The Antichrist Of Turkey Threatens To Exile 100,000 Christian Armenians

The Antichrist of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey retains the right to deport the roughly 100,000 citizens of the Republic of Armenia who live and work in Turkey. Erdogan was upset that The European Parliament on Wednesday joined Pope Francis in urging Turkey to recognize the 1915 massacre of Armenians as a genocide.


Speaking to reporters before his departure to Kazakhstan for an official visit, Erdoğan also criticized the European Parliament (EP), which was set to vote to acknowledge the 1915 events as genocide on Wednesday in its plenary session.

The Antichrist of Turkey, Erdoğan, was angered and downplaying the importance of the EP’s vote saying  that regardless of the outcome, that the EP’s decision will go “in one ear and out the other”. The president added that the roughly 100,000 Armenian nationals working in Turkey are not Turkish citizens and that the country can deport them. “We can deport them, even if we haven’t yet,” he said.

Antichrist Erdoğan also said that he does not have to defend Turkey’s position because the country has no stain on its conscience adding that he does not understand why the media or the Turkish nation adopt a defensive position on this matter and that if one includes Turkish citizens of Armenian origin, there are in total 120,000 Armenians living in Turkey and that they all have access to public services.

Back in 2010 Antichrist Erdogan asked the Armenian diaspora, which has been actively working around the world to lobby governments to acknowledge the genocide, to act “responsively”.

His anger compounded when an unexpected move came from Pope Francis who employed the word “genocide” to describe the 1915 massacres during Mass last Sunday, prompting Turkey to recall its envoy to the Holy See.

Most do not understand Erdogan. He masters Islam and hates Christians. If one views this video, they think it is a professional Quranic reciter. No, it is Erdogan reciting the Quran in the latest funeral when he passed a selective ban on certain media outlets from attending the funeral prayer for murdered prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz. Erdogan is no secularist and the funeral can get a professional Quranic reciter. But Erdogan wants to mesmerize the audience on his ability to recite the Quran as a professional in order to magnetize the Muslim world to view him Sultan. Here is Erdogan reciting the Quran in classical Arabic:

Here he is praying to his Allah wanting to be the leader of the Muslim world mesmerizing millions in the crowd:


Do not allow the minarets without the call to prayer oh Allah
Oh Allah call upon the bees to produce the honey
do not prohibit the bees from their hives oh Allah

I want minarets
do not prohibit us from it
and do not allow nations that was molded from Islam to cease oh Allah

Give us the strength
And do not allow the field of jihad without brave jihadies oh Allah
Do not allow multitudes awaiting their hero without sending their hero oh Allah
And do not prohibit us our strength oh Allah

In the pathways of tomorrow, the years are coming
Do not permit it to be without Ramadan, oh Allah
You either destroy the whole flock that is without a shepherd
So do not let the flock be without a shepherd oh Allah

Do not let us be without love, thirsting, without the wind and without a nation oh Allah
Do not allow any nations molded on Islam without Muslims oh Allah
Amen to the end.

Let the strength gather and say amen.
Allah is greater. Let the martyrs from the heavens descend.
Amen Amen.


Martyrs descend from heaven? Erdogan wants the fallen angels to descend. He wants Allah to raise Jihdists. He want to be the shepherd, the Sultan and the Caliph.

Here, enter the dark haul, the Hitler of the Muslim world and watch him mesmerize the crowd as Hitler did:


Praise be to Allah the lord of the two worlds [this world and the underworld] where ownership belongs to Allah alone
victory is to Allah alone.
He has no associates [denouncing the trinity].
In the pathway we came out asking Allah to strengthen our feet on the straight path.

Oh Allah you understand the deeds and the movements of your worshipers.
Nothing in the universe moves without permission from you.
Let our moves be on the straight path.

Oh Allah heal our hearts and make easy our goals.
OH Allah today we are ready to serve you and serve your creatures that are the people
And we prepared for this beautiful path so protect our hearts from pride

We have dressed up in our shrouds and are prepared to confront as did Sultan Alparslan
We have believed as Sultan Saladin

That victory is not from the sword but comes from Allah
We have went to the path after we have burned the ships of return behind us
as did the conquerer of Spain Tareq Benziad

You are the one who is able over everything…
Congratulate this nation another time with victory oh Allah
And let our path that we came down today be for goodness to humanity to Turkey and for the goodness of our nation.
Amen and Amen.


Erdogan wants Spain. He wants to be Tariq Bin Ziad, the conqueror of Spain. He wants to be the tyrant Alp Arslan and Saladin. These are the Muslim leaders who fought against Christendom and he wants to be Saladin who conquered Jerusalem. He wants to be all in all. He wants to declare war on the strongest fortresses to advance his foreign God, Allah, through warfare.

And while Germany confessed the Holocaust, Turkey still refuses to confess its sins when Turkey drank the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus Christ. This is what offends the true God whom Erdogan denounces The Trinity.

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