Rand Paul talks about the Persecution of Christians

At the Values Voter Summit this week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke at length about the persecution of Christians all across the Middle East. He also referenced the percentage of Muslims in Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan who “sympathize with violence against Christians”. That number adds up to over 40 million and it precisely these no-nonsense figures that westerners should have been focusing on for years.

Rand Paul: Calling attention to persecuted Christians.

Rand Paul: Calling attention to persecuted Christians.

If ever there is an example to demonstrate that children can be completely different from their parents on serious issues, Rand may be the example. His father, Ron Paul, blames America for Islamic anger around the world. According to Ron, this anger is the result of “blowback” in response to American aggression. Based on Rand’s speech, it appears that the younger Paul has already adopted a new paradigm. You see, by acknowledging that Muslims are persecuting Christians because the latter are Christians, Rand has already deviated significantly from his father.

At different points in this speech, you can tell this issue affects Rand deeply. In fact, Paul’s is a realization that is perhaps unmatched in all of Congress. That he is a Senator makes it doubly impressive.

One of the attributes that has been passed down from Ron to Rand has been bringing America’s military home and reigning in the Military-Industrial complex. How Rand will eventually square American might with the tyranny and religious bigotry / persecution found in Islam remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however; Rand seems to “get it” when it comes to the persecution of Christians at the hands of Islam.

Rand also vocalizes opposition to the Obama administration’s position on Syria.

Great speech.

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