Lib Talker Echoes Benghazi ARB; blames Chris Stevens

Liberals are coming face to face with a confluence of realities that even they can no longer spin. Those who try are looking increasingly ridiculous and are headed straight for the abyss the longer they attempt to do so. Juan Williams is one such example. Liberal talk radio host Leslie Marshall is another.

It’s also interesting to see these liberals react. They essentially have two choices. They can either A.) cut their losses or B.) continue to double down and make all of this worse for themselves.

Marshall: Blames Christopher Stevens.

Marshall: Blames Christopher Stevens.

When it comes to Benghazi, Marshall has chosen course B. She’s always been a died-in-the-wool liberal but Marshall has a history of coming across as one of the least offensive libs. Not in this clip on Fox News Channel’s America’s newsroom with host Martha McCallum.

What to look for in this clip…

1:50 mark: Marshall actually attempts to discredit the British military official who was on the scene during the attack by saying neither the Pentagon nor the State Department cleared or corroborated his story. Uh, hasn’t the Obama administration been stonewalling ever since the attacks?

4:40 mark: McCallum doesn’t get the exact Hillary Clinton quote about correct (what difference at this point does it make) but absolutely nails the context of what Clinton said. Marshall fires back that McCallum took Clinton’s words of context. To McCallum’s credit, she stands up for herself quite well and Marshall is forced to move on. Even then, McCallum seems to shake her head at the ridiculous assertion by Marshall.

5:56 mark: Marshall seems to take her cue from the Accountability Review Board (ARB) report and implied that Stevens was to blame for his own death because it was his decision to go to Benghazi. Based on this administration’s propensity for lying, coupled with the reality that dead men tell now tales, why should that premise even be accepted?

The British security official has far more credibility than the Obama administration.

Why would Stevens voluntarily travel to Benghazi on September 10th and schedule to stay until the 14th?

Via TPNN (h/t WZ):


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