The Unnecessarily Tragic Tale of Robin Morris in Peshawar

Robin Morris was one of the victims of the recent suicide bombing in Peshawar, Pakistan. While his injuries should not have been considered life-threatening, he is no longer alive. Robin’s passing was both tragic and unnecessary, not because of the attack but because of a lack of treatment afterward.

Robin Morris

Robin Morris

Here is a note we received about Robin from our contact in Pakistan (the note was sent to us earlier today):

Last night, as we were on our way back to Lahore, Robin Morris called us at about 12:00 a.m. He requested us to help him with money so he could be moved to a good hospital; he was in desperate need of an operation. He had ball bearings (which were used in Church blast) in his both legs and had multiple fractures.

We promised him that we would be back within the next couple of days and to please hang on and wait for us.

We just learned that he died a few minutes ago and we feel so helpless.

He was the Employee of the Church of Pakistan but they also did not support him. He requested assistance from almost every NGO but received nothing.

He was the father of two minor kids.

Our contact also provided us with some details about other victims of the bombing…

Sabira Zulifqar – Her one eye had been damaged in the blast and doctors had to remove it. Her daughter had multiple fractures in her arm, whereas her husband had to have chest surgery. We need to shift all the family members to private hospitals and we need about 100,000 PKR (approx. $1000) for this family.

Khalida – She was 7 months pregnant but lost her child as a result of the blast because of infection in her tubes she has been operated on twice. She is in a government hospital and in need of proper treatment. She still needs surgery. This can cost us about between 70,000-80,000 PKR ($700 – $800).

Kashmala Munawar – Thirteen year-old girl in the 9th grade. She lost one of her legs due to the blast. If she were in any Private hospital, her leg likely could have been saved. During this deadly blast, Kashmala’s two sisters (Fiza and Samera) and mother were also badly injured. Her mother and two sisters were moved by the government in Islamabad.

This is my personal request that we should help this family with its most urgent and basic needs. We would like to get her an artificial leg and support her in the treatment. It’s really important.

We need to shift Kashmala to private hospital as well.


Just now I received a call from our contact in Peshawar. She told us that “Doctors have removed Kashmala’s second leg too.” that is why we are requesting to provide her to private treatment, which will cost approximately 150,000 PKR ($1500).

Attached is her picture which we took yesterday.

Kashmala Munawar

Kashmala Munawar

While our overall mission in Pakistan has not changed, we are compelled to focus right now on the immediate need for getting aid to the victims of the Peshawar suicide bombing. A key problem there right now has to do with the complete lack of care these victims are getting from government hospitals. Many of these victims don’t have to die; they just need more professional care.

We ask for your assistance in helping these victims. Any amount you can afford will help.

If you would like to help us help the victims of the Peshawar suicide bombing, please click here.


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