Grover Norquist Deputy: Tea Party “Freaking Retarded”

Ladies and gentlemen, before you read any further, please check out our post from just a couple of days ago about Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) President Grover Norquist and why he might be so bombastic in expressing his resentment for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX); it has a very distinct Islamic angle to it. That vitriol appears to be filtering down to at least one of his deputies.

Make no mistake; the Tea Party is a real threat to Norquist, which could explain why his deputy (Ellis) is letting the vitriol fly. As the Tea Party grows, so does the possibility that Norquist’s traitorous leanings will be revealed.

ATR's Ryan Ellis: Tea Party is "freaking retarded".

ATR’s Ryan Ellis: Tea Party is “freaking retarded”.

You know what they say about excrement rolling downhill, right? Norquist was borderline unhinged in his criticism of Cruz. Now, Norquist deputy and Tax Policy Director Ryan Ellis appears to have followed suit, tweeting out something quite insensitive based on the standard that is being applied to the Tea Party.

Via Erick Erickson at Red State:

When last we checked in on Ryan Ellis, the Tax Policy Director for Americans for Tax Reform, he was online saying Ted Cruz can go to hell and comparing Cruz to Aaron Burr.

Not content to express his hatred of Cruz, Ellis is now going after the tea party. Like with Cruz, his tweet speaks for itself:

ATR's Ryan Ellis: When does he tweet like this about Democrats?

I’m pretty sure ATR has, in the past, sought to rally tea party activists to their cause. Just remember from now on that ATR’s tax policy director is pretty sure you guys are, in his words, “freaking retarded.”

When is the last time you saw someone like Ellis or Norquist talk about Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the U.S. or even Democrats, like they talk about the Tea Party?

TPM also chimed in.

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