimes.

Our politicians need to quit playing “footsie” with the criminal Obama administration and its friends in the media. They need to quit talking about who lied about a video and get to who in the government aided the murders of our people in Benghazi on 11 September 2012. We need action and not faction. Please support this push.




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