Turkey’s Antichrist Erdogan Celebrating Muslim Victory In An Armenian Christian Church

By Walid Shoebat

Turkey’s Antichrist Erdogan has devised a wicked scheme. He diverted international attention from the commemoration of the Armenian massacre by manipulating the set times of history. March 18th, 1915 is the date to celebrate the Muslim Turkish victory against the Christian Allied attack in Gallipoli (Turkish: Çanakkale Savaşı). For the Christian West who lost that battle, April 25th, known as Anzac Day was the day they remembered the tragedy when the naval landings on the shores of Gallipoli ended in devastating defeat and are remembered by Australians and New Zealanders on that day.

Erdogan switched the date to commemorate Gallipoli from April 15th to April 24th, a day the Armenians remember when Ottoman authorities started to arrest Armenian intellectuals in Istanbul. Erdogan then  had the audacity to have the organization of the Gallipoli memorial concert be held in an Armenian church in Istanbul on the 24th in order to overshadow and insult the centennial of the Arminian genocide this year.

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Yet Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Tony Abbott, the Australian prime minister, and John Key, New Zealand’s prime minister, have confirmed they will attend events at Gallipoli as part of the programme on 24 April while the Armenian rally will be held in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, with only dignitaries attending from Russia, France, the UK and elsewhere. Here we have princes and prime ministers celebrating Muslim victories while ‘dignitaries’ pay lip-service one of history’s greatest Christian genocides.

The Turkish government’s efforts to divert international attention from the commemoration of the massacre have been called “disgraceful” by Armenians and brought out the evil, the hypocrite and the saintly to be recognized.

The plot even thickened on Thursday when Turkey fired a senior Armenian government adviser, Etyen Mahçupyan whom they announced that had stepped down just months after he took office. Mahçupyan committed the crime the Pope did and had used the word “genocide”.

The 100,000 Armenians living in Turkey today are too wary of local hostilities to openly project their ethnicity, still less confess their Christian faith while living in persistent fear of violence against the vulnerable Armenian minority in Turkey.

Erdogan is hardening his heart to ‘let the Arminian issue go’ by confessing the genocide and now he is even becoming more belligerent by switching set times to fit his desire to belittle the imminent centenary of the Armenian genocide. And to top it all, desecrate the temples of the true God by placing their abominable banners, swirling dervishes, chants and commemorations in an Armenian holy church as to rub in Ottoman victory they believe was granted by Allah over the Christian God, when fact is, while the Ottomans won that battle, they lost the war as they will in the future.

So perhaps a history lesson might remind the Turks of who’s God was victorious. The Ottoman Empire fought against Great Britain, France, Russia and Italy and after 1917 by the United States arrived in the region and the Allies began to take back the initiative on the Italian Front. The formal abolition of the Ottoman Sultanate was performed by Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 1 November 1922. The sultan was declared persona non grata from the lands that Ottoman Dynasty ruled since 1299.

The Ottoman Empire finally ended in the Middle Eastern theatre with the partition of the Ottoman Empire under the terms of the Treaty of Sèvres which was designed in the conference of London giving a nominal land and permitted the title Ottoman Caliphate (compared with Vatican; an sacerdotal-monarchical state ruled by the Pope), not to be a further threat but just powerful enough to protect Britain from the Caliphate Movement.

And now we have Sultan Erdogan, a Pharaoh who wants to revive the Ottoman deadly wound. He loves the praise and worship, a Hitler in the midst of millions of his people who worship him crying to him “Erdogan Erdogan” as if he is a messiah:

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