Obama Transforms The White House Bathrooms To Cater To LGBT Mutants

By Theodore Shoebat

Now mutants (they call them LGBT, whatever that means) have bathrooms in the White House per Obama’s orders in order to cater to confused folks who cannot tell if they have a hose, socket, or for some strange reason got rid of their hoses along with their brains. Obama brought change alright in calling evil good and good evil. Pretty soon, we will all be forced to send our kids to use public restrooms with some serious weird mutants.

white house gender neutral

“President Barack Obama’s staff and visitors now have the option of using a gender-neutral restroom, a White House spokesman said Wednesday — the latest in a series of symbolic steps the Obama administration has taken to work the priorities of the LGBT community into its broader themes of inclusiveness and tolerance.

The newly designated restroom is an example of how the administration has been advancing the discussion by raising the profile of transgender issues, an area of debate that is especially hotly contested right now. The restroom will be located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where much of the White House staff works.

 “An all-gender restroom is also available in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which provides guests and staff an additional option,” said White House spokesman Jeff Tiller.

It’s a follow-up on Obama’s executive order, which went into effect Wednesday, banning discrimination against gay and transgender employees of companies that contract with the federal government.”

Now I am getting confused. Which one is Obama:
Way to bring “hope and change” to the crapper, Obama.