Punish American People or our Govt; Freedom at Stake

By Keith Davies

Inside the Washington beltway establishment, the rhetoric in the media would have you believe Republicans are evil and Democrats, saints. If one cares to understand propaganda when he sees it, it is blatantly obvious that this president is determined to force communism on the American people and even destroy the wealth of the country, which ironically would remove the tax base that allows for the “redistribution” of wealth.

Barack Obama: It's Plunder, not redistribution.

Barack Obama: It’s Plunder, not redistribution.

On the first day of the government shutdown, we saw the federal government place barricades (or “barrycades” as Sarah Palin described them) around the World War Two Memorial. Obama decided to waste more of our taxpayers’ money in “protecting” the Memorial from the public in this current partial government shutdown. He overplayed his hand and looked ridiculous to the average “thinking” American.

Then the president trotted out the usual scare tactics about the inability to pay social security and veteran benefits blah, blah, blah! On top of that, the Treasury Department produces a “dire” warning that if the debt ceiling is not raised we will default on our debt and it will be “different” than before.

Sure sounds like panic in the ranks of the Democrat party.

Sadly, the linguini spines of some of the Republicans who move between Capital Hill and their offices in the Rayburn building far removed from their constituents in their districts are beginning to waiver.

Maybe some of the more sensible lawmakers should work on a proposal to shut Congress itself down for nine months of the year and save us all the embarrassment for three quarters of the year of having to listen and deal with a bunch of idiots who are ruining the country whether they be Republican or Democrat. The less legislation they produce, the less damage they will do. Perhaps running on a platform of repealing laws (along with the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments) instead of enacting them may even be more effective.

Another proposal would be to close down the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, the EPA, the Department of Health and Human Services just for a start and instead have each state take on these responsibilities. This will save about 200 billion dollars a year just to start. The States already have these departments but the federal government just screws everything up.

Maybe its time to clean up social security and the government to fund the liabilities and have each state administer their own populations’ social security funds, collect the money and manage it so it does not get into the hands of the incompetent Feds. If one moves to a different state, the money moves to the new state with you; very simple.

None of the above is going to happen until We the People rise up, because the Federal Government is all about power and We the People are being screwed worse even than our ancestors at the time of the American Revolution when we paid 6% tax to the British treasury. The Constitutional Federal system set up by the Founding Fathers has been abused and abandoned; drastic measures are now needed to restore our freedom. The dysfunction in Washington DC can only stop if the States rise up and demand the restoration of their rights for more power. There are many ways this can be done without revolution or violence. Massive marches on Washington, withholding of tax payments by the majority of the population until our demands are met for freedom and restoration of constitutional government as originally formulated by the founding fathers. Change requires upheaval and sacrifice. The United States was founded on a Revolution and upheaval. In order to get our freedom back, upheaval and chaos may be with us but if we succeed we can rebuild our nation back to the system that made it the greatest bastion of freedom and enterprise the world has ever seen.

Both parties have abandoned and abused the American people. We need to tell both parties we will not stand for the nonsense anymore and we want our freedom back with maximum taxes charged by the federal government to be no more than 10%, this should be added to our Constitution (unnecessary with the repeal of that sixteenth amendment). If the federal government cannot live on 1.7 trillion dollars (10% of our GDP) then cut your cloth to fit just like each one of us US citizens have to do each and every day. We can borrow only to pay for a war. Otherwise, the budget must balance, period. The states should be in control of social security and health care benefits and the people of each state would determine the best way to handle their affairs without intrusion from the Federal government.

The federal government should only be involved in defense, treasury, justice, federal law enforcement and foreign affairs. When the USA was founded, we only had five executive Cabinet positions. They were Justice, Treasury, State, Interior and Agriculture. Today we have 15 official Cabinet positions and numerous federal agencies. We need to abolish several of the cabinet departments and agencies, reduce the size of the executive branch and send the power back to the states, where it belongs.

Unless the above is done and if the people do not rise up, America will collapse economically and politically. Time is short, time for action is now.


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