IRAN’s savage killings of stray dogs with burning acid has incited worldwide outrage

By BI: A short film showing stray dogs being brutally killed in Iran that went viral has prompted protests, with animal lovers condemning the cruelty. The video features the dogs screaming in pain as they die after being injected with burning acid in Shiraz, Iran.


Extremismalert  Municipal contractors have been hired to exterminate “street animals” with the help of toxic injection which costs around $4 per shot. The project  was launched since 12 April at the capital of Fars Province of Iran,according to eye witnesses.

According to Animal Right Activist Albert Ebrahimzadeh the drug that is used, doesn’t make it easy for the dogs it being used on. It apparently is a very painful death as the animal suffers right till the end as the toxin decays the organs of the animals it is used on before it finally dies.


Ebrahimzadeh, also informed that a dog is forced to the ground and held using catch poles while an unknown killer sneaks behind the dog and injects the dogs. The blood curdling screams of the dog is heartbreaking as the acid burns its way through his body. “Its heart wrenching screams fall on deaf ears. The dog whimpers in pain for what seems like an eternity. A small puppy walks to the dying dog looking for comfort. His freedom does not last long as he is grabbed and injected as well.”

Dog ownership is controversial in Iran as Islamic custom regards the animals as unclean. Some families do keep dogs as pets behind closed doors and. A bill drawn up by hardline lawmakers last year would have outlawed dog ownership with offenders liable to up to 74 lashes.