When Fox News covered Egyptian connection to Benghazi

Catherine Herridge, who long ago demonstrated that she is one of the best mainstream media journalists in an era when journalism is hard to find in that realm, reported in November of 2012 that Mohammed Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif, the head of the Jamal Network, was a suspect in the Benghazi attacks that took place two months earlier.

The two videos below constitute EXHIBITS AJ1 and AJ2 of our “Ironclad” Report.

Catherine Herridge

Catherine Herridge

This bombshell news came one day after Barack Obama’s reelection and likely didn’t get the attention it otherwise would have if not for the timing.

Here is Herridge appearing on America’s Newsroom at the time, during which she reported on the suspected involvement of the Jamal Network’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks:

One month later, Fox News channel’s Jamie Colby reported on Al-Kashif’s capture in Egypt, citing a Wall Street Journal article. Note too, that she says U.S. Intelligence aided in the effort.

Al-Kashif’s capture was at a time when the Obama administration was quite cozy with the Mursi regime. The U.S. was sending Egypt hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. According to Colby, U.S. Intelligence helped capture a Benghazi suspect from Egypt, in Al-Kashif. Why isn’t the American media clamoring for access to Al-Kashif, who is still sitting in an Egyptian jail and why didn’t the CIA or FBI get access to Al-Kashif when Mursi was in power?

In Addendum A to our “Ironclad” Report, we highlighted the congressional testimony of expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, who conceded that the Jamal Network is Egyptian, he also implied that it was a ragtag group of terrorists with no connection to Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, or Mohammed Mursi.

As the months have passed, that assessment looks less and less accurate.


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