A New Crusade Must Be Declared Against Islam, And Christendom Must Rise Again To Have The Cross Crush The Crescent

By Theodore Shoebat

A new crusade must be declared against Islam, and Christendom must arise to stab to death the crescent with the sword of the Holy Cross. I did an entire video on this:

The New Crusade will not be some secular war, but a Holy War. God did not choose certain nations for no reason. The lands of Christendom are divinely destined by Heaven to fight and destroy the armies of the Antichrist, and illuminate the world with the Holy Faith.

God and the devil are in a cosmic war — almost like a chess match — and their means to victory are nations. Some nations belong to God and others belong to Satan. Some are pawns, some are bishops, some kings and queens, some are stronger than others. But they all have their purpose and functions, and they all are instruments toward one goal: victory. There are many nations in Christendom, some are strong and others are stronger, but they will all work together for the glory of the Cross.

The lands of Russia and the United States, Italy and France, and Spain, all are nations that have been used by God as weapons for the establishment of justice over injustice.

It was to Spain where St. Paul and St. Peter sent seven preachers to bring the true Faith to the Spaniards; it was in France where Mary Magdalene walked; it was in Italy where the blood of the blessed Apostles, Peter and Paul, touched the divinely created earth. All of these lands are consecrated by the presence of saints, and from this is their destiny established, not for evil, but for the destruction of evil.

The lands where Christendom once was are now declined, morally and spiritually, but it is growing, and its beautiful flowers are blooming in Russia. The Christian Roman Empire is reviving and continuing, not in Rome or Greece, but in Russia.

In the year 2012, one of the top clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church, Vsevolod Chaplin, said that in ten years Russia will change the world for the better, not in any secular way, but by being the means by which the nations would be illuminated and transcended through Christianity. Chaplin said:

Our Orthodox civilization may not be that large, but today it has a key role in the world as it knows how to find a way to a better life for the whole world and especially Europe

Russia, according to Chaplin, will be modeled after the most holy emperors, Constantine and Justinian, two great sovereigns who crushed paganism for the advancement of the Holy Faith.

Surely, Constantine, regardless of all the slanderers who venomously sully him, was a great Christian emperor, one who fought for the Faith, and strived with unresting hands to combat the enemies of holy truth. He labored, with the temporal sword of the Church, to purge the empire of sickening practices.

He saw how in Phoenicia they forced women to be temple prostitutes, how their poor children had no knowledge of who their father was, and how homosexuals partook in devil worship. Scorning such evil, Constantine hastened to abolish this practice, and he had churches built over the place where these demonic orgies were done, and ordered that a bishop and a sacred clergy be put over them. He saw with contempt the diabolical temple of Venus at Aphaca, on Mount Libanus in Phoenicia, where homosexual rites were done, and orgies were performed. In the words of Eusebius,

“Here men underserving of the name forgot the dignity of their sex, and propitiated the demon by their effeminate conduct. Here too unlawful commerce of women and adulterous intercourse, with other horrible infamous practices, were perpetuated in this temple as in a place beyond the scope and restraint of law.” (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, 3.40)  

Did Constantine tolerate such a place? Did he say, “live and let live” and went on with it? Did he say the usual opinion of, “well as along as they’re not hurting anyone, I don’t care”? Absolutely not. He was a defender of Christendom, not a impotent governor who allows his country to decay through indifferentism. He had the entire building demolished, and the depraved rituals observed within it outlawed. (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, 3.40; Socrates, 1.18)

In Cilicia there was a famous temple which was believed to house a demon that was worshipped as a holder of healing powers, and it was said that the demon would manifest itself to people while they stayed inside in the evening time. Constantine did not see their belief as within some vague notion of religious freedom, but instead he ordered that the entire temple of Satan be burned to the ground, (Socrates, 1.18; Eusebius, Life of Constantine, 3.45) and the order was swiftly fulfilled, as Eusebius explains:

“For since it happened that many of these pretenders to wisdom were deluded votaries of the demon worshipped in Cilicia, whom thousands regarded with reverence as the possessor of saving and healing power, who sometimes appeared to those who passed the night in his temple, sometimes restored the diseased to health (though in reality he was a destroyer of souls, who drew his easily deluded worshippers from the true Savior to involve them in impious error), the emperor, consistently with his practice and desire to advance the worship of Him who is at once a jealous God and the true Savior, gave directions that this temple also should be razed to the ground. In prompt obedience to his command, a band of soldiers laid this building, the object of admiration even to noble philosophers, prostrate in the dust, rather a deceiver of souls, who had seduced mankind for so long a series of years.” (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, 3.45)

The nations of Christendom will soon restore themselves back under the refuge of the Holy Cross, the Holy Roman Empire will rise again through divinely destined Russia, and the Holy Cross will crush the crescent.