Syrian Rebel tries to put out Cigarette with Gunpowder

After the Chemical weapons attack in Syria on August 20th, the propaganda war was on. Those who wanted to defend al-Qaeda (John McCain) insisted that Bashar al-Assad was responsible. Despite multiple indications that the Syrian rebels were responsible, the McCainiacs refused to deviate.

Keep your eye on that guy with the Cigarette.

Keep your eye on that guy with the Cigarette.

In McCain’s case, he defended the rebels at every turn, saying “I know who these people are” while insisting that al-Qaeda = “Freedom fighters”.

One of the charges against the rebels included multiple on-the-ground accounts that Chemical weapons inadvertently went off because the rebels did not know how to use them. While this video does not include Chemical weapons, it does feature the incompetence of the Syrian rebels.

Consider it anecdotal evidence which bolsters the claims that the rebels mishandled Chemical weapons on August 20th. Pay attention at the :20 mark in this clip as the jihadist (3rd from the left) attempts to put out a cigarette in a mound of gunpowder:

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